Gorgeous Hand-Drawn Adventure Puzzler TOHU Out Now

Publisher The Irregular Corporation (Murder By Numbers) and developer Fireart Games are proud to announce that gorgeous adventure-puzzler game TOHU  launches today on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. TOHU is available now for $14.99, with an additional 10% launch discount for players on PC, Switch, Stadia, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (PS+ members only).

Accompanying the game’s release is a brand new launch trailer which details the planet-trotting journey that players will embark on during TOHU. The adventure begins when The Girl’s peaceful world of the fish planets is disturbed by a strange, shadowy creature. With chaos its only intention, The Stranger destroys the sacred engine that is the key to this world – and now all life on the fish planets is under threat. Armed with nothing but her wits and a giant mechanical alter-ego, she’ll go on a quirky journey that will take her to strange environments and unexpected locales.

Set to a soundtrack by Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight), TOHU combines visual storytelling with a lush, engaging musical composition. On The Girl’s unforgettable journey to save the world you’ll come across eccentric characters such as Juncle, your forgetful friend and former caregiver, and The Broker, a highbrow trader who lives in a bathtub.

In TOHU, the player can swap between The Girl and Cubus at any time to harness their unique abilities, but keep your wits about you: mystery lurks around every corner and you’ll need to plan, strategize and find creative solutions to intriguing puzzles to proceed. Whether it’s a search for critters needed to power your expanse-traversing fly-ship, or learning how to fire a cannon filled with moustachioed moles, TOHU is packed with an array of quirky and challenging conundrums to overcome.

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