Retrace Your History with Tex Murphy

Retrace Your History and Fulfill the Destiny of Tesla’s Legacy with Tex Murphy

San Francisco, 2050. Tex Murphy, a small-time private investigator has a big case to crack: find out what happened to the last seven years of his life! Check out the launch trailer for Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, the full-motion video adventure game, presented in glorious 2K resolution! (That’s better than 1080p, if you’re the kind that keeps track of those things.)

Tesla Effect will be available on April 22 for PC and Mac, so follow these links for pre-order information!

Tex Murphy is the last of the hard-boiled private detectives living in dystopian post-World War III San Francisco in the year 2050. Tex is an honest and good-natured private investigator with a penchant for bourbon, cigarettes and getting himself into trouble.

Tesla Effect is a mystery 3D adventure game seamlessly blended with the Tex Murphy franchise’s renowned full-motion video (FMV) scenes.

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