The Timeline of Tex

So, a long time ago, and I mean a LONG time ago, before there was internet (and I’m talking dial-up internet here), before there was texting, before there were hybrid cars and cell phones that didn’t look like giant bricks (unironically), there were streets. Mean Streets. And it ran on Commodore 64 and MS-DOS (if those words mean nothing to you, ask an old IT person what they are).

Click the image of the timeline to get the (spoiler-free) scoop on all the Tex Murphy titles from its humble beginnings in the old days of VGA graphics and 486 processors to the crisp 2k (twice as good as 1080p) FMV scenes from Tesla Effect.


Oh, and it would be remiss of us to not point out that you can try one of the older Tex titles right now FOR FREE with your pre-order. Check out the links for specific details: | Steam

Tex Murphy is the last of the hard-boiled private detectives living in dystopian post-World War III San Francisco in the year 2050. Tex is an honest and good-natured private investigator with a penchant for bourbon, cigarettes and getting himself into trouble.

Tesla Effect is a mystery 3D adventure game seamlessly blended with the Tex Murphy franchise’s renowned full-motion video (FMV) scenes.

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