Feather Out Now on Switch and PC

Feather, a serene game about the joy of flight is available now for $9.99 USD via the Nintendo eShop, Steam, Discord, Humble Store, itch.io

Fly like a Bird

Feather is a peaceful game about immersing yourself in a beautiful island. Become a bird, fly around and lose yourself in zen-like flow whilst listening to the soothing ambient soundtrack. With responsive and fluid flight controls to swoop, glide, backflip and roll your way around the island.

Passive Multiplayer

Passive cross play online multiplayer allows you to join a flock and discover the world with others.

Relaxing Ambient Gameplay

No enemies, no combat, no threats, just peaceful flight by yourself or with other birds. Explore a vast open world and find new songs which can be found around the surroundings. Each element of the island responds to your presence with a hum, tone and rhythm to connect you to the world.

The game will feature English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional  and Korean language with Japanese being added in an upcoming patch.

For more information about Feather, please visit the official website, check out

the Samurai Punk Discord, and follow the studio on Twitter and Facebook.

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