Go full throttle with real physics driving game Drift Type C, out now on Steam Early Access

Indie developer Jonworks Interactive has brought its real physics driving game Drift Type C to Steam Early Access for $19.99. To celebrate this, a new high octane Gameplay trailer has gone live showing off some of the 50 real spec cars, 100 miles of track, 13 bosses, and a level editor on offer. Drift Type C brings a complete, authentic driving experience without any micro-transactions, air control, nitrous, or brake assist.

This Early Access period is so players can give feedback about what to add before releasing the finished version in a few months’ time. Potential upcoming features include: traffic, steering wheel support with force feedback, vehicle models that better resemble their real-life counterparts, an easier difficulty setting, and expanded tutorial, AI improvements, additional surfaces to drive on, and car modifications, among others. What features sound most important to you? Visit the Steam page to see the full list.

Your journey in Drift Type C will take you across 9 biomes, as you compete against 13 warriors and 13 ghosts to free the God of Time. To aid you in your quest, the God of Time gives you the Hypervesicle, an item that slows down your race timer every time you pull off a successful drift. Master it and set a two second lap time in a two-minute race!

“In truth, drifting isn’t usually the fastest way to drive, but it is the coolest. Other racing games try to get around this by making drifting faster, but that totally goes against the supposedly realistic physics that they pride themselves on,” said game director, programmer and writer Jonathan C. Haman. “Drift Type C doesn’t change physics to be more realistic, but time itself! Our unique Hypervesicle mechanic lets players pull off super slick drifts while setting a superior score on the race timer. We’ve also included loads of fine turns that really encourage players to master the art of drifting!”

Drift Type C specializes in hyper realistic car specs offering a detailed handling model for everything from power to weight, to differential setup, to factory tire compound and alignment settings. While the physics may be real, the variety of activities on offer is limited only by your imagination. Drift Type C features: off-roading, multi-stage rally races, dorifuto batadu, driving on trays, flagging, delivering tofu, DIY Space Gymkhana, texting while driving, or driving a bus for some reason. All this can be done in daytime or night through assorted weather conditions. You can even try your hand at driving in an alternate realm with different air density affecting aerodynamics. If you can dream it, you can drive it!

Drift Type C offers a massive sandbox featuring a hybrid-procedurally generated world that curates over 100 miles of road. And if you want even more, you can go into Creative Mode and make your own roads, cities, and events. With over 20 terrain surfaces, each offering their own particle and skid effects and traction profiles, the possibilities are endless!

Author: Mark Smith
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