Yupitergrad 2: Pick Your Challenge update is now live!

Following its recent ‘‘Comfort Zone Update’’, Gamedust has released a new update for Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, Pick Your Challenge, which is now live across all platforms.

Following their community feedback, they discovered that their players would benefit from adjustable difficulty options, and therefore the ‘‘Pick Your Challenge’’ update idea was born. They tackled this concept by introducing difficulty levels and modifiers that will allow players to tailor their game difficulty to match their skill set. The new difficulty levels consist of Easy, where the game will be exceptionally forgiving; Medium, which is the current difficulty players are familiar with; and Hard, which only the best astronauts can handle. Additionally, each element’s difficulty can be adjusted individually to the player’s preferences, these are listed down below.

Here are some settings you can now find in the game options menu:

  • Enemies bullets speed – Adjust the rate of fire for enemy projectiles.
  • Enemies damage – Customize the lethality of enemy bullets.
  • Enemies health – Set the health levels for opponents.
  • Enemies movement speed – Modify the agility and pace of enemy movements.
  • Enemies shield – Define the resilience of enemy shields.
  • Enemies shield orb spawn probability – Control the likelihood of shield orbs spawning.
  • Minigun overheat time – Fine-tune the cooling time for your minigun.
  • Traps damage – Determine the severity of trap effects.
  • Closed atmospheric levels – Enhance maneuverability within enclosed atmospheric environments.

Yupitergrad 2 was originally designed with a singularity difficulty level in mind, which made the adaptation of more varied levels a task in itself, which developers took on board to make sure that everyone from seasoned space acrobats to professional voyagers would relish the Yupitergrad 2 experience. After this update, developers are excited to see more players enjoying the adjustable difficulty, and they hope that players can swing their way into the cosmic station the game has to offer. Stay up to date with the game’s social media for more upcoming updates, which the developers are already gathering ideas for.

You can find the game on Steam and Meta Store.

Author: Mark Smith
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