Outer Wilds Now Available on Xbox One and the Epic Games Store

Outer Wilds, an exploration game about curiosity, roasting marshmallows, and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos, is now available for Xbox One and PC via the Epic Games Store for $24.99. Developed by LA-based Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive, the title explores space and time in an endless loop, with the ultimate goal of understanding the world in which the game is set.

Outer Wilds is a first-person space simulator game that rewards players’ curiosity. The alpha version of the title previously won the Seamus McNally Grand Prize and Excellence in Design awards at the 2015 Independent Games Festival.

Key Features

  • From planets and moons to alien structures and spacecraft, discover the mysteries of this hand-crafted, fully dynamic solar system.
  • Play as the newest recruit of Outer Wilds Ventures, a fledgling space program searching for answers in a strange, constantly evolving solar system.
  • The planets of Outer Wilds are packed with hidden locations that change with the passage of time. Visit an underground city before it’s swallowed by sand, or explore the surface of a planet as it crumbles beneath your feet.
  • Use a variety of unique gadgets to probe your surroundings, track down mysterious signals, decipher ancient alien writing, and roast the perfect marshmallow.

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