Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem Vrooms onto VR Platforms Jan. 4

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem, the toy car racing and track creation game from WIMO Games in collaboration with global branded entertainment leader Hasbro, roars to life on Thursday, Jan. 4, 2023 on Meta Quest 2 & 3, and SteamVR, as announced at the December 2023 UploadVR Showcase.

Create the fantastical tracks of nostalgic childhood dreams with Micro Machine toys and plastic tracks. The VR tools with Mini Challenge Mayhem supplies aspiring engineers with everything they need to create incredible tracks that defy physics. Then race cars through them, using the throttle to push the pedal to the tiny metal and using speed intelligently around corners.

Make tracks in a virtual world or use Mixed Reality to meld them and bring them as close as possible into the real world. Send cars through floating raceways in the kitchen and do loop-de-loops around family pets. Drive through a portal in the bedroom out to the living room, all with a simple-to-use interface utilizing VR controllers.

Creation and racing combine in the Campaign mode, where objectives include racing for the fastest time, or scoring points by performing stunts. Proving worthy of those feats means unlocking new track and car parts to help perfect everything from drag-racing times to amplifying the total and wanton destruction only a (miniature) monster truck can levy.

“Hasbro’s Micro Machines fuel the imagination, and virtual reality platforms provide a perfect sandbox to take creativity to the next level,” said Dave Rosen, CEO of WIMO Games. “Whether Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem inspires gamers to create unique VR tracks or embrace mixed-reality with racing in their own homes, we want everyone to embrace the passion of childhood and unleash their imagination.”

Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem releases on Thursday, January 4 for Meta Quest 2 & 3,  PSVR2, and Steam VR. Preorder the game on the Meta Store for an exclusive car. For more information on Micro Machines: Mini Challenge Mayhem, visit WIMO Games’ official website and follow the studio on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, and join the official Discord server. For more information on Hasbro, visit their official website, and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Author: Mark Smith
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