Titanic: A Space Between is Out Today on Meta Quest

The 2 brothers studio Globiss Interactive, in collaboration with publisher Boombox, is excited to announce that the highly anticipated VR time-travel horror thriller Titanic: A Space Between launches on Meta Quest store today at a price of 19.99 EUR | USD, PC VR and PS VR 2 versions will arrive in the coming months.

Titanic: A Space Between is a time-travel horror adventure where players get sent back to the RMS Titanic. With a focus on realism and immersion, the title provides an extensive mix of puzzles and escape mechanics interwoven in a riveting story.


  • Horrors of Time-travel: Become Hendrik van Eden, a specialist who gets sent back to the Titanic in order to uncover the mysterious disappearance of a previous traveler, Diana. Slowly uncover the truth about time-travel and the horrors that come along with it.
  • An Urgent Escape: Get thrown into the bowels of the Titanic, and use your wits to escape the ship, deck by deck. Solve countless puzzles and manipulate your environments in order to avoid the ever-rising water. Utilizing a weighted physics system, interactions feel natural and diverse.
  • Top-Of-The-Line Graphics: Experience the Titanic in all of her glory, utilizing top-level lighting and water systems. Through countless optimization and tricks, we’ve achieved a high-fidelity experience on the Quest that draws parallels to PC VR experiences.
  • Coming Soon: The Exploration Mode will allow fans of the legendary ship and history aficionados to freely explore the Titanic in a faithful recreation of the final hours before sinking at their own pace. This mode will include an option that will allow players see the water raising as they explore. This is the first time that such a large portion of the ship will be ready to explore in a VR experience and this high level of detail.

‘Titanic: A Space Between’ is an immersive story-driven horror title that sends players back to the infamous RMS Titanic, where they are forced to experience the sinking in a bizarre time-travel mishap. Set in a dystopian future where time-travel has been made possible, players take on the role of Hendrik van Eden, an investigator tasked with locating and rescuing a missing time-traveler named Diana, who went missing on the Titanic. As this multi-layered narrative unfolds, players slowly become witness to the horrors that are involved with time-travel and the Titanic’s sinking. Titanic: A Space Between mostly offers a mild horror experience, focused on the mysteries surrounding the Titanic and the cosmic horrors that are involved with time-travel. As players progress through the game, they will learn more about the past, involved characters, and the otherworldly motives behind the disasters that they experience. The game continuously switches between characters, allowing players to draw their own conclusions and experience the mishaps first-hand.

With top-tier graphics, Titanic: A Space Between aims to recreate the Titanic with a high level of accuracy and detail, while allocating creative room for engaging and complex puzzles. As players escape the ship, the game matches the timing, location and intensity of the sinking, based on the latest historical data available. Players are also able to witness most well-known areas of the Titanic, including the Grand Staircase, the boiler rooms, third class accommodations and much more. In order to facilitate a realistic experience, the game utilizes a complex water system that slowly fills up the hallways and cabins on the ship.

Author: Mark Smith
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