Override 2: Super Mech League – ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition Announced

Publisher Modus Games in partnership with Tsuburaya Productions, creator of the Japanese superhero ULTRAMAN Series, and author of the 2019 ULTRAMAN anime on Netflix, today announced Override 2: Super Mech League – ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition.

This oversized offering includes:

  • The Override 2: Super Mech League game
  • The ULTRAMAN Season Pass bringing four iconic fighters from Netflix’s ULTRAMAN series to Override 2
  • Additional ULTRAMAN cosmetic items for use in-game

Pre-orders are now available for $39.99 at retail ahead of a December 2020 launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate this illustrious collaboration, consumers can save $5 on Amazon with pre-order.

Override 2: Super Mech League – ULTRAMAN Deluxe Edition will expand the game’s core 20-mech roster with four key characters from Netflix’s most watched anime series of 2019: Shinjiro Hayata wearing the iconic ULTRAMAN Suit, the mysterious Bemular, Dan Moroboshi donning the ULTRAMAN Suit ver7, and the incredibly powerful alien Black King.

Packing a varied roster of charismatic powerhouses with distinct abilities, a massive Career Mode, new maps and ways to play, as well as a trove of unlockable customization options, Override 2: Super Mech League is a skyscraper-sized evolution of the original game’s accessible but deep party brawling action.

For all things Override 2: Super Mech League, jet over to the game’s official site (http://www.override2.com/) where brawlers eager to throw the first punch can also sign up to join the game’s Steam beta. For a supersized update on Modus Games’ full lineup, head over to https://modusgames.com, join the Discord channel (modus.games/discord), and follow @Modus_Games on Twitter.

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