Dystopian adventure System of Souls releases on PlayStation 5 and Steam on May 19!

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Gammera Nest and Chaotic Lab announced that System of Souls, a new first-person platforming puzzle game, will be released on PlayStation 5 and on Steam on May 19. The game will also have a physical edition for PlayStation consoles that will be distributed through Selecta Play in Europe and North America. Set in a distant future, System of Souls is set on an Earth where life has become unsustainable due to climate change and humans have started transferring their consciousnesses to robotic bodies to survive. The game, developed by Chaotic Lab as their final project for PlayStation Talents Games Camp 2021, is already available PS4. You can watch its trailer below.


In 2155, the Earth’s environment is in a terrible condition. For the sake of survival, humans have been forced to transfer their souls into robotic bodies developed by the large neuro-technological company ION. L-064N awakes in one of those remembering nothing but being rescued by ION in a pitiful condition. Now its mind and soul are inside an android body without the ability to communicate, but with technological functions far superior to those of its former human body.

Throughout a series of tests lead by Aura, an overdeveloped AI, L-064N will get to know the facilities of ION and the events that have led to his current path. Along the way, players will gradually discover the feelings and experiences of other robotic beings that will question everything they knew about them so far.


  • Solve mind-bending puzzles in a hi-tech environment inspired by Portal and the Q.U.B.E series. Will you be able to unveil all of its secrets?
  • Test your creativity and mental agility in many different rooms where you’ll be compelled to experiment a wide variety of game mechanics
  • Shed light on the darkest corners of your memory to discover your shared past with ION in this intriguing dystopian story exploring ethic and technological topics

Author: Mark Smith
I've been an avid gamer since I stumbled upon ZORK running in my local Radio Shack in 1980. Ten years later I was working for Sierra Online. Since then I've owned nearly every game system and most of the games to go with them. Not sure if 40+ years of gaming qualifies me to write reviews, but I do it anyway.

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