Super Mega Baseball 3 New Features Revealed & Launch Update

The MLB season may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your baseball fix right now. Today, Metalhead Software released a video showcasing new features in Super Mega Baseball 3, including a deep dive into the new Franchise mode that contains deep team and player management, upgrades to the existing modes, new content and customization options, and more. In addition, Metalhead has announced an SMB2 Team Import tool, which will allow users to import their custom rosters from SMB2 to use in SMB3.

The sequel to the award-winning baseball franchise, Super Mega Baseball 3 will release with cross-platform play on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam for $44.99 USD. Last month, Metalhead announced the game’s launch for April 2020. Industry-wide changes due to COVID-19 have led to some logistical delays in the game’s release. However, Metalhead is not ready to announce a change from the April window yet, but is optimistic that if there is a delay it will be minor.

Super Mega Baseball 3 will have the deepest on-field simulation yet, comprehensive online and offline game modes including a brand new Franchise mode, and vastly refined graphics. In addition, Super Mega Baseball 3 offers a revamped user interface plus tons of new audio, team/character content, and stadiums with variable lighting conditions. All this with the same easy-to-learn gameplay that scales seamlessly from beginner to super mega levels of difficulty, as well as the continued ability to hit batters and knockout pitchers.

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