Another Fisherman’s Tale Reels in Release Date & Shares Splashy New Trailer for VR Sequel

Ahoy, sailor! Today Vertigo Games, the VR publishing and development arm of the PLAION Group as well as developer InnerspaceVR have revealed Another Fisherman’s Tale, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed A Fisherman’s Tale, will launch on May 11th for the PS VR2, Meta Quest 2, and all PC VR platforms. To celebrate the announcement, Vertigo and InnerspaceVR have shared a brand-new gameplay showcase video with developer commentary from Creative Director and Co-Founder Balthazar Auxietre and Game Director Alexis Moroz, showcasing the first portion of the game’s second chapter, including a daring escape and demonstrations of the game’s core body-augmenting mechanics. Check out the new showcase video below!

Featuring a total reinvention of its predecessor’s mechanics, Another Fisherman’s Tale imagines a world where YOU are the puzzle:

  • DETACH limbs and hands from your body and physically control them remotely. Throw Bob’s hand across a ravine and then make it crawl to retrieve an object, or send your head elsewhere for a different view of things.
  • REPLACE any of your limbs with a variety of objects to unlock new skills. Pirate hook hands allow you to climb up walls, a crab’s claw can cut through a rope in a pinch, and a fish’s tail will improve your swimming ability.
  • CONTROL your environment with your puppeteering hands, picking up distant objects, items and tools and interacting with each level’s unique layout.

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Author: Mark Smith
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