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World of Mechs Arrives May 26 On Quest 2

Studio 369 has announced that squad-based online VR mech game World of Mechs will launch for Meta Quest 2 on May 26. Backed by the Meta Grant Program, World of Mechs is the only heart-pumping VR experience where players can select from 32 different war machines and wreak havoc with unique mech abilities in online battles. Jam radar sensors, deploy landmines, or ram through enemy lines with old-fashioned brute force. It’s a mechanized slugfest to become the big dog of the arena!

World of Mechs delivers the feeling of thrashing across city blocks in a 10-ton robotic steel gladiator while launching a salvo of barrage missiles on the opposition. Feel the adrenaline rush of leading a flanking charge with weapons ablaze and jump-jets engaged. Blast off into the single-player campaign to take down menacing bosses, walk away with their mechs, and become the world’s most-feared ace pilot.

World of Mechs will be available for Meta Quest 2 on May 26 and will retail for $19.99. For the latest news and updates on World of Mechs, follow the game on Facebook, join the discussion on Twitter, and join the official World of Mechs Discord Server.

World of Mechs Announced For Meta Quest 2

Developer Studio 369 announced today that competitive online, squad-based VR mech game World of Mechs will launch for Meta Quest 2 soon. Backed by the Meta Grant Program, World of Mechs delivers a pulse-pounding online VR experience where players can select from 32 different mechs and jump into colossal online VR battles. Take advantage of unique mech abilities including high-tech cloaking devices, piercing particle cannons, and earth-shattering melee attacks in this futuristic spectacle of giant steel gladiators.

“I spent 3 years on the MechWarrior 2 franchise at Activision, so going back to Mechs is like visiting an old friend,” said Matt Candler, CEO of Studio 369. “Working with Meta was awesome as they have 100% supported our development process. The 369 team was fully empowered to make a game that delivers intense Mech Combat, fantastic multiplayer matches with great maps and modes. World of Mechs is a blast to pick up and play and we think Quest 2 players are gonna love it.”

World of Mechs delivers the feeling of thrashing across city blocks in a 10-ton robotic war machine while launching a salvo of barrage missiles on the opposition. Feel the adrenaline rush of leading a flanking charge with weapons ablaze and jump-jets engaged. Blast off into the single-player campaign to take down menacing bosses, walk away with their mechs, and become the world’s most-feared ace pilot.

World of Mechs will be available for Meta Quest 2 soon. For the latest news and updates on World of Mechs, follow the game on Facebook, join the discussion on Twitter, and join the official World of Mechs Discord Server.

Skydance Interactive Debuts New Trailer for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution

During today’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment revealed the first full trailer for the survival horror VR game The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. The debut trailer offers players a brief look at the imminent horrors awaiting them in the French Quarter district, featuring a new adventure set in The Walking Dead universe.

Chapter 2: Retribution is the next chapter in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners storyline, and players of the original game will feel the full ripple effect of their previous actions, as new parties rise up to help or hunt them. Featuring an original storyline, freedom of choice and visceral combat that the franchise is known for, the game puts players again in the role of the character known as the Tourist, who must fight to keep surviving the flooded ruins of New Orleans, surrounded by unending herds of walkers and torn apart by warfare between the remaining survivors. Player decisions will weigh heavily in Chapter 2: Retribution, as the Tourist is once again thrown into a tumultuous situation where they’ll encounter intense challenges and a new, powerful threat, hell-bent on Retribution.

The team at Skydance Interactive is continuously excited to develop groundbreaking, deep-rooted VR gaming experiences for users to live survival horror on Meta headsets. More details on the next chapter in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners will continue to be revealed leading up to launch!

Players can now add the game to their wishlists on Meta Quest and Steam. To keep up to date on news for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution visit the official website and follow The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord.

VR anime fantasy RPG RUINSMAGUS featured in Meta Quest Gaming Showcase

Everyone’s favorite VR JRPG was just featured in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase!  To mark the occasion, Mastiff is releasing a brand-new gameplay teaser today that highlights both the action and narrative elements that await players in RUINSMAGUS:

This beautiful, anime inspired JRPG world is brought to life through immersive VR mechanics and perfectly tuned controls on Meta Quest. An engrossing narrative, heartwarming musical score, challenging dungeons, and acclaimed Japanese voice actors make RUINSMAGUS the breakthrough VR title of 2022!

Key Features:

  • Explore and fight: Cast and blink your way through a stunning VR fantasy world.
  • Make your mark: More than 25 story-driven quests to challenge your skills.
  • Feel the power: Unleash 14 types of magic from the palm of your hand.
  • Defend yourself: Raise your shield with your non-casting hand to block enemy attacks.
  • Jack in: Immersive VR mechanics that bring your character to life.

RUINSMAGUS will be released on the Oculus Quest Store and Steam in Summer 2022.

Espire 2 Brings Award-winning First-Person Stealth VR Experience to Meta Quest 2 this November

As revealed live during this year’s Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, developer Digital Lode and publisher Tripwire Presents are excited to announce Espire 2, the sequel to the award-winning first-person stealth action virtual reality (VR) title Espire 1: VR Operative. Scheduled to release in November 2022 for the Meta Quest 2 platform, Espire 2 combines the tactical precision of modern stealth titles with the unprecedented immersion of VR, further expanding upon the genre-defining experience of its critically acclaimed predecessor. More information about Espire 2 will be made available in the near future, but agents wishing to secure their role early can add the game to their wish list on the Meta Store.

“We are so excited to finally share a first-ever look at Espire 2, the VR stealth-action sequel of our dreams,” said Digital Lode Founder and Game Director Michael Wentworth-Bell. “Espire 2 would not be possible without the amazing teams at Meta and the Quest 2 platform, or without our continued publishing partnership with Tripwire Presents, who have believed in our vision from the beginning and continue to guide and mentor our studio. Most importantly, this sequel wouldn’t be happening without the incredible community that has supported Espire 1 since its release two years ago. We thank you, and we hope you will enjoy what we have in store for Espire 2.”

In the world of Espire 2, advanced military and virtual reality technologies meet, allowing Espire Agents to take on the role of a super spy, piloting deadly Espire Model 1 Operative espionage droids remotely from the safety of the Control Theatre. Set in the year 2036, Espire 2 marks the return of Espire Agent POE (the Primary Operator of Espire). After emerging from a seven-year coma, POE is thrust back into the world of dark espionage as the centerpiece of the Espire project. Now, with the help of two bleeding-edge droids called “Frames”, and an all-new arsenal of weapons and tools, POE must embark on a mission to eliminate the global threat imposed by the deadly terrorist organization, OPHIS.

“We are thrilled to be working with Digital Lode and Meta on Espire 2! The team at Digital Lode has embraced fan feedback from Espire 1 and is focused on implementing features that open exciting new ways to play in the sequel,” said Brian Etheridge, Publishing Director at Tripwire. “The new Espire frame offers an entirely new tool set to take on the enemy in Espire 2, while the addition of cooperative multiplayer lets players coordinate with each other to develop dynamic tactics and create awesome memories. The Digital Lode teams are, more than anything, VR super fans and that shows in everything they do!”

Developer Digital Lode has big plans to expand upon the success of the original Espire 1: VR Operative, adding a wealth of new features and improvements to the gameplay that made the original a top-selling hit.

Espire 2 features include:

  • Immersive Single Player Campaign: Take on missions across the globe in sandbox environments designed to allow the player total freedom over their play style. Sneak past guards, create distractions, and think strategically to achieve objectives or charge forward, guns blazing. Espire 2 offers the thrill of both stealth and action-focused strategies to each area, all presented with immersive VR technology.
  • Multiplayer Co-op campaign: Players can now team up with a fellow operative in a new multiplayer co-op campaign that bridges the gap between Espire 1 and Espire 2.
  • Control Multiple Espire Frames: For the first time, players can control and can switch between two unique Espire frames. Each frame is suited with their own special abilities and attributes, offering strategic benefits for players to discover while playing through both of Espire 2’s campaigns.
  • Unique Gadgets: The player’s entire array of tools and gadgets is now fully integrated into the Espire frames, offering a vast variety of accessible options for handling objectives before they even draw their weapon.
  • Rule the Play Area: Espire Vision gives Agents a strategic, accessible view of the situation, allowing players to see through walls, mark the location of enemies, predict patrol paths, and more.
  • Voice commands: Players can utilize voice commands to distract, hold up and interrogate the enemy. Interrogation commands include “empty your pockets” and “where are your friends?” Espire 2 can be played without voice commands, if players prefer.
  • Cutting Edge Graphics and Spatial Audio: Espire 2 boasts next generation VR graphics and spatial audio systems that will take full advantage of the power of the Meta Quest 2.
  • Stealth AI System: The stealth AI system has been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on core stealth mechanics, enemy engagements and player agency, bringing even more depth to Espire 2’s variety of gameplay options.
  • Immersion and Presence: Thanks to Espire 2’s accurate “arm IK” system, players see their virtual forearms where their real ones would be and experience VR interactions in lifelike detail.
  • Enhanced Control Theatre: The technology behind the “Control Theatre” lies at the heart of the Espire 2’s movement and control system. Utilizing the Meta Quest 2’s additional rendering capabilities, the innovative “Control Theatre” comfort system makes its return in Espire 2, with enhanced features, a new user interface, and easier accessibility. This “VR within VR” system allows for precise full freedom of movement, maintains immersion, and also eliminates “VR motion sickness” for almost all players. The Control Theatre is fully customizable to suit the player’s level of comfort, up to fully disabled for those already comfortable moving in VR.

For more information on Digital Lode and to stay up to date on the latest news for Espire 2, be sure to visit the official website – and follow the developers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

For more information on Tripwire Presents please visit their official website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Metroidvania is coming to VR – Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station Revealed!

The unique Yupitergrad (2020) will receive a sequel. Let’s back to the VR adventure on the space station! Thanks to the first part of the game created by Gamedust, studio gained great recognition among VR players and reviewers. Its average rating on the Oculus platform is 4.7/5 with over 500 votes. The creators announce that Yupirtegrad 2: The Lost Station is more action-packed, ambitious, and expanded than its predecessor.

The game will offer an interesting story spiced with a large dose of characteristic humor, combined with the possibility of free exploration of the vast space station, on which our hero finds himself after receiving a mysterious signal. Players will be able to freely explore the environment in virtual reality, swinging on ropes (like space Tarzan), look for hidden secrets and ways to unlock further passages and inaccessible areas. And now, combat comes to that as well.

The mysterious space station will not be completely deserted. Rebellious robots will stand in our way so the game will be even more fast-paced. Creators will equip players with deadly weapons to fight hostile machines. Thanks to that game will be even more action-packed.

Besides combat developers will introduce new mechanics. Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station will be the first modern Metroidvania type of game in VR. Players will be provided with unique equipment (gadgets) that will help them move around the space station and solve various environmental puzzles, including well-known grappling hooks with suction cups for swinging and boosters.

Our whole team had a great time creating the first Yupitergrad, and on top of that, the game was a success. We still want to swing in space and further develop this world. Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station will be a unique game as it is the first, faithful to the genre, Metroidvania in a VR environment. We are preparing the possibility of acquiring new equipment, searching for ways to open doors, and above all, a lot of freedom moving around the beautiful and detailed space station – said Dominik Strugała, game designer from Gamedust.

Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station will be released on Oculus Quest and other VR platforms. The game’s Steam card will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Uncover a Haunting Hollywood Tragedy in Immersive VR Escape Room Game “The Atlas Mystery”, Out Now

Top Right Corner — a leading creator in the XR (extended reality) space — is proud to announce that its virtual reality escape room title, The Atlas Mystery, is now available on Steam, Meta Quest (via App Lab), and Viveport. Set in a luxurious 1940s era movie palace, The Atlas Mystery invites players to solve challenging puzzles and uncover the shocking truth behind the theater’s dark history.

Created in collaboration between Hollywood and game industry veterans, The Atlas Mystery marries the two art forms through the lens of VR to immerse players in a detailed and captivating world inspired by classic cinema and adventure puzzle games like Myst. The Atlas Mystery combines challenging escape room style puzzles with a riveting investigative narrative full of shocking twists and haunting revelations, plunging players into a thrilling supernatural murder mystery. Players take on the role of the theater’s new floor manager and must solve a series of increasingly peculiar puzzles to ultimately uncover the twisted truth behind the infamous theater.

“I’m thrilled to open the doors to the Atlas Theater and invite players to immerse themselves in an atmospheric and detailed world inspired by my love of classic cinema,” said Eric Kleifield, the game’s writer and co-producer. “We challenged ourselves to build a full-scale movie palace stocked with rich mythology and hours of gameplay. Every object and every puzzle you discover weaves itself into an intricate murder mystery that should leave puzzle and escape room fans very happy.”

The Atlas Mystery is the result of a partnership between Welcome Villain Films’ Head of Creative, Eric Kleifield, and Top Right Corner, who previously joined forces on the highly-rated game Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment — which was created in partnership with MGM and BH Tilt to promote James Gunn’s 2017 film, The Belko Experiment. Belko VR has received over 165k downloads on Steam since release, along with an “overwhelmingly positive” review ranking. The Atlas Mystery is a fleshed out spiritual successor to the title.

“As someone with both a background in producing films and making games, The Atlas Mystery was such a blast for me and the Top Right Corner team to create. Filled with dozens of puzzles and a classic Hollywood mystery to unwind, Atlas will appeal to VR enthusiasts hoping to disappear behind the silver screen,” said Dan Clifton, founder of Top Right Corner.

The Atlas Mystery’s soundtrack is a major part of the game’s cinematic authenticity and was composed by Hollywood talents Evan Goldman (additional composer on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Detective Pikachu) and Chris Ryan (orchestrator on Shazam!). The Atlas Mystery Original Soundtrack will release next week on Steam and additional audio streaming platforms.

The Atlas Mystery Key Features:

  • You’re In the Movies, Kid: Jump into a detailed and captivating world inspired by classic cinema. But be careful that you don’t become a victim of murderous movie magic…
  • Perilous Period Piece Puzzles: Enjoy the rich history of the Atlas Theater while solving hours of intricate and varied puzzles in VR.
  • Explore and Escape: Discover startling artifacts while you work your way through a twisted escape room-styled labyrinth. Can you make it to the end of the Atlas?
  • Artforms Meet Virtual Reality: Enjoy rich storytelling and cinematic music from Hollywood and game industry veterans whose credits include Belko VR, Child’s Play VR, Detective Pikachu, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Shazam!

The Atlas Mystery is available now for $14.99 via Steam, with support for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index, and for the Meta Quest via SideQuest, and Viveport. Fans who purchase the game on Steam can take advantage of a 10% off launch week discount.

Lindsey Stirling is coming to Synth Riders

Synth Riders invites players to come and explore a world “Underground” with the Lindsey Stirling Music Pack.  This pack captures Lindsey’s expressive and energetic playing style as you ride the rails and soar with her violin in five tracks spanning her career.  The new collection will be available from April 14th on Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR and Viveport featuring five paid DLC songs and a unique visual Experience for “Underground”. 

A multi-talented musician, songwriter and dancer, Lindsey Stirling blends her trademark violin with a multitude of musical styles.  This pack highlights her diversity and versatility: whether playing alongside the powerhouse vocals of Lzzy Hale in “Shatter Me”, exploring her Celtic musical influences in “First Light”, in collaboration with Raja Kumari on the Bollywood-inspired “Mirage” and even in the Synthwave-inspired “Shadows”, Lindsey’s violin is your guide.

As an artist with a strong sense of visual style, the Synth Riders Experience for “Underground” is heavily inspired by the striking imagery of Lindsey’s own video for the song, while continuing to explore themes of confinement and freedom, key inspiration for the song itself.  This Synth Riders Experience is very much a playable video clip, with its hand-crafted visuals matched perfectly to the music creating a truly unique, immersive way to experience music.

In a first for Kluge Interactive, the Synth Riders team collaborated with Lindsey Stirling on location to create this amazing trailer, featuring an electrifying performance from her.

“As I played the Synth Riders version of Underground for the first time, I was so excited and surprised to see that the visuals were very inspired by my music video. The game is an absolute blast and I couldn’t help but have the cheesiest grin on my face the entire time I was playing. Also, as a bonus I got my cardio in by playing the advanced level. I think my fans will love it!”

Lindsey Stirling

The Lindsey Stirling Music Pack features five paid DLC songs:

  • Underground + Experience
  • Shatter Me
  • First Light
  • Mirage
  • Shadows

“Lindsey brings such a unique quality to her performances both physically and musically.  There is a litheness and energy there that makes her such a great match for Synth Riders’ gameplay – riding the rails really gives you the feeling of playing the violin along with her!”

Abraham Aguero – Creative Director Kluge Interactive

With the addition of the “Lindsey Stirling Music Pack” Synth Riders’ soundtrack now features 55 free and 35 DLC songs, all playable in a variety of difficulty levels and modes across the game. Meta Quest owners who haven’t yet played the game can try it out for free in the demo available on App Lab, featuring 5 songs with all modifiers.

The “Lindsey Stirling Music Pack” launches April 14th on Meta Quest, Steam, PlayStation VR and Viveport. All five tracks can be purchased individually for $1.99, or together as a bundle for $7.99 with a 20% discount.

Follow Synth Riders on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and join their Discord community for more news and events.

VR Fantasy Adventure EOLIA Revealed for Quest 2, Coming Summer 2022

EOLIA, the symphonic fantasy-adventure follow-up in the award-winning Rhythm of the Universe series, reveals a brand-new world of storytelling on Meta Quest 2 this summer.

Building upon the lore of IONIA, developer ROTU Entertainment’s second title EOLIA uses handtracking to deliver more immersive mechanics and rewarding exploration. Explore desert ruins with hints of a bustling civilization around every corner. Uncover a moving narrative with a timeless conservationist message by absorbing musical lessons from the environment and solving puzzles that bring balance to the world.

Catastrophe looms for Eolia—droughts plague once-verdant fields and extreme weather cuts open the skies. Climate change weighs heavily upon the land, and only an empathetic embrace of the world’s musical mythology can save it. As adventurer Conga Dholak, you set forth on a journey of healing to stop the storm. Physically climb, jump, ride, and play instruments, uncovering melodies to restore the rhythm of the universe.

Taking full advantage of Meta Quest 2’s immersive Hand Tracking technology, EOLIA features dozens of interactions and intuitive controls designed for Hands First VR. Flick and pinch to play magical stringed instruments. Page through your journal to track your quests. Decipher and perform over a dozen flute melodies to unlock your powers. Collect items in your satchel for later use and view your inventory by just opening your palm. Climb ladders, ropes, and ledges, or take the reins of a mounted steed to break through obstacles and outrun storms—all with your hands. With Meta Quest 2, your body is your instrument in Conga’s fight against climate change.

The Rhythm of the Universe series is dedicated to real-world improvement through in-game education but proceeds from each game also aid important causes. The philanthropic filmmakers, musicians, and visual artists of ROTU Entertainment will dedicate a portion of proceeds from EOLIA to a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting climate change.

“Unlike the endless worlds we explore in gaming, in reality, we only have one planet to call our own,” said Jason Parks, ROTU CEO. “Through VR’s ability to truly transport us and instill a tangible sense of place, we hope to inspire people to see the beauty in our natural world and consider brave actions in their daily lives.”

EOLIA continues a symphony of storyliving on Meta Quest 2 this summer with support for English voice and text, with text localization for additional languages coming post-launch. For more information about ROTU Entertainment, please visit the official website, follow the studio on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and join the official community on Discord.