Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and Open House Games release today a dev diary video where the 3-person studio explains the origins of the game as well as their inspirations and goals. A Tale of Paper, the winner of the V PlayStation®Talents Awards, will be released on October 21st. The game will be available digital-only and exclusively on PS4™ at the PlayStation Store for €14.99 / $14.99. A Tale of Paper is an emotional adventure of a paper-made boy who will use origami to fulfill his creator’s dream.

Can a dream transcend its owner? This is the question that Open House Games wanted to explore in A Tale of Paper. In a new trailer, players can further explore the world of A Tale of Paper, an adventure where Line can transform into multiple figures in order to avoid obstacles and enemies in this textless adventure that combines platforming sections with puzzle solving. Instead of power-ups, Line will use origami to overcome every obstacle on its way, shapeshifting to different forms that will allow it to face every challenge on its way. 


  • Help a fragile and endearing paper to fulfill the dream of his creator. Embark on an adventure of loss and hope through the eyes of Line, a paper-made boy who magically came to live. Assist him to escape from unusual dangers and bring him the strength he will need to reach the end of his journey.
  • Use origami to overcome obstacles. Master Line’s origami transformations to reach new levels, solve light puzzles and complete platforming sequences.
  • Discover our world from a different perspective. Experience a super-sized world through the eyes of a small paper-made boy.
  • An experience without text. You will live the story through the world and its objects. Explore a variety of levels each with its own ambiance and story to tell. Remember that visuals can be more powerful than words…

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