Navigate through physics-based circuit puzzles in ‘The Long Gate’ on Steam

The Long Gate, a futuristic first-person quantum-mechanics puzzle game launched today on Steam for PC and Linux. In this sci-fi puzzler, players must learn to apply three types of circuit puzzles to solve perplexing puzzles wound through ancient and mysterious caverns, climaxing in the incredibly challenging 4 Qubit quantum computer circuit puzzle. As players progress, they discover that they aren’t totally alone here either. Machine remnants of the creators survive here in solitude and attempt to request the player’s help.

The Long Gate brings a non-linear style of problem-solving. Players have the ability to chase puzzles in any order they choose and can experiment with the three types of circuit-based puzzles: digital, analog, and quantum. Many puzzles can be solved in multiple ways, and completing each level reveals something new about the past of the ancient beings that created them.

The full list of game features includes:

  • 3 main types of puzzles: digital, analog, and quantum circuits with an optional hints mode.
  • Open exploration where players can explore the caverns and complete puzzles in almost any order they choose.
  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric scenery.
  • A mysterious story told through interactions with enigmatic creatures.
  • A mesmerizing original soundtrack by musician Nick Newman.

The Long Gate is available for Steam on PC and Linux for $19.99 with a 10 percent launch day discount. A Mac version will be available at a later time.

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