Star Trek: Bridge Crew Now Integrated with IBM Watson Interactive Speech

Today, Ubisoft® announced that Star Trek™: Bridge Crew is now fully integrated with IBM Watson’s interactive speech and cognitive capabilities, Watson Speech to Text and Watson Conversation, for an experimental beta period. With IBM Watson, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will let players use their voice and natural-language commands to interact with their virtual Starfleet crew members for the ultimate authentic voyage into the final frontier.

Players can now live out their Star Trek fantasies as they command the U.S.S. Aegis and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 with seamless voice interaction in tandem with full-body avatars that include real-time lip-sync and hand-tracking. IBM Watson services can be used to operate crews consisting of only AI characters or a mix of AI characters and human teammates without breaking immersion.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew immerses fans into the Star Trek universe as they assume the role of a Starfleet officer and complete missions that will determine the fate of their ship and crew. Playable cooperatively online with a crew, or solo as Captain, Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts players and their friends directly onto the bridge of a new starship, the U.S.S. Aegis, as they are dispatched to explore an uncharted sector of space.

In addition to an engaging story campaign, Star Trek: Bridge Crew features an Ongoing Voyages mode featuring randomized missions for countless hours of solo and co-op adventures. Created exclusively for VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew utilizes the powerful sense of social presence possible through virtual reality. Through hand tracking and full-body avatars, including real-time lip-sync, players can live out their Star Trek fantasies as they operate the Starfleet ship as Captain, Engineer, Helm or Tactical. Each role is crucial to the success of the varied missions players face, and only by working together can the crew complete their objectives.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew marks the most recent project in virtual reality for Ubisoft, which believes in the strong potential of VR to redefine social gaming with a unique sense of reality. Ubisoft recently released Werewolves Within™ and Eagle Flight®. Additionally, a VR partnership with the film company SpectreVision to create Transference™ was announced along with a new multiplayer adrenaline fueled shooter, Space Junkies™.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is under license by CBS Consumer Products.

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Author: Mark Smith
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