Morocco Mayhem as DIRT 5 Takes the Desert by ‘Sand’-Storm

Deep Silver recently released a new look at how DIRT 5’s extreme dynamic weather can transform a race, and its example of the weather’s power to switch up the challenge is too good to not share.

This gameplay showcases super-light machines barrelling through a gorgeous recreation of Morocco and battling through an ever-approaching sandstorm (no, not that one) which engulfs the circuit mid-race. Watch the storm roll in and see how it demands adaptability from DIRT 5’s competitors

Available across multiple locations in the game, Land Rush events in DIRT 5 like this Moroccan race bring off-road terrain and extreme routes for rough-and-ready cars, testing the versatility of drivers eager to make a name for themselves.

“Nothing demonstrates our dynamic weather better than a Morocco sand-storm,” said DIRT 5 Development Director Robert Karp. “Being visually impaired and battling the elements means players must retain focused if they’re to taste victory.

“DIRT 5 takes advantage of Smart Delivery across Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S – meaning players always get the best, most optimised DIRT 5 experience.”

DIRT 5 will release on Nov. 6 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It will also reach Xbox Series S/X on Nov. 10, followed by PlayStation 5 at a later date. A Google Stadia Version will release in early 2021.

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