Super Seducer 3 to Offer Raw And Real Dating Advice with Standard and ‘Uncut’ Versions

Renowned dating coach, writer, actor, producer, and modern-day love guru Richard La Ruina is pulling out all the stops on his upcoming — and final — installment in the Super Seducer videogame series. This time around, La Ruina is taking it back to the basics: serious seduction advice and realistic scenarios. No more side characters; no more shifting perspectives. In Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition, players will experience authentic situations, sincere and actually applicable dating advice based upon feedback from players of the first two games, and of course, way, way more foxy fun— including guest appearances from popular personalities Kandyland and NymN.

Raw and real, Super Seducer 3 is a no-holds-barred dating simulator that takes everything players loved about the first game and does away with all the catering to castigators and condemners who don’t appreciate the grounded, down-to-earth, practical, and pragmatic guidance that Richard La Ruina has to offer. With two versions available — censored and uncensored — Super Seducer 3 provides options for casual players and content creators to enjoy the game without breaking policies on popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube while keeping the mature themes, gameplay, and racy trappings the series is known for.

Super Seducer 3 waves goodbye to the other playable characters who weren’t very popular with fans, and brings back more of what players loved about the original: direct advice from the master, Richard La Ruina himself. The scenarios are also taking a step back from Super Seducer 2, providing far more grounded and realistic settings for players to flex those seduction skills. As well, certain controversial scenarios found in previous entries have been removed in order to take into account international audiences and markets and respect cultural differences.

“This is my final and ultimate edition of the Super Seducer franchise,” said La Ruina. “I’m now a married man looking forward to spending more time with my family, but want to impart the rest of my wisdom and experience in the best possible format, and Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition is the perfect vessel. It’s back to basics and what made the original Super Seducer such a hit.”

Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition is the culmination of La Ruina’s experience as not only a massively successful dating coach and entrepreneur, but as a producer and developer with two successful titles under his belt — with lifetime Steam unit sales of over 410,000 for the previous Super Seducer games and their DLCs. This is the ultimate dating simulation game, taking the FMV genre to the next level, and providing a real service with sincere and useful advice to players. Computer casanovas will hone their amorous artistry in real-world situations like the Supermarket (look at all those suggestive fruits and vegetables) and the Gym (everyone needs a spotter).

Super Seducer 3: GOTY Edition releases on Windows PC and Mac via Steam on February 12, 2021, for $12.99 USD. Learn more and add the game to your Steam wishlist here.

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