Pet Zoometery Review – iOS


While it seems the rest of the world is thoroughly obsessed with zombies in all facets of our media, I’ve taken a step back from the allure of the brain-hungry hordes especially in games for a while. Though I got to say Gogii Games and G5 Entertainment may have one of the most interesting zombie theme games for iPad if not one of the cutest ones on the market with the release of Pet Zoometery that I’ve seen in a while.

Despite its obvious name play, Pet Zoometery is a quirky zoo management game that tasks you with creating the wildest undead collection of zombie animals or Zoombies as you will learn to call them with the aid of a chatterbox Rhino. Starting out in this free to play game you only get a small piece of land to start out creating simple Zoombies like a lion and a monkey. You earn Zomboleons and XP as you complete a checklist of quests to make your zoo grow such as building a food farm for your hungry Zoombies or a Mutation Chamber to really make your zoo unique. Like any zoo, attractions and exhibits bring in the undead zoo-goers which helps you earn Zomboleons to purchase new and creepily exciting stands like the Brain on a Stick or purchase new animals for your zoo to showcase.

The big appeal for me in Pet Zoometery is the ability to create new and unique creatures by combining two creatures together to come up with something freakishly cool. Do you mix a butterfly and a turtle or a lion with an armadillo or maybe a raccoon. The options are vast though you can only combine creatures that you currently own together so there is definitely a good out amount of time you can drop into this game to purchase new creatures in the efforts to cross-breed them. I also like that Gogii included some fabled characters like undead unicorns and dragons into the mix for some really bizarre creations.

Pet Zoometery, like many simulators is something that you can definitely sink some time into even if it’s for a few minutes on a lunch break or for longer sessions if you’re sitting at home for a relaxing evening after a hard day’s work. For those that would reap the rewards of a umm…unhealthy zoo, Pet Zoometery allows players to spend brains to make things like creating a family for your lion or grow food instantly. Brains don’t come easily so players can opt to spend real money via micro transactions for as little as $1.99 up to a substantial $100 dollars at a time to buy brains or Zomboleons to get you Zoometery up to snuff in no time.

Seeing how much time you can drop into Pet Zoometery, it helps that the game looks actually pretty good. For a game involving zombie animals, this is a surprisingly vibrant game with plenty of detail. The background art is pretty good featuring atmospheric effects like shadows of moving clouds as well as changing landscapes as you expand your unnatural zoo. I love the little details like tapping a Zoombie and watching it shed all its fur or fall apart and pull itself back together. The only part I found off-putting was when you slam the monkey if he fails to do a trick though I think this revolves around more around user error in getting the motions right than its error. Pet Zoometery is a fun and enjoyable zoo simulator though that is light-hearted and perfect for short or long play sessions by both kids and adults.

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