Physics based coop game Biped launching on Switch today

Independent developer NExT Studios and META Publishing have announced that their award-winning, critically acclaimed co-op puzzle adventure game, Biped, is now available digitally on Nintendo Switch™ via the Nintendo eShop for [£ 11.46 for UK and $ 12.74  for USA (15% discount included)]. Winner of Indiecade Europe’s 2019 Audience Choice award and Indie Prize’s Best Game Design in Asia award, Biped’s launch on Switch has been eagerly anticipated by Nintendo fans since the game’s release on Steam and PS4 earlier this year.

“Biped on Switch was carefully developed with the platform’s unique features in mind,” states [Dong Ding, producer] of NExT Studios. “Family and friends can enjoy the game’s fun physics-based mechanics and laugh about all the shenanigans they get themselves into from nearly anywhere around the world. We can’t wait for co-op fans to pass around their Joy-Cons and discover Aku and Sila’s adventures together.”

In Biped, players are tasked with guiding cute robot companions Aku and Sila on a physics-based quest to prevent the Earth from going dark. Fans manipulate each automaton’s legs individually to navigate environments, uncover secrets, collect treasures, and conquer puzzles. Challenges range from chopping wood to swinging across mountainsides.

Across the journey, players will find themselves exploring lush forests, wide valleys, and futuristic utopias as they activate planetary beacons and save the world from impending doom. As if our robot partners weren’t cute enough, fans can customize each character’s look however they like. Who doesn’t love matching outfits?

Key features: 

  • Innovative and simple controls. Players control each robot’s leg separately. This allows fans to walk, slide, and even operate machinery.
  • Share screen co-op. Players can enjoy the adventure solo or grab a friend or a family member for local co-op mode. Coordination and communication are the keys to overcoming some of Biped’s most challenging puzzles.
  • Explore fun environments. Fans will be able to explore a variety of beautiful locations, including forests, valleys, waterfalls, and icy mountains.

Biped is now available on Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop for [£ 11.46 for UK and $ 12.74  for USA (15% off included)]. The game is also available on Steam and PS4 via the PlayStation Store.

Author: Mark Smith
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