Developer Pharos Interactive today announced that their adventure puzzle game Kredolis will launch on PC for Steam on September 27th and consoles later this year.

Kredolis is an upcoming first-person puzzle adventure game with stunningly colorful graphics. Having been shipwrecked on an unsunken abandoned island that was once part of Atlantis, players must solve a myriad of mystical puzzles and contraptions to discover the mystery of its former inhabitants.

“After growing up playing adventure/puzzle games like Myst I noticed that there weren’t many like it these days. It inspired me to create Kredolis, which brings back the vibe and sense of mystery those kinds of games used to have. I want players to experience an adventure full of stories and puzzles to solve, on a colorful and mysterious island.” the solo developer says when asked about his inspiration behind creating the game.

Kredolis is the studio’s debut title and combines puzzles and exploration with a narrated storyline set in a stunning world.

Kredolis is one of five indie titles funded under the Bright Gambit Initiative revealed earlier this year. Bright Gambit was launched in January 2022 with the aim to support small indie games by helping them to fund their debut titles.

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Author: Mark Smith
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