Madden NFL 15 Gauntlet Video

Some late breaking news for Madden NFL 15 – justreleased, here is a new video highlighting The Gauntlet. This brand-new mode challenges fans in the ultimate test of skill to see if they can conquer 40 levels of increasingly difficult challenges. Every five levels players have to take on a boss battle, which will present the game in a completely unique way. For instance, in your very first boss encounter you’ll be challenged to kick a 110 yard field goal in 220 mph winds! How is that even possible? Jump into The Gauntlet and find out for yourself.

The Gauntlet is available as part of Skills Trainer in Madden NFL 15, which has received a major upgrade of its own. This year Skills Trainer will feature 48 different tutorials, drills and challenges, encompassing not only tradition in-game skills, but football strategy as well. Players can learn basic concepts like what a Cover 2 defense actually is, as well as what kinds of plays are designed to beat it. This expansion of Skills Trainer provides something for almost everyone, from brand-new Madden NFL players to 25-year vets. Once you’ve mastered Skills Trainer, put your newfound knowledge to the test in The Gauntlet!

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