‘Rising Star 2’ Talks Guitars And Ponytails In Latest Customization Trailers

Want to look the part in your rock band? Then you’ll be needing an awesome guitar and haircut. Gilligames’ rock ‘n’ roll band sim, Rising Star 2, has released two new videos showcasing its latest customization options.

Whether it’s a Gibson Flying V, Le Paul Classic or Gretsch Duo Jet, every guitar is up for grabs. Not only can you collect and have your band perform with them, but you’ll also get to put them on display for all to see.

If you’re going to get gigs however, you’ll need to fine-tune your image, not just your guitar strings. With a wide range of hairstyles to choose from, from long locks to a messy top, you’ll be able to get the perfect cut.

As a solo development project, the long-awaited sequel to ‘Shady O’Grady’s™ Rising Star’ is a labor of love. As the rock equivalent of Football Manager, Rising Star 2 lets you customize your band, pick your set list, trash hotel rooms, rent your first digs, and secure a manager: it’s down to you to decide how your path to stardom plays out.

Interview opportunities are available, key requests are open, and you can find all the latest videos showcasing Rising Star 2’s awesome guitar gallery, here.

Key Features: 

  • A dynamic musician attitude system (DMAS) to recruit compatible musicians and kick out musicians that no longer get along.
  • Hiring managers to find recording contracts, endorsements, and book individual gigs or entire tours.
  • Full customization of a band’s appearance with thousands of combinations of hairstyles, makeup, and clothing.
  • Customizing the band’s van appearance with more than 80 different paint jobs.
  • Purchase and own a variety of houses to call home that can be upgraded and decorated to your liking.
  • Living the classic rockstar life by trashing hotels & motels for inspiration and fun.
  • Choosing from 600 different types of equipment to see what works best for the band.
  • Booking venues and tours across more than 130 cities in the United States.
  • Thousands of locations to explore including homes, bars, theaters, stadiums, clothing stores, music stores, studios, hotels, art galleries, print shops, manager offices, garages, parks, cemeteries, and hospitals.

Rising Star 2 is set to launch on Steam on August 12th, 2020. Players can wishlist the game here, and follow its development on Facebook.

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