Outbreak: Epidemic now available on Nintendo Switch

The latest co-op survival horror game from Dead Drop StudiosOutbreak: Epidemic – is launching today on Nintendo Switch.

The most polished, biggest Outbreak game yet, Outbreak: Epidemic is dripping with scares, heavy atmosphere, and the nearly endless replayability players come to expect from the Outbreak series.

Each of the other four titles in the franchise – the original Outbreak, Outbreak: The New NightmareOutbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles and Outbreak: Lost Hope – are expected to hit Nintendo’s console in a few weeks.

Outbreak: Epidemic is powered by the next-generation Outbreak engine and includes the Campaign, Onslaught, and Experiments modes from the Steam version – all sporting classic tough-as-nails gameplay for true survival horror aficionados.

On the Nintendo Switch, players will face the nightmare up close through over-the-shoulder combat and exploration in a fully-optimized port that makes the most out of Nintendo’s portable console – leveraging Joy-Con controllers, the console’s touchscreen, and HD Rumble!

  • Quality Mode/Frame Rate Mode (Options Menu): Quality mode features higher quality graphics with full dynamic shadows. Frame rate mode turns off full dynamic shadows thus greatly improving frame rate across the board.
  • Portable Gameplay: The only game in the Outbreak series to be playable on a handheld device. The full content is here, uncut.
  • Tabletop 2-Player Co-Op: Play through the game with a friend in tabletop mode – or together in docked full-screen mode – using Joy-Con controllers. The Switch Pro Controller is supported as well!

Outbreak: Epidemic is now available on the Nintendo Switch for $12.74 (15% off). On October 28, the game will return to its original MSRP of $14.99.

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