Humanity Makes a Comeback on Consoles in Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition

Survive and thrive from the comfort of your couch with Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition, the console version of the award-winning indie survival city-builder. Available May 19th, Endzone invites players to set forth on a mission to renew and fortify the last remaining colony of humans on Earth after over 100 years of nuclear holocaust.

Boasting over 5,300 positive reviews on Steam, Endzone – A World Apart sees to it that players face every realistic triumph and downfall that comes with rebuilding society from the ground up amidst a radioactive wasteland. Colony denizens face realistic and terrifying crises like radioactive soil, scarce clean water supplies, and tumultuous and deadly storms. Despite these foreseen challenges, successful missions, resource gathering, and well-kept infrastructure result in ultimate prosperity…if the right choices are made.

Key Features: 

🎮 Specially geared and optimized for controllers – provides for a comfortable and accessible gameplay experience

🏗️ With more than 90 different buildings to construct and maintain, including power stations, shelters, water treatment plants, and, unfortunately, cemeteries, settlement architects have a vast selection of structures from which to create a flourishing civilization

🗺️ To get fresh supplies and learn new information, scouting parties must engage in Expeditions — which involve leaving the safety of the colony and venturing out into the dangerous wasteland to scavenge valuable resources

☢️ Keep those iodine pills handy, as Endzone features realistic radiation and humidity values that force players to take into account important details about the soil in which they grow their crops and the environments they raise children and livestock

Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition launches digitally on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 19, 2022.

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