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T248: The new wheel to master each track on PS5, PS4 and PC

Thrustmaster is thrilled to finally lift the veil of secrecy surrounding its very first next-generation hybrid racing wheel, specially designed to master all types of tracks.

The new optimized HYBRID DRIVE system combines both belt and gear mechanisms, for unrivaled Force Feedback at an affordable price.

T248 also boasts increased power: it is 70% more powerful**, while also offering cutting-edge new features including three Force Feedback presets that can conveniently be changed on the fly in games.

T248 has been designed for gamers looking for performance and immersion — including those keen to free themselves from their gamepad and users who want to take their racing to the next level after having started out with a wheel aimed at beginners. This brand-new racing wheel is officially licensed for PlayStation®5 consoles and PlayStation®4 consoles and is compatible with PC*.

T248 allows for quick and efficient mastery by users in all racing games, thanks to the wide variety of advanced features developed exclusively for Thrustmaster’s latest powerhouse:

  • Thrustmaster Race Dashboard Display:

Choose from more than 20 different displays*** available onscreen:

  • Manual adjustment of a range of settings: the wheel’s rotation angle, Force Feedback type, etc.
  • The user’s choice of telemetry displays: gear ratio, speed, number of laps, driver’s position, best time, etc.

  • Dynamic Force Feedback:

Users can easily adjust the level of Force Feedback on the fly. T248 features three Force Feedback curves (presets included) compatible with all games:

  • FFB 1: linear Force Feedback, with the force felt by the user being 100% proportional to the force requested by the game.
  • FFB 2: enhanced Force Feedback, for better skid control.
  • FFB 3: boosted Force Feedback, allowing users to ‘to more clearly feel the tiny minutia of each racing effect from the track (Curbs, skidding off-track, etc.).

  • Next-generation Thrustmaster HYBRID DRIVE system:

T248 is currently the only officially licensed racing wheel in its price segment to feature a belt in addition to gears, as an integral part of its unique high-performance hybrid mechanism.

Allowing gamers to enjoy increased power (up to 70% more powerful**), T248 masters each track thanks to the outstanding level of drivability made possible by this hybrid system — avoiding counterintuitive sensations and friction problems commonly found in racing wheels without the additional belt drive component.

  • H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology (with Hall effect sensors):

Built into two key components directly linked to gameplay, this technology helps to enhance gamers’ precision in all games, while eliminating any possible dead zones.

  • The magnetic paddle shifters included with T248 allow for super-fast gear shifting, with clear and precise activation feel (30 ms response time) to avoid driving errors. This contactless magnetic technology also maximizes the paddle shifters’ lifespan, for problem-free gaming sessions over the long term.
  • The brand-new included T3PM pedal set — the icing on the cake — also features this same proprietary, patented H.E.A.R.T magnetic technology.

Providing truly exceptional, thousandth-of-a-second precision, T3PM features 4 different spring configurations allowing gamers to race comfortably — and with the same level of precision — no matter what type of setup they’re using (desk/table, cockpit or Wheel Stands ). With completely smooth motion and avoiding the loss of precision over time experienced by standard potentiometer-based pedal sets, T3PM represents a huge, striking leap forward both in terms of versatility and in-game responsiveness.

  • Up to 25 action buttons: nearly twice as many as on previous Thrustmaster hybrid racing wheel models**.
  • Officially licensed for PS5™ and PS4™ consoles, and compatible with PC*: officially recognized as a next-generation racing wheel developed and designed for the PlayStation®5 console and PlayStation®4 console, T248 is also compatible with PC*.

T248 (racing wheel and pedal set) will be available at suggested retail prices of £299.99 / $399.99 / €349.99:

  • Europe, Middle East, North America:
    • Pre-orders : August 31, 2021
    • Sales availability: October 21, 2021
  • Rest of the world: Late 2021


Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España), Koch Media and studio Weird Beluga announce that the top-down shooter Clid The Snail is now available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 for £15.99/$19.99/€19,99. The winner of the Best Game at the VI PlayStation Talents awards has been developed thanks to the help of the Lanzadera platform.

To celebrate this date, here’s the launch trailer for Clid The Snail:

Clid The Snail is an innovative top-down shooter with a narrative focus and a methodical, mindful approach to combat. Players will join the troublesome snail Clid and help him and a peculiar gang of outcasts defeat the slug plague that is ravaging their world. In addition to a delightfully grim environment ready to be explored, players will experience a vast array of weapons, mechanics, and puzzles that will encourage creative and strategic gunplay.


  • Help Clid find his place in a hostile world while solving puzzles and wiping every enemy on the screen in this top-down shooter
  • Unlock different weapons and combine them to create havoc along the way
  • Enjoy Clid and Belu’s love and hate relationship through their funny, witty dialogues
  • Unlock mysteries in this fable about being an outcast and find out who Clid really is

You can find Clid the Snail‘s on the PlayStation Store.


Nekcom and 2PGames recently announced the upcoming release of DYING : 1983, a new first-person horror adventure that will come to PlayStation 5 in 2022 as a timed exclusive title. In this nightmarish escape room video game, players will explore a series of rooms in a surreal world to solve the mystery behind its puzzles. Similarly to the previous chapter of this franchise, DYING: Reborn, a mysterious fish-headed creature and more horrible monsters will follow your steps to dissuade you.

The Chinese studio revealed a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom last Friday, where they also revealed the main voices of the official cast for DYING : 1983: Miyuki Sawashiro (Fatal Frame IV, Catherine, Danganronpa) and Shunsuke Takeuchi (NEO: TWEWY, Genshin Impact, Danganronpa), two renowned actors with a lot of experience in dubbing anime and video games.

DYING : 1983 is the second game in the DYING franchise, a first-person horror game series with puzzle solving and exploration elements. In this chapter, players will follow a shady physician who is contacted by a mysterious organization to participate in a secret investigation. After reaching the research facility designated for their meeting, the doctor will realize that something weird is happening there…


  • Explore the surreal prison where you’ve been detained and solve thousands of interconnected puzzles to unveil the hidden truth.
  • Feel like the main character of a horror movie thanks to cutting edge game visuals, now enhanced with immersive ray-traced reflections, shadows, caustics, and global illumination. NEKCOM Entertainment is also introducing NVIDIA DLSS technology.
  • Delve into a chilling mystery that will trap you from the beginning to the end, with a script text five times longer than in the first game of the DYING series.
  • Enjoy the acting of a Japanese cast full of professional voices that makes each character unique — and, sometimes, really terrifying!

The game will be released in 2022 as a timed exclusive game for PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 and Steam ports will be released at a date that is yet to be announced.

Bloober Team Releases The Medium’s Gamescom Trailer Ahead of PlayStation®5 Launch Next Month

Ahead of the game’s launch on PlayStation®5 next month, Bloober Team presents a new video: The Medium PS5 – Gamescom launch trailer.

The trailer showcases key elements on the game’s story, and features both primary locations and protagonists, including the Hound – a mysterious entity from the spirit world. The score is provided by “Across the shore” a theme composed by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski, and performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

The Medium is coming to the PlayStation®5 computer entertainment system on Sept. 3, 2021. Following a successful global launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on Jan. 28, 2021, Bloober Team is excited to bring The Medium to PS5™ to take advantage of the console hardware as well as the DualSense controller, offering players the experience of exploring two worlds simultaneously.

The Medium is a third-person psychological horror game that features innovative dual-reality gameplay. Players assume the role of Marianne, a medium gifted with several psychic abilities, and explore the real and spirit world both alternatively and simultaneously to uncover a dark mystery masked by disturbing secrets, sinister spirits, and devious puzzles only a medium can solve.

Players can head to the PlayStation Store to pre-order the game at the price of $49.99/€49,99/£41.74 with a 10% off discount for PS Plus members before launch. Players who pre-order the game will receive the digital Original Soundtrack (by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski) and The Art of The Medium (digital artbook).

Bloober Team and Black Screen Records will also publish The Medium Original Soundtrack on vinyl and CD, with a release expected in October. Pre-orders are available now for the price of 34,00 €.

Bloober Team and global retail publishing partner Koch Media are bringing The Medium to retail stores worldwide. The game will be published and available in retail on Sept. 3 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5™, with The Medium: Two Worlds Special Edition available in certain territories, which comes complete with an exclusive steelbook, soundtrack of the game and printed artbook. In Japan, publisher NA Publishing will bring the game to all three platforms by Holiday 2021.

Developed and published by Bloober Team, and rated “M for Mature” by the ESRB and PEGI 18, The Medium is Bloober Team’s largest and most ambitious project to date, with no loading screens and utilizing the full potential of the latest version of the Unreal Engine 4. The game will be available on PlayStation®5 on Sept. 3, 2021, and is available today for $49.99/€49.99/£41.74 on Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG, and the Microsoft Store.

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Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition Awakens onto PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC with Refined Visuals and Improvements

Today, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. has released Little Nightmares II Enhanced Edition, featuring visual upgrades and improvements for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PCs via STEAM® and GOG. The Enhanced Edition is available now as a free upgrade on console for players who own the PlayStation 4, Xbox One versions and as a free update patch for the PC version of the game.

Developed by Supermassive Games, the new-generation version of the game will offer several enhancements compared to the original title. Two modes will be available, a Performance mode will put the game in 2160p and 60 fps, and a Beauty Mode will see the game’s resolution improved to 4K with a dynamic resolution and 30 fps. Here are the full details of what the Enhanced Edition includes:

  • Beauty Mode* – Little Nightmares II runs at 30fps at 4K resolution with optimized Ray-Tracing.
  • Performance Mode* – Locks the game at 60fps. Dynamic resolution up to 4K to maintain 60fps with Ray-Tracing.
  • Ray-Traced Reflections – Allows any shiny surface to provide a reflection. Its clarity and definition depend on the surface.
  • Volumetric Shadows – Increased resolution of volumetric shadows. Light rays are disturbed by objects and characters moving in front of a strong light source.
  • Interactive Particles – Particles are more abundant and dynamically affected by Mono, Six and the main antagonists. Particles swim and eddy behind them, creating a more realistic and immersive environment.
  • Immersive Audio – New immersive 3D soundscape mix, creating a more involving experience when listening via 5.1 /7.1 audio systems or headphones.

The PC version will also benefit from these enhancements, which will be customizable for players.

Produced in partnership with Tarsier Studios, Little Nightmares II follows the story of Mono, a young boy trapped in a world distorted by the humming transmission of a distant Signal Tower. Together with Six, the girl in a yellow raincoat, he sets out to discover the grim secrets of the world whilst fleeing from the monstrous residents out to capture him. Little Nightmares II is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

This announcement is the first from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. at gamescom, with more BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. news to come during Opening Night Live, which starts at 11:00 am PT, expect some news and announcements on several BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment titles. Interviews and coverage about gamescom games will be happening every day during gamescom studio.

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* Modes only available on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series versions. On PC, all graphical settings can be changed individually in the Settings > Advanced menu.

Get Ready For World Domination With Evil Genius 2 Coming To Consoles Later This Year

Rebellion, one of Europe’s most successful independent studios, has today announced that its acclaimed villainy simulator, Evil Genius 2, is coming to consoles later this year. Launching on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4/5 in Q4 2021, Evil Genius 2 puts you in the shoes of the ultimate bad guy as you plot, scheme and execute your plans for world domination.

Evil Genius 2 lets you unleash your own unique brand of super-villainy upon humanity. Build your lair, recruit and train a workforce of loyal minions and powerful henchmen to defend your base from the meddling Forces of Justice.

Evil Genius 2 launched on PC earlier this year to critical acclaim.

The console release of Evil Genius 2 will bring the joy of villainy to an even bigger audience when it comes to Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 4 and 5 in Q4 2021.

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Godfall Fire & Darkness now available on Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

Incredible new Godfall content rolled out today with a new expansion and free update, Gearbox Publishing announced this morning. Gearbox also hailed that the award-winning game is now available on the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 communities can now party-up with their friends via PlayStation Network to tackle Godfall’s new expansion – Fire & Darkness.* Additionally, all versions of the game receive the free Lightbringer Update, which includes: a brand-new game mode, endgame matchmaking beta, unique cosmetics, and powerful new loot items, as well as additional quality of life enhancements. To get a taste of the action, watch the Fire & Darkness trailer here.

“We are overjoyed with the response from the PlayStation community to Godfall and are thrilled to welcome even more players to the world of Aperion through PlayStation 4,” commented Keith Lee, CEO of Counterplay Games. “Godfall is an immensely exciting and ambitious project for us, and we are always listening and learning from player feedback – especially for this next chapter.  With Fire & Darkness and Lightbringer’s additions and enhancements, now is the perfect time for both new and returning players to dive into Godfall.”

Godfall Deluxe and Ascended Editions on PlayStation 4

Godfall is set in Aperion, a land on the precipice of ruin. You are the last of the Valorian knights, a god-like sect of warriors able to equip Valorplates, legendary armor sets that transform wielders into unstoppable masters of melee combat. Utilize breathtaking weapons to climb through the elemental realms of Aperion as you tear through foes and challenge the mad god, Macros, who awaits you at the top of the Skybreaker Monolith.


  • Godfall, including the Lightbringer Update, and all previous updates to the game
  • Cross-gen play, allowing PS4 and PS5 players to play cooperatively in both campaign and endgame content
  • Free upgrade path for PS4 players once they transition to PS5
  • Fire & Darkness expansion
  • Ascended Edition includes three gold variant cosmetics, five weapon cosmetics, coop banner, gold shield variant, custom multiplayer lobby nameplate, orange Vertigo variant, as well as access to the Fire & Darkness expansion
  • MSRPDeluxe Edition $59.99, Ascended Edition $69.99

Fire & Darkness Expansion

The Fire & Darkness expansion unlocks the Fire realm, brimming with new threats to extinguish and powerful loot to claim. An all-consuming darkness threatens to spread throughout Aperion and rid the world of all light. Players who purchased Deluxe or Ascended editions previously for any platform gain immediate access. Base game is required to play Fire & Darkness expansion.


  • Epic new story missions and cutscenes
  • Explore the obsidian peaks and azure magma rivers challenging Moirax and the Flameblood Tribe. Face off against five new bosses and more than 10 new enemy types
  • Fire Realm content for Dreamstones, Tower of Trials, and the all-new Lightbringer endgame modes
  • Claim more than 20 new Valorplate skins that are sure to make any Aperion warrior standout from their fellow knights
  • MSRP: $19.99

Lightbringer Update – Free for all Godfall players

The Seventh Sanctum’s light has been trapped and the most powerful of knights will be needed to release and spread it. Building up enough strength to face the all-consuming darkness, players will find up to three Tears they will need to close while contending with dark forces. After completing each Tear, they will be offered the opportunity to accept a curse. The more curses selected, the greater the power of your enemies, but if successful, the greater the reward after facing the final challenge. The end phase of the mode will have players fighting unprecedented combinations of enemies.


  • Endgame matchmaking beta – fight alongside friends and take on Godfall’s toughest endgame challenges with three-player PvE online matchmaking for Ascended Tower of Trials and Lightbringer mode
  • Over 40 new loot items including a new tier of Cursed items that grant players a massive boon, if they are up to the challenge of lifting the Curse and unlocking the item’s full potential

“Counterplay Games has listened to players and doubled down on what is loved most about Godfall and delivered a wonderous expansion to the world of Aperion with Fire & Darkness,” said Gearbox Publishing President Steve Gibson. “We’re excited to share all the hard work they have put into the title and grateful to the supportive PlayStation community as Counterplay pushes the looter-slasher further.”

Bloober Team Details PS5 DualSense Features and Announces Vinyl Soundtrack for The Medium

Bloober Team today released a new video explaining in detail how the PlayStation®5 version of The Medium, the dual-reality horror game, increases immersion through PlayStation’s haptic DualSense controller.

The Medium is coming to the PlayStation 5 on September 3, 2021. Following a successful global launch on PC and Xbox Series X|S on January 28, 2021, Bloober Team is excited to bring The Medium to PS5 and take advantage of the console hardware as well as the DualSense controller, offering players the experience of exploring two worlds simultaneously.

“On PlayStation 5, we are taking full advantage of the console’s DualSense controller to immerse players even deeper into the mystery of the Niwa Hotel,” said Szymon Erdmański, producer at Bloober Team. “Our goal is to let you feel Marianne’s reactions to what is happening as she explores and interacts with the game world.”

The Medium is a third-person psychological horror game that features innovative dual-reality gameplay. Players assume the role of Marianne, a medium gifted with several psychic abilities. Follow along as she explores the real and spirit world both alternatively and simultaneously to uncover a dark mystery masked by disturbing secrets, sinister spirits, and devious puzzles only a medium can solve.

Players can head to the PlayStation Store to pre-order the game at the price of $49.99 with a 10% off discount for PS Plus members before launch. Players who pre-order the game will receive the digital Original Soundtrack (by Akira Yamaoka and Arkadiusz Reikowski) and “The Art of The Medium” (digital artbook).

Furthermore, Bloober Team and Black Screen Records are happy to announce that “The Medium Original Soundtrack” will be published on vinyl and CD, with a release expected in October. Pre-orders are available now for the price of 34€.

Bloober Team and global retail publishing partner Koch Media are thrilled to bring The Medium to retail stores worldwide. The game will be published and available in retail on September 3 for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5.

For more information on The Medium, please visit

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition launches with inspirational sing-along sea shanty

Find inspiration in the skies and oceans of the Great Ursee… global video games publisher Wired Productions and visionary independent developer Tomas Sala mark today’s launch of The Falconeer: Warrior Edition with a motivational sea shanty video game launch trailer.

Following the original launch on the Xbox family of devices and PC, this definitive edition of the BAFTA-nominated, open-world air combat game now lifts off on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The Falconeer: Warrior Edition includes extensive new updates and all DLC packs to date, as well as today’s brand-new expansion, Edge of the World (which is also available separately on PC and the Xbox family of devices).

The original sea shanty composition for the launch trailer is written and sung by Mikee Goodman (SixTh, Disco Elysium), and features violin from Abi Fry (Bat For Lashes, British Sea Power). This ‘Ode To Captain Sala’ is a celebration of what can be achieved when you believe in your vision, just like Tomas Sala did with The Falconeer.

“We wanted to mark the launch of The Falconeer: Warrior Edition with something fun and unique, which also exemplified the inspiring story of how ‘Captain Sala’ had a dream and singlehandedly pursued that vision to great critical acclaim,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions.

“I’m delighted that the release of the Warrior Edition means new Falconeers are taking to the skies and pledging their allegiances to one of the disparate factions seeking dominion over the Great Ursee,” said Tomas Sala, Creator of The Falconeer.

About The Falconeer: Warrior Edition

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition includes extensive new updates and features every single DLC pack released since its original launch on the Xbox family of devices and Steam. This includes The Kraken, The Hunter and Atun’s Folly, as well as the brand-new expansion, Edge of the World, which adds new mini campaigns, new missions, new locations and more. Further additions and updates include the re-recording of significant voice-over work, and a streamlined prologue tutorial. Previously available exclusively to PC and the Xbox family of devices, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners can finally begin their journey, taking to the skies of The Great Ursee aboard a giant Warbird.

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, for £24.99 / €29.99 / $29.99, and Nintendo Switch for £29.99 / €34.99 / $34.99 and can be purchased from all good retailers worldwide. Find out where to buy your copy on the Wired Productions store. The digital release for Nintendo Switch is priced  at £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99 and is available now on the eShop.

The Edge of the World DLC will be available to purchase for the Xbox family of devices on the Microsoft Store and for PC via Steam for £6.99 / $7.99 / €7.99. The expansion is also available as part of The Falconeer: Warrior Edition on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Falconeer is an extraordinary work of personal expression and left field game design, from maverick solo developer Tomas Sala, featuring intense aerial dogfights aboard a giant warbird, deep exploration of a mysterious oceanic world, a beautifully original art style, epic set pieces, award-winning music, and richly immersive storytelling.

For more information, visit, chat on Twitter or join the official Discord.