Yupitergrad is ready to venture forth on Oculus Quest!

Polish your plungers, Comrades! Yupitergrad is ready to venture forth on Oculus Quest!

The Social Spaciety announced a great success! Every Comrade who owns Oculus Quest can start his mission immediately.

The time (attack) has come

Oh, and another good thing is – Yupitergrad underwent a bit of tweaking, so plunger swinging should be even smoother than before! The Social Spaciety has also taken some notes from Comrades who already started their mission on other platforms and added a challenging and utmost fun – Time Attack mode. The mode will also be a part of the Oculus Quest version of the game. The patch adding the Time Attack mode will be available TODAY for all platforms.

Time Attack includes 20 beautifully crafted levels that were designed by the best specialist in Motherland, each of whom got a good luck kiss from their respective Babushka. Comrades can also compare their records on the global leaderboards. Compete bravely for the glory of Motherland!

Destination Space Station PlayStation

Social Spaciety would also like to remind you, Comrades, that Yupitergrad will be soon arriving at the PlayStation VR as well. ETA is Early 2021 and the physical PS VR release created in jolly cooperation with Perp Games will follow soon after!

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