Learn How to Overcome Societal Boundaries with Cross-Cultural Dating in Super Seducer 2

Following a spotlight on the female cast and crew of Super Seducer 2 — the inclusive sequel to Steam’s first live-action dating sim — we are excited to share with you another important topic of love that deserves to be explored: cross-cultural dating and relationships. Renowned dating-guru Richard La Ruina and co-star Charlotte Jones will tackle this and other important topics in the much-anticipated sequel to the best-selling Windows PC game, Super Seducer.

In an effort to be more true-to-life and inclusive, Super Seducer 2 diversified its cast and crew to truly reflect that of the real dating world. A taboo subject often questioned but rarely discussed are the challenges and hurdles that are faced during cross-cultural dating — namely insensitivity, bigotry or, simply, innocent naivety. From offhand “jokes” and light-hearted teasing to micro-aggressions, Super Seducer 2 aims to teach that if one is in a romantic scenario with someone of a different culture, nationality or ethnicity than their own, it doesn’t mean that hurtful biases won’t reveal themselves.

British-Chinese actor Benjamin Lok (Friday Night Dinner, Holmes and Watson, Sick(er)) joins the Super Seducer 2 cast as a protagonist in Chapter 3 which was designed under the consultation of ABC’s of Attraction founder JT Tran — America’s #1 Asian Dating Coach and premiere social coach for people of color. With JT’s help, the teachings on display are as genuine as possible, designed to encourage players of various ethnic backgrounds to be their most confident, unapologetically authentic selves — as to bring down barriers of cultural misunderstanding when it comes to interracial dating. Super Seducer 2 also features an entire chapter in spoken Mandarin language, and additional starring roles by Juliette Ocaro in Chapter 3, Stefanie Otuya Onaka in Chapter 8 and Irfan Mahmoud Nazir in Chapter 7. With a movie like Crazy Rich Asians becoming the #1 movie in the USA — a first of its kind film in the last 25 years — it’s clear that representation matters, especially in romantic fiction.

“The first Super Seducer was filmed in Eastern Europe, so the casting was admittedly lacking diversity,” said Richard La Ruina, creator of Super Seducer 2. “We didn’t make a game for one type of person or for just one gender. Super Seducer’s players were from all around the world, and we wanted to reflect that and what the real dating world is like in the sequel. Our fans in China, which was among the top three countries for our player base, will be particularly happy to see Super Seducer 2’s China level, which features our newest stars and your’s truly speaking (and singing) in Mandarin!”

“With over 10 years of experience in coaching, I’ve helped thousands of men of color face both their fear of rejection as well as how to deal with racism when it shows up in dating,” said JT Tran. “For example, for some Western-born Asian men, growing up in the West can affect their confidence as the Hollywood media has shown us to be second-class social citizens. Or even when a mainland Asian man travels to the West, there are a whole host of potential misunderstandings and dating faux pas from both genders.”

He continued, “It was great consulting with Richard on Super Seducer 2  — who showed cultural sensitivity and a growing understanding about men of color — because I was able to show players that these feelings of internalized racism are self-defeating. And with the right confidence, masculine attitude, and key components, men of color could overpower stereotypes, prejudices, and racism when it comes to attracting women. Be successful BECAUSE you’re an Asian man, not in spite of it.”

Super Seducer 2 is a more diverse and considerate game thanks to the work of a vibrant cast and crew. Despite the controversy surrounding the original Super Seducer, the game went on to be a hit, selling over 85,000 copies on Steam. The game will be available for purchase on Steam for Windows PC on September 12, 2018, for $12.99 USD. Add the game to your Steam wishlist.

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