Welcome to Fortune Valley in Need for Speed Payback

Live out your action driving fantasy in Fortune Valley, Need for Speed Payback’s diverse, open world where the stakes are always high.

In the corrupt gamblers paradise, each region is filled to the brim with events, activities, and collectables. Cruise through the glamour and grit of Silver Rock or drift up and down the mountain switchbacks of Mount Providence. Tear up terrain in the arid badlands of Liberty Desert, or carve your way through the deep gorges of Silver Canyon as you lose yourself in your own driving adventure. 

Show off your skills by conquering the infamous Street Leagues, find Derelicts and take your car from scrap to stock to super car, or focus on tuning up and customizing your own dream ride – there’s something for everyone in the biggest open-world Need for Speed has ever had.

Check out the new World Trailer here and get a taste of all that Fortune Valley has to offer in Need for Speed Payback.

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