Cities: VR is coming to Meta Quest 2 this Spring

Fast Travel Games has today announced Cities: VR, the ultimate city-building and management simulator, is coming to Meta Quest 2 in the Spring of 2022. Made for VR, Cities: VR brings the definitive city-building experience of Cities: Skylines into virtual reality for the very first time.

Experience your architectural and urban-planning creations in the most immersive VR city building simulation to date. Step through the screen and control every aspect of city planning – design neighborhoods, construct buildings, direct the flow of traffic – all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. As the mayor of your city, you’ll also need to provide healthcare, education, entertainment, and more to your growing population. Watch the city of your dreams rise from the ground up.

Cities: Skylines is the ultimate modern city-builder, and it’s an honor to bring this franchise to VR,” said Erik Odeldahl, Creative Director at Fast Travel Games. “The city-building genre has huge potential in the VR market and we couldn’t wait to work on this IP. We’ve spent a ton of time, research, and energy to translate Cities: Skylines to VR in a way that is both approachable for new players and a new challenge for Cities veterans. We can’t wait to see what players build!


Build and Manage Your Ideal City

  • Get hands on with an immersive and comprehensive city-building simulation like no other. Control every aspect of urban planning – from the downtown center roadways to utility line placement in suburban districts – and build your ultimate city.

An Immersive & Scenic Simulator

  • Experience your creations in the most immersive VR city building simulation to date. Raise the city of your dreams from the ground up through an unparalleled level of presence, immersion and hands-on gameplay. See your skyline rise from an expansive bird’s eye view, or become a part of your creation and watch your city come alive from the streets.

The Definitive City-Building VR Game

  • Cities: VR takes the core gameplay experience of leading city-building simulation Cities: Skylines and brings it to life like never before.

Easy to Pick Up

  • A detailed, easy-to-follow tutorial will take players through the basics of city building in VR. Precise and tactile feedback and a palette of tools at your fingertips makes for an easy-to-use control system.

Cities: VR is a new take on the leading city-building simulation, Cities: Skylines, and is both a great entry-point to the franchise and a compelling new experience for Cities: Skylines veterans. This experience keeps the core gameplay elements of the franchise intact, while offering a unique approach to the simulation through VR. The game is being solely developed and published by Fast Travel Games, who has licensed the IP from Paradox Interactive.

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Action-Packed Shooter ANVIL Launches Today

Today marks a momentous occasion, Vault Breakers. ANVIL, the top-down action shooter from developer Action Square has just launched onto Steam Early Access, Xbox Preview and Xbox Game Pass. Starting today, players can jump into the dangerous world of ANVIL, taking on the role of the powerful Vault Breakers.

Breakers seek out “Vaults” which are remnants of alien civilizations scattered throughout multiple galaxies. Players are tasked with exploring these diverse galaxies and using their abilities to take down hundreds of monsters. Over 100 randomly generated artifacts are scattered throughout the game’s many planets and players must scavenge in order to upgrade and find better loot to help them with the slaughter.

Due to the Vault Breaker’s mechanical bodies, defeat doesn’t mean the end, it just means it’s time to rebuild. Players keep any EXP gathered when they die. The more EXP you earn, the stronger and more powerful the Breakers become. Kill, scavenge, die, rebuild. This is the life of a Vault Breaker.


  • Become a “Breaker” searching for Vaults and explore the unknown galaxy.
  • Explore multiple galaxies with random planets and unique bosses.
  • Open vaults and defeat bosses to utilize the upgrade powers found within.
  • Utilize over 100 randomly generated artifacts and dozens of weapons that will make every session unique and different.
  • Explore a combination of different playstyles by testing synergy between various artifacts and obtain powerful weapons to become the ultimate Breaker.
  • Gain EXP during battle to enhance your Breaker’s strength and give them new powers.
  • Never fear death, rebuild your Breaker to be even stronger after a defeat.

Want to jump into ANVIL yourself? Grab the game on Steam Early Access, Xbox Preview and Xbox Game Pass now. E-mail the media contact below for review requests and head to the official ANVIL discord to keep up to date.

Milestone Releases Batman Expansion for Hot Wheels Unleashed

The amazing post-launch content plan for Hot Wheels Unleashed kicks off today with the release of the Batman Expansion. The Batman Expansion is the first major DLC offering for Hot Wheels Unleashed and comes packed with DC Universe content dedicated to the legacy of the Dark Knight.

The Batman Expansion brings a huge amount of new playable content with a brand-new Career map inspired by Gotham and the breathtaking Batcave environment featuring many new tracks. The Batman Expansion also includes five themed vehicles: The Penguin, Robin™ 2.0T, Armored Batman™, Batman™ Rebirth, The Joker™ GT, plus a new Track Builder Module, the Joker Funhouse Split, and many themed customization items. The Batman Expansion is included in the HOT WHEELS™ Pass Vol. 1 or can be purchased separately starting today.

Hot Wheels Unleashed offers players the opportunity to drive the cars as if they were playing with the die-cast toys. The gameplay includes adrenaline-filled races, an extended choice of Hot Wheels vehicles with different attributes and rarity levels that players can customize with different skins, and jaw-dropping tracks set in everyday-life locations with special track pieces and interactive items. The game also features a revolutionary Track Editor enabling players to customize tracks in any game environment and share them with the game’s community.

Hot Wheels Unleashed™ is available on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). For more information, visit Drivers can also join the #HotWheelsUnleashed conversation online at Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Spaceflight Simulator Touches Down on Steam Early Access Jan. 25

Spaceflight Simulator, a game with real-life physics where astronauts and engineers build their own rockets and explore the universe developed by Stefo Mai Morojna, initiates a space race on Steam Early Access for PC on Tuesday, Jan. 25. More than 20 million rocket technicians have escaped gravity’s pull via the App Store and Google Play, and a Nintendo Switch version will release in tandem with the 1.0 release on Steam later in 2022.

Put together a space program from scratch to explore the solar system and reach the vast unknown. Build finely crafted rockets from essential parts, including propulsion systems, fairings, capsules, and more, and aim for the stars. Scientifically accurate rocket physics paves the way for realistic flight sequences, where it will take more than one attempt to get the first rocket in orbit.

Land on planets in a solar system realistically sized to simulate the grand scale of celestial objects, with accurate terrains, climates, and gravity pulls for a true-to-life experience. Aspiring astronomers can oversee a maiden voyage to the Earth’s Moon before taking off to Mars, Mercury, and beyond.

Android and iOS players have sent a combined 300 million rockets to space, and more than 30,000 are part of an active and helpful Discord server to help new rocketeers get their bearings. Included with the Steam Early Access launch is the Parts, Skins, Planets and Bundle DLC. Already available as a paid DLC for mobile, the content update allows explorers to survey Jupiter and its four moons right off the bat alongside new parts for rocket-building and exclusive ship skins for the PC version.

“I’m very happy and excited to see Spaceflight Simulator taking shape on Steam Early Access,” said Stefo Mai Morojna, lead developer. “More space enthusiasts can start their own rocket programs, fail over and over, and finally reach the stars! And with the release on Nintendo Switch coinciding with the 1.0 PC launch, we’ll see more aspiring rocketeers than ever before.”

Spaceflight Simulator lands on Steam Early Access on Jan. 25, 2022, for $11.99 USD. The game supports English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Korean, and Japanese languages.

For more information, follow @SpaceflightSim on Twitter, like its Facebook page, subscribe to its YouTube channel, or join the expedition via Discord.

CASTLE ON THE COAST is launching today on PC and Nintendo Switch!

Klabater along with Big Heart Productions is pleased to announce that Castle on the Coast, a charming 3D collectathon will have its premiere today on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Castle on the Coast is a 3D platformer with classical collectathon mechanics and George the Giraffe as the protagonist. You will parkour through a magic castle, explore challenging large-scale open levels full of crystal caverns, stone-laden halls, and trippy alternate dimensions, and try to bring together a family of the two powerful, conflicted wizards.

Thanks to cooperation mode, even the youngest gamers will be able to enjoy George’s adventures, playing together with their friends or their sitters. Besides all the arcade fun, Castle on the Coast offers a more severe and moral angle. It will touch upon dealing with loss, conflict, and loving your enemies.

Valley’s Children

Being the official mascot of Valley Children’s Hospital, George symbolizes love and care found at Valley Children’s. Being a hero for children for nearly 70 years, he was involved in many activities and projects. Now he’ll put smiles on their faces as a protagonist of the video game Castle on the Coast.

A portion of the sales revenue will support the Valley Children’s Hospital programs, which provide Central California’s only high-quality, comprehensive care exclusively for children, from before birth to young adulthood.

Castle on the Coast main features:

🦒 A magic castle entrenched in conflict
Help George explore the magical castle’s interiors on the Coast, home to crystal caverns, stone-laden halls, and alternate dimensions. Seamlessly wander from level to level with no loading screens in a large, interconnected world.

🦒 A cute giraffe with extreme parkour powers!?

This giraffe can get anywhere, anytime! String together wall runs, jumps, spins, climbs, dives, rolls, and more with responsive controls. Carve new paths through levels in a quest to frustrate level designers. When cool moves aren’t enough, don a jetpack or a rocket-powered car to reach new heights.

🦒 A 3D collectathon

Shove a plethora of goodies down your pockets as you explore! Flowers unlock new costumes, star keys open doors, and keystones… those unlock the looming central tower…

🦒 A nutty sidekick joins the mix (co-op mode).
Great fun for more than one! Play with your children or friends. Player 2 can control George’s sidekick: Swirlz, the flying squirrel! Create helpful springy flowers, blast enemies with magic, or become a living parachute to show George’s descent. When George and Swirlz work together, nothing is impossible!

Find the game in stores:

The game will be available globally at the price of 14,99 USD/EUR.
Xbox and PlayStation versions will still be available in December this year.

Castle on the Coast has a full English localization with voice-overs. It is also subtitled in: French, German, Russian, and Chinese.

Crossplay Party Brawler ‘Rubber Bandits’ Out Now

Flashbulb Games has announced that Rubber Bandits releases today on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. You can grab this physics-based multiplayer party brawler with full crossplay for $19.99|19.99€|£16,74, with a bonus 10% launch discount on Steam for a limited time, plus an exclusive bandit for those who buy the game on any platform in its first week. Rubber Bandits is also free to download on Xbox and PC today with Xbox Game Pass.

Rubber Bandits features a variety of ridiculous game modes: make your getaway with the most loot (and come back to bust your foes) in Heist mode, beat everyone else to a pulp and be the last one standing in Brawl mode, and play solo or co-op against the AI to reach the end in Arcade mode. Choose the perfect disguise to carry out your crimes in style, with over a dozen fun unique characters to unlock, from Granny to Banana and more.

Unleash nonstop mayhem on your opponents with special power-ups and tons of unique weapons. Hurl, bash, crush, and torch your rivals with anything and everything at hand, from rockets and swords to chairs and baguettes! Take on 25 colorfully exciting levels featuring classic heist locations like banks, museums, and the mean streets. Collaborate with your partners in crime in online and local multiplayer for up to four bandits, with full crossplay between all platforms.

For more on Rubber Bandits, visit

BREAK ARTS II Available NOW on PS4

Indie game publisher PLAYISM (; owned and operated by Active Gaming Media)  is proud to announce that BREAK ARTS II, a phenomenal battle racing title developed by Japanese indie developer Mercury Studio, has released today on PlayStation®4 as a digital download version.

BREAK ARTS II is a Robot Customization battle racing game which was originally released in 2018 on PC, where players would customize their own robot to change their looks or abilities. The game has multiple modes such as Single player, Time Attack and Online Multiplayer races.

Faster Than Anyone. Stronger Than Anyone. And More Stunning.

Customize your robot for “cyber battle racing” in a game that offers all the thrills of racing, battle, and customization.
Online, Offline, Time-Attack… which mode will you dominate?!

Mind-boggling Customization

Assemble your robot from a range of parts―each with their own abilities―allowing for virtually unlimited possibilities in customization. Some robot parts can fold and unfold, come apart, and rotate, so you can build your dream machine any way you like!

The game has been further tuned in order to bring the best possible experience to Robot and Race game fans alike for the PlayStation®4. Some fans have found the customization and battle races so addictive they’ve racked up over a 1000 hours of playtime on PC!

BREAK ARTS II’s Photo Mode

BREAK ARTS II is a beloved title and has attracted fans ever since the PC release.
Among all the modes offered by BREAK ARTS II, the Photo Mode is one of the fans’ favorites! Customize your robot until you are satisfied. Enjoy shooting various scenes and angles to capture your creation in the best way possible!

Cyber-Noir Murder Mystery Game Lacuna Gets Console Release Date

Ambient rain drizzling outside, plumes of cigarette smoke hanging in the air, and an intense mystery waiting to be solved — all that and more awaits players in the moody and atmospheric noir adventure game, Lacuna. Today, publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer DigiTales Interactive are delighted to announce a December 21st console launch date for Lacuna, with availability coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on December 28th.

These upcoming digital releases will allow even more players to experience the title’s melancholy yet intensely gripping mystery. Assume the role of Neil Conrad, veteran agent of the Central Department of Investigation (CDI), and discover the truth behind what at first appears to be “nothing more” than a heinous murder.

Lacuna launched on PC via Steam earlier this year to critical acclaim and immense community praise. Winner of ‘Best Prototype’ at Game Award Saar and second place for ‘Best Game’ at Indie Game Fest 2019, Lacuna’s story is told through gorgeous 2D pixel art, as well as its dulcet, captivating soundtrack — both working in tandem to capture the essence of its futuristic yet dour environment. Navigate a vast amount of dialogue choices, make decisions with crucial outcomes, and reveal the plot that will turn everything Detective Conrad knows upside down.

“It doesn’t take a gumshoe to tell that Lacuna is a stellar, Noir-inspired adventure; one that is absolutely worth investigating further.” 8.5/10 – PC Invasion

“An intricately crafted, perfectly paced and engrossing experience that places the story front and center.” 9/10 – Indiegamewebsite

Lacuna subverts the classic story-driven adventure trope by nixing the tiresome “point-and-click” mechanic. Gone are the days of pixel hunting and other intrusive mechanics that interrupt the flow of the game. Other improvements on the genre include conversational choices that drive the story, narrative-based puzzles, interactable extras, various distinct endings, and a detective saga that is sure to stay with players long after completion.

 Lacuna will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 21st, and Nintendo Switch on December 28th for $19.99 USD. Additionally, there will be a 20% launch discount in both the Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop. The PC version on Steam can be purchased with Assemble Entertainment’s usual “Save the World” Edition for $25.99 USD, where 10% of the proceeds go to GoGiveOne, an organization founded by the WHO Foundation that collects donations to provide COVID-19 vaccines for countries that cannot procure them.

New Walkthrough Trailer Gives An Insight Into Alien World Of The Gunk, Coming To Xbox & PC On December 16th

Thunderful are pleased to unveil a new trailer for anticipated story-driven sci-fi exploration title The Gunk where lead star Fiona Nova gives us a guided introduction to the game’s compelling world. This new game from the team behind the SteamWorld series will be released for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on December 16th, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

In the new trailer, Fiona Nova, voice of protagonist Rani, introduces us to the game’s compelling characters and spectacular alien world. Rani and her partner Becks are a space hauling duo mining the galaxy for whatever resources they can sell to make ends meet. When they come across a seemingly barren planet infested with a strange undiscovered substance they call “the gunk”, they wonder if they might be in for a big payout.

The Gunk has a big emphasis on exploration with a wondrous and diverse alien world to discover featuring biomes ranging from rocky canyons, to dense jungles, to deep subterranean caves (this is the team behind SteamWorld after all) and a few more surprises. The gunk is turning all of these zones barren, but as you remove it using Rani’s upgradable goo-sucking power-glove, you’ll discover a flourishing ecosystem seemingly suppressed by this mysterious and destructive gunk.

The intriguing questions of what the gunk is, how it got here and what kind of world existed prior to its arrival can be uncovered as you explore. Perhaps the gunk has something to do with the ruins of an ancient civilization that appears to be long gone? Scanning the environment to make new discoveries and learn more about the world will fill out your findings in a logbook. Players who dig into these entries might just find some clues as to what happened here!

“As a team, it’s been a real pleasure to branch out and supplement the charm we’re known for with the SteamWorld series with a more ‘grown-up’ story like the one we are telling with The Gunk,” said Game Director Ulf Hartelius. “We’ve been working hard to blend that intriguing sci-fi tale with the cool raymarching tech we’re using to create our mesmerizing gunk and a rich world for players to explore. We can’t wait for them to finally get to experience it all on December 16th”.