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Surreal Lynchian Narrative FPS INDUSTRIA Out Now on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Surreal Lynchian Narrative FPS INDUSTRIA Out Now On PS5 and Xbox Series X|S New trailer debuts at Guerrilla Collective revealing more about the mysterious world of Hakavik Gothenburg, Sweden – June 11th, 2022 – Thunderful and Bleakmill’s surreal narrative first-person shooter, INDUSTRIA, is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Offering a compelling narrative set in an alternate 1989 Berlin and underpinned by a surreal lynichan atmosphere, INDUSTRIA is available to buy for £16.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Praised by The Gamer as “the best four-hour game of the year”, INDUSTRIA uses its inspirations from the narrative shooters of the early 2000s as a jumping off points to deliver a unique vision that combines the imagery and themes of surrealism and science fiction to build an unforgettable world ravaged by an enigmatic menace. INDUSTRIA focuses on story first, with intense FPS action sequences driving the player through the narrative and a fascinating city that merges East Berlin’s brutalist architecture with strange technological apparatuses and futuristic robots.

INDUSTRIA is set in 1989 on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Playing as a scientist named Nora, you set out to search for your missing friend and lover, following a mystery that takes you into a parallel dimension to the city of Hakavik. Armed with four firearms and a melee weapon to deal with the various mechanical monstrosities roaming the game’s dystopian landscape, you must carefully manage your resources as you gather intel if you hope to survive long enough to decode the mystery at the heart of this intriguing tale.

Developed by a small team that started out as a two-man operation before later bringing four other individuals into the project, all working on the game in their spare time, INDUSTRIA has been praised for its impressive visuals and strong sense of atmosphere.

“As our debut title we wanted to make something ambitious in its visuals and narrative, but also streamlined in its mechanics and experience,” said David Jungnickel, Co-Founder at Bleakmill. “After releasing the game on PC our next goal was to always to harness the power of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S and deliver the intriguing world we’ve worked so hard to create to a console audience and we’re delighted those players can finally jump in!”

Dying Light Grand Finale: Techland Closes 7 Years of Support with New ‘Definitive Edition’ June 9

Dying Light has been a fantastic journey and we are grateful to the community for supporting the game with us during these last 7 years. However, we also understand the sheer number of updates and DLCs released for our game might be daunting for new and returning players. We don’t want you to miss out on any part of the full Dying Light experience.

That’s why we are proud to introduce Dying Light: Definitive Edition! This ultimate edition will premiere on June 9 for a massive discount of up to 70% off!

Dying Light: Definitive Edition will be available on all platforms as a digital release. The Nintendo Switch version will release at a later date as both a digital and retail release.

The Definitive Edition consists of the base game and all 26 DLCs (including skin bundles and expansion packs). It’s the best way to experience the amount of content and love we have poured into this game over 7 long years.

That’s not all! We couldn’t be happier with the awesome community that fully embraced their experience in the city of Harran and kept motivating us to aim ever higher. To thank you for allowing us to spend all these great years with Dying Light, we would like to present everyone with a free DLC – Harran Tactical Unit Bundle for a limited time—2 weeks after the Definitive Edition’s premiere. This offer will be available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, GOG, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store on Xbox.

If you already own the Platinum Edition of the game, you will be automatically upgraded to Definitive Edition for free! You will be able to enjoy 5 new bundles at no additional cost.


Today, SQUARE ENIX® announced that FINAL FANTASY® XVI for PlayStation®5 console (“PS5™”) will be released globally summer 2023. Alongside this announcement, the latest trailer for the game, entitled “Dominance”, as well as messages from the Producer and Director, new details of the key development staff, character information, and environmental screenshots have been released.

“The latest trailer gives players a clearer picture of what actual gameplay will entail,” commented Naoki Yoshida, Producer, FINAL FANTASY XVI. “Namely, high-octane battles featuring our protagonist Clive Rosfield wielding a full arsenal of attacks unique to the game’s many Eikons (summons). Not to mention epic clashes between the Eikons themselves that put you right in the action.”

“In our latest trailer, we’ve introduced several new Eikons, as well as provided a more detailed peek at our action-packed battle system and the freedom it gives players,” said Hiroshi Takai, Director, FINAL FANTASY XVI. “As for development progress, I’m happy to announce that the game is fully playable from start to finish; though, from optimization to brush-up, there is still a mountain of challenges to tackle as we head into our final push. Until then, please stay tuned. We’ll do our best to not keep you waiting too long before our next update!”

“The team, under direction of Hiroshi Takai, has entered the final leg of development and is focusing on polish as they continue their march toward launch.” Yoshida added, “With the power of the PlayStation®5 console behind us, we’re looking to take you on a seamless, story-driven, white-knuckle ride that will rival even the most thrilling roller-coaster. So, buckle up. The wait is almost over.”

SQUARE ENIX also unveiled information on key development staff, including veterans from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, DEVIL MAY CRY 5, THE LAST REMNANT and more. The talented staff includes:

  • Producer – Naoki Yoshida (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, DRAGON QUEST X, DRAGON QUEST: Monster Battle Road)
  • Main Director – Hiroshi Takai (FINAL FANTASY V, SaGa Frontier, THE LAST REMNANT)
  • Creative Director & Original Screenplay – Kazutoyo Maehiro (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XII, THE LAST REMNANT)
  • Localization Director – Michael-Christopher Koji Fox (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XI Online, FINAL FANTASY VII Dirge of Cerberus)
  • Combat Director – Ryota Suzuki (DEVIL MAY CRY 5, Dragon’s Dogma and MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 (All published by CAPCOM))
  • Character Design – Kazuya Takahashi (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, FINAL FANTASY XI Online, FINAL FANTASY X)
  • Composer – Masayoshi Soken (FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, Nanashi no Game series, Mario Hoops 3-on-3 (Published by Nintendo))

Finally, to see new screenshots showcasing the vast environments in the game, full comments from both the Producer and Director, and information about characters Hugo Kupka and Benedikta Harman, please visit the official FINAL FANTASY XVI teaser website:

FINAL FANTASY XVI brings players into a world where Eikons are powerful and deadly creatures that reside within Dominants—a single man or woman who is blessed with the ability to call upon their dreaded power. The story follows Clive Rosfield, a young man dedicated to mastering the blade, who is dubbed the First Shield of Rosaria and tasked to guard his younger brother Joshua—the Dominant of the Phoenix. Unexpected events set Clive on a dark and dangerous road to revenge.

FINAL FANTASY XVI is a standalone single player action-RPG being developed for the PlayStation®5 console. This title is not yet rated.

Stray Launching on July 19, 2022

Today at the Sony State of Play, publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer BlueTwelve Studio announced that Stray, a third-person cat adventure game, will launch on July 19, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

In Stray, players take the role of a stray cat who must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity amidst the detailed neon-lit alleys and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Along the way, the cat befriends a small flying drone, known only as B12. With the help of this newfound companion, the duo must find a way out.

For all the latest updates on the game, follow Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio on Twitter.

Gravitar: Recharged Review – PlayStation 5

Gravitar: Recharged is the fifth arcade remaster I’ve reviewed in the past year, and without a doubt this is easily my favorite of the bunch…so far.  I was a huge fan of Lunar Lander back in 1980; a simple black and white physics game where you used thrusters to gently land your spaceship on the jagged surface of the moon before you ran out of fuel.  Two years later Gravitar appeared in my campus arcade and tokens literally flew out of my pocket.

Gravitar took the core gravity component of Lunar Lander and combined it with elements from Asteroids, Space Duel, and other popular games of the time to create this intense arcade game that blended realistic physics with more complex level design, weapons, and more challenging gameplay.  I had nearly forgotten the hours of fun I had playing Gravitar back in the 80’s, but it only took a few minutes for those memories to come flooding back.

Gravitar: Recharged maintains the basic design of the other recharged games by offering an arcade mode along with 24 challenging missions; all of which can be played solo or with a friend in co-op.  Co-op mode hasn’t been that big of a deal in previous Recharged games; mostly a way to earn a few achievements, but Gravitar: Recharged mixes things up a bit by tethering your two ships together forcing you to cooperate or die.  It’s a really clever mechanic that is totally worth exploring if you have someone to play with.

This might be one of the first games where you can die in the menu…sort of.  When you start a fresh game, you are dropped into a solar system with a sun in the center and six orbital rings, each with a planet, ship, asteroid, or something that you can engage with to trigger the level.  All the while the sun is pulling you in so you must maintain opposite thrust to simply survive this “menu” of levels.  As each level is completed that ring is removed from the orbital map until you have completed that solar system and you move on to the next.

Each mission in the game is varied with certain objectives as well as its own source of gravity, so in one level you might be getting pulled toward the center of the screen while in other levels it could be toward the bottom.  No matter which direction, you are constantly compensating for gravity while doing whatever else is required to complete the level.  One mission might have you activating beacons, while another will have you destroying a reactor and escaping before the big explosion.  You might be required to destroy a certain number of enemies or possibly locate and steal a data card with important intel.

Gravitar: Recharged does something new with its arcade game in that it gives you modifiers you can toggle to ease the difficulty.  Turning these off will obviously shorten your game but boost your score with point bonus modifiers, but turning them on will grant you extra lives, shields, and access to power-ups.  Personally, I found I was getting higher scores using these bonuses and I enjoyed the longer play sessions.  Without shields one brush with any object or one hit from any enemy is instant death.  Interestingly enough, while shields will protect you from enemy fire, the impact of that weapon will knock your ship back in the opposite direction, often forcing you to make some quick corrections to stay alive.

As expected, there are numerous weapons and power-ups to collect.  You have a tractor beam that can pull items off the surface and into your ship, but it is just as easy to fling that item out into space if you aren’t careful.  These items are often stashed near enemy proximity mines which, if detonated, will destroy the collectible, so you need to slip in and snatch the item with your tractor beam without blowing it up.  The various weapons are fun and balanced, offering short bursts of superiority, but nothing seems quite as powerful as your basic weapon with a range so far you can kill enemies that aren’t even on the screen.

Visually, Gravitar: Recharged nothing like its 1982 ancestor.  Boasting colorful backgrounds contrasted with mostly black silhouette landscapes, simplistic maze-like structures, and the standard red vs blue enemy color scheme, everything is simple and smartly designed.  Clever visual cues like shield energy arcs leading back to their generator make it easy to figure out what needs to be destroyed first.  The audio is also fantastic with great sound effects and easily my favorite soundtrack of all the Recharged games to date.  Composer Megan McDuffee is on fire with some electronic and techno grooves that I can only compare to the Daft Punk music in TRON Legacy.

Playtime is infinite with Gravitar: Recharged since chasing leaderboards is an endless endeavor.  The 24 missions will take more time than you might think; some are incredibly difficult, and then you have that co-op mode taunting you with its own set of leaderboards.  The three bonus toggles are a great way to tune the difficulty to your liking.  Personally, I found the Shield the most useful perk to activate, as previous Recharged games had already accustomed me to single-life gameplay and the power-ups didn’t seem that game-changing.

Gravitar: Recharged is easily my favorite of the five Recharged games released so far.  It’s hard to imagine I’m having just as much fun with this version of Gravitar as I did 40 years ago in the basement arcade at Purdue University…possibly more fun since playing Gravitar: Recharged on my PS5 isn’t using up all my laundry money.  As much as I love Gravitar: Recharged I can’t wait to see what Atari has coming up for their next Recharged installment.  Check out this and the other Recharged games on PC and consoles available today.

If you want to see Gravitar: Recharged in action, check out our first-look video that covers the Arcade mode and several of the missions.


Global Publisher Meridiem Games and developer/publisher Path Games are thrilled to announce that the first-person horror game Insmonis is out today as a special boxed Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 5. Join Insomnis’ protagonist, Joe Castevet, as he travels to the mysterious and uninhabited Castevet Manor where he must unravel the dark secrets hidden deep within the old residence.

Manufactured and distributed by Meridiem Games, the special boxed retail version of Insomnis Enhanced Edition includes some fantastic in-box physical extras for fans to enjoy including a specially created sleeve, a concept art book where you can discover more on the game’s conception and creative process and a set of memory game cards.

Insomnis Enhanced Edition for PlayStation 5 raises the scare stakes with enhanced textures, 4k resolution, haptic vibration and atmospheric sound from DualSense 3D audio, dynamic shadow enhancements and faster load times thanks to the next-gen console engine.

Joe Castevet has just inherited an old mansion on the outskirts of the countryside. What Joe doesn’t realize is that this family legacy is cursed. Discover the dark secrets buried deep in the Castevet abode as you fight against your own destiny in a story field with intrigue and terror!

Explore your grandfather’s mansion where nothing is as it seems. Rooms will change, bringing your worst nightmares to life as you Immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous narrative, where nothing is as it seems.

Solve original, complex puzzles in your search for answers but make your decisions with caution as the fate of the characters will depend on it.


  • Atmospheric horror – As you progress through the Castevet abode, your environment will change, and your worst nightmares will come to life. Can you escape your past before it’s too late?
  • Analog and digital puzzles: Solve numerous types of complex, interconnected puzzles as you fight to maintain your sanity.
  • Exploration-focused story: Immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous narrative, where nothing is as it seems. Dark secrets await you… Explore your grandfather’s abandoned house in search of answers!
  • Multiple endings: Proceed with caution! Your choices throughout the game will decide the fate of the characters.
  • PlayStation 5 enhancements: Improved textures, 4k resolution, haptic vibration and atmospheric sound thanks to DualSense 3D audio, dynamic shadow enhancements and faster load times.

The special boxed version of Insomnis Enhanced Edition is out now for PlayStation 5 across European specialist retailers. For more information, visit

This War of Mine: Final Cut Review – PlayStation 5

Everyone knows that stories are powerful, but stories that you co-create seem to stick to your bones and walk with you throughout your day. This War of Mine: Final Cut is a feature-complete version of the 2014 critically acclaimed survival sim that puts you in control of a small group of survivors in a besieged city. The artwork is grim, the decisions you make are desperate, and with each scenario, you lose a bit more hope that tomorrow will be better than today. The experience is so potent that the Prime Minister of Poland added This War of Mine to the official reading list for high schoolers in 2020 and 2021. What exactly is the constellation of systems and mechanics that makes this game so effective?

You are not a super soldier, instead, you manage three civilians in the standard mode who are tasked with surviving until the siege ends in their city. This Final Cut version also includes other curated story modes which have the 3 previously released DLC curated narratives. Far and away the best is The Last Broadcast. However, I preferred the standard mode as it let me make my own story. Each scenario starts with a brief setup via a text block that explains the current situation and who is living in the house that you now control. The goal is to survive as many days as it takes for the conflict to end and for the higher forms of government to bring back stability to civilization. In the meantime, you will forge, build, steal, and survive until hope once again breaks through your bleak circumstances.

Each day is split into two parts, daytime and nighttime. During the daytime you’ll eat, nap, construct new workstations that unlock more sophisticated items and try to sustain your small troop of survivors. Occasionally you’ll be visited by people looking to trade or asking for help. A word to the wise is to always utilize the traders as you won’t be able to construct high level gear without their help. After you’ve prepared and maintained your shelter, you can either time-skip to the nighttime or a clock will reach sunset.

Nighttime is when burglars can come, and you can go steal or forage from others. You’ll select one person to go on a raid and post the other two to either sleep or guard the house. Even if you post a guard, it doesn’t mean you won’t be raided, and they run the risk of getting injured. It’s the nighttime raids that put you in high-intensity situations. Shortly after breaking into a house, I was seen by an old man who begged me to leave or at least leave his wife’s medicine. I had already stolen it and I was afraid he was going to attack me, so I ran away.

The second instance that stuck with me was looting at a school. I had two sick survivors back at my base. We desperately needed more food and bandages when a man started chasing me through the building. I wasn’t sure if he had a weapon, but I turned and stabbed him before he could attack. After running back to my base, I felt such a sense of weight as I considered how my house would eat at the expense of others. It’s such a profound game full of split-second decisions that haunt you in a good way.

You will interact with the world from the “ant-colony” view of a dissected house. My only complaint is that when daytime is ticking by, and I am trying to select the oven, it became difficult to wrestle with the controls until I executed what I was intending to interact with. It pains me to say, but a touch screen interface would be better in some cases.

From just one screenshot you can see the art design of a bombed-out city with buildings on their last legs houses hiding alcoves of resources and survivors. It’s a clean and effective visual that is accented by the soundtrack of a lone guitar and a somber symphony.

This War of Mine sat in my backlog for years, and I’m sad I hadn’t dusted it off until now. While the studio seems to keep updating and releasing the game, it’s safe to say that now is a timely point in history to play a game about a besieged city in this region of the world. I will never forget some of the split-second decisions I made and regret. I would argue that it’s more than a hidden gem hiding in your backlog, it’s one of the best stories you’ve yet to participate in. If you are ready to have your heart broken in the best possible way, This War of Mine Final Cut is waiting to show you the real face of war.


Post-Apocalypse Survival Sim Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition is Now Available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Gentlymad Studio proudly launch the massively popular Endzone – A World Apart on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, aptly titled Survivor Edition, including Endzone’s first game-enriching DLC called “Prosperity.” Brave the destroyed surface of the Earth and rebuild a semblance of home for the world’s last remaining humans — or die trying.

Steeped in a world poisoned with radiation following a worldwide nuclear disaster, Endzone – A World Apart tasks players with a monumental responsibility: build a civilization and maintain the wellbeing of Earth’s last remaining human colony. Much like its genre peers such as Surviving Mars, Frostpunk, or Surviving the Aftermath, players will use the tools at their disposal to build housing structures, develop a functioning electrical system, and maintain stable water and food supplies. Much unlike its competitors, Endzone – A World Apart won’t see players face off against ghastly ghouls and irradiated monstrosities. Instead, violent weather events—such as sandstorms and drought—seek to destroy.

Boasting over 5,000 positive reviews on Steam, Endzone – A World Apart is a lauded addition to the survival sim genre and blends the best of post-apocalyptic survival and city-building, delivering a challenging yet rewarding redemption-style gameplay experience that demands intuition and skill. With the release of the Survivor Edition, the dystopian survival-sim is now available to a whole new class of (console) survival specialists.

Key Features of Endzone’s Console Release Include: 

  • Full UI overhaul: Specially geared to controllers – provides for a comfortable and up-to-date gameplay experience for current-gen consoles
  • A Bustling Community: The settlement is rarely quiet or dull; fulfill over 90 side missions, all of which are rich in variety and cater to the various needs of your community’s inhabitants
  • Build, Expand, Survive: With more than 90 different buildings to construct and   maintain, including power stations, shelters, water treatment plants, and, unfortunately, cemeteries, colony architects have a vast selection of structures from which to create a flourishing community
  • Can’t We Order In?: To get fresh supplies and learn new information, scouting parties must engage in Expeditions — which involves leaving the safety of the colony and   venturing out into the dangerous wasteland to scavenge valuable resources
  • Dynamic Radiation Simulator: Keep those iodine pills handy, as Endzone features realistic radiation and humidity values that force players to take into account important details about the soil in which they grow their crops

Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition is available now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for $49.99 USD. Thanks to a collaboration with Koch Media, a leading global publishing partner, a physical PlayStation 5 retail version is also available for $49.99, as well as on Amazon exclusively in Europe.

For the latest up-to-date news about Endzone – A World Apart, follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, “like” on Facebook, and join the official Assemble Discord server.

Classic Sci-Fi Survival Horror Is Back When Dead Space Launches January 27, 2023 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC

Motive, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced during their Crafting the Tension Art Developer Livestream that Dead Space™will officially launch on January 27, 2023 for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Dead Spaceis a remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror game that is being rebuilt from the ground up leveraging the Frostbite™ game engine. Still remaining true to the original game’s thrilling vision, the remake offers enhanced audio and crisp, harrowing visuals that have been carefully reimagined to evoke a new level of immersion and quality.

“Developing this remake has been a lot of fun for us at Motive, as we’re true fans of the franchise and want to treat it with the respect it deserves. It’s been equally exciting to see players’ reactions as we’re taking them on this development journey with us,” said Phillippe Ducharme, Senior Producer of Dead Space. “We’re making great progress on our road to hitting Alpha and we’re happy to announce that the game will be launching in January next year. We can’t wait for players, both old and new, to see how we’ve elevated the original experience in the remake to be just as impactful for this generation.”

Dead Spaceputs players in the boots of Isaac Clarke, an everyman engineer on a routine mission to fix a gigantic mining starship, the USG Ishimura. But aboard the Ishimura, a living nightmare awaits. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered and infected, and Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole, is missing somewhere on board. Alone and trapped, with only his engineering tools and skills, Isaac faces a battle for survival – not only against terrifying monsters called Necromorphs, but his own crumbling sanity.

Also revealed today in the Dead Space livestream, the team at Motive showcased an early look at how the remake visually evolves and updates the original with in-game props, tools, environments and more being reconstructed to a level of polish and details fit for the next generation of hardware and PCs. Moreover, by combining enhancements like dynamic, volumetric lighting with atmospheric and environmental VFX rendered in full-HDR, Dead Space allows players to confront the frighteningly tight corridors and shadowed hallways of the USG Ishimura with unprecedented levels of immersion for the beloved franchise.

Will Isaac live to unravel the dreadful mystery of what happened to the slaughtered crew and ship, or be forever lost to the cold vacuum of space? Find out when Dead Spaceofficially launches worldwide on January 27, 2023 for PlayStationⓇ5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

For more information and to stay up to date on the remake, visit the official website, like Dead Spaceon Facebook and Instagram, follow the franchise on Twitter and subscribe to its YouTube channel.