Portal Knights Coming to Console with PS4 and Xbox One Free Trial on April 20

Gamers looking to get a jump on the May 23 console launch of Portal Knights will be able to begin their adventure on April 20 as award-winning publisher 505 Games and developer Keen Games announced the launch of a pre-release trial for the 3D action-packed sandbox role-playing game (RPG) Portal Knights. The trial will be available to download for free in the PlayStation Store or Xbox Games Market, and allows players to create characters and begin exploring the world, with the ability to transfer save data to the full retail version at launch.

505 Games and Keen Games also confirmed the launch date for digital and retail editions of the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Portal Knights – now set to launch in North America on May 23 and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on May 19.

The free trial version of Portal Knights will provide newcomers and hardcore fans an early taste of the game’s immersive world with the ability to craft, battle and build an entirely unique adventure in Portal Knights’ randomly generated worlds. Magic, monsters and mystery awaits in dungeons and castles across more than 40 unique islands as players encounter epic boss battles and enjoy both single and two-player cooperative multiplayer gameplay.

Players who pre-order Portal Knights will receive exclusive bonus content for the PS4 and Xbox One version if purchased through participating retailers. Players can check with their local retailer for specific pre-order offering. For more information, please visit www.portalknights.com.

The features available in the free trial of Portal Knights will include:

  • Character Creation: Choose between ranger, mage and warrior and customize avatar appearance through a powerful editor. Explore the levelling up and skills system to forge a unique Portal Knight and assign it a companion pet which will join in the adventure.
  • Learn the Basics: Hone tactical combat skills by facing fearsome blobs during the day and deadly hollow knights who come out only at night. Harness the deep crafting system and use mined resources to make new equipment and armor. Take the first step towards a homely big castle by renovating your dilapidated farmhouse and growing crops. Explore the island for a dungeon filled with skeletons and treasure, in your hunt for portal shards to open the gate to the next island.
  • Single Player and Co-Op: The trial version let’s players to experience the game both in single and in multiplayer thanks to the co-op offline mode for two-player split screen. Join forces to build structures, explore dungeons, defeat monsters, complete quests, trade items on the first island.
  • Transfer in-game progress to the full game: The free trial save data can be transferred to the full game once released, so players can continue their adventure from where they left off!

Download the free Portal Knights trial for PS4 and Xbox One on April 20. Portal Knights will available for purchase in Europe, the Middle East and Africa on May 19 and in North America on May 23.

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