The Horror Adventure Puzzler Paper Dolls 2 Comes to PS4 & PS5 with Digital Artwork and OST

Developed by Beijing Litchi Culture Media, the new horror adventure puzzler Paper Dolls 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today. Digital Artwork and OST bundle will also be available.

Prior to Paper Dolls 2, the protagonist Yang traveled through time and was trapped in a deserted mansion in the late Qing Dynasty. Yang’s only hope is to find his daughter and save her from this madness. In the new work, Yang traces his daughter’s footsteps onto the second floor of the mansion. As Yang gathers the clues one by one, he starts to understand the connections between each dead soul and the manor.

With realistic scenes, exquisitely carved decorations, and lingering character dialogues, the setting of the mansion is so alive. As the demons flash suddenly and chase after Yang, the players will most likely have a time of their lives.

Paper Doll 2 has a rich gameplay mechanism and challenging boss battles, making players go through a tense and oppressive experience. Paper Dolls 2 also increases the game’s difficulty, making exploration alone take about 10 hours of playing time. In addition, with improvements in level design, scene atmosphere, plot performance, animation, and sound effects, Beijing Litchi is ready to bring players into a heavy sense of immersion.

The Gold Edition includes the main game, digital artwork, and OST. Digital Artwork contains, not only the characters and setting of Paper Dolls 2, but also the VR and flat version of the game’s original model of the old mansion, showing the carefully crafted storyline. The OST has 18 soundtracks from the original title, Paper Dolls and Paper Dolls 2. The soundtrack follows the emotional journey of the protagonist, combining both classical Eastern instruments with pop, and rock music. It perfectly joins the eerie ancient mansion with a mysterious adventure.

Why is this ancient mansion been haunted by demons? What happened to the residents of this place? What is the connection between Yang and this old house? Overcome your fears and return to the mansion a hundred years ago to find out. Enjoy this thrilling and screaming journey with Yang in Paper Dolls 2.

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