Geometry Survivor Out Now

Independent games development studio Brain Seal Ltd. announces that Geometry Survivor is now available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 5 & 4. 

Geometry Survivor is a rogue-lite auto-shooter game set in a grid world where players must fight waves of geometry ships for 20 minutes. 

With one-hand gameplay and automatic weapons firing, the game offers unique weapon combinations, credits for permanent upgrades, various enemies with individual AI, and retro visuals and music reminiscent of the 80s, providing intense and enjoyable gameplay.


  • One-hand gameplay: Use just one hand to control the direction of your ship.
  • Auto-Shooter: Your weapons fire automatically, letting you concentrate on staying alive.
  • Weapons: Each run allows you to get a unique combination of weapons.
  • Credits: Earn credits and permanently unlock new upgrades.
  • Enemies: Enjoy the multitude of enemies each with their own AI.
  • 20 minutes of intense gameplay.
  • Retro visuals and music straight from the 80s.
  • Delicious gameplay!

Author: Mark Smith
I've been an avid gamer since I stumbled upon ZORK running in my local Radio Shack in 1980. Ten years later I was working for Sierra Online. Since then I've owned nearly every game system and most of the games to go with them. Not sure if 40+ years of gaming qualifies me to write reviews, but I do it anyway.

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