Generation Zero’s New FNIX Rising Expansion Launches Today on Steam

Systemic Reaction, a creative division of Avalanche Studios Group, has released FNIX Rising, the second expansion for the atmospheric first-person guerilla action game Generation Zero. Further developing the story of Generation Zero while introducing new content and game world updates, FNIX Rising is available today for $7.99 on PC via Steam.

Six weeks have passed since the events of Alpine Unrest, and players now face a new landscape filled with ominous structures the machines have built for unknown purposes. FNIX Rising features:

  • 10 main missions with new NPCs
  • 10 additional side missions
  • New Harvester class, challenge tree, melee weapons, collectibles and outfits

FNIX Rising also features new content free for all players, including:

  • World revamps to the South Coast and Farmland regions
  • Four new apparel crafting levels
  • Two melee weapons
  • A bonus challenge tree

Set in a version of 1980s Sweden where hostile machines have replaced the populace, Generation Zero lets you explore a huge open world on your own or with up to three friends in co-op. Discover what happened to the people, take on challenging missions, and combine your weapons, skills and gear to fight back against the machines. The Generation Zero team has consistently added new improvements and fixes to the game based on community feedback since its release in 2019, which continues with this latest expansion.

FNIX Rising will launch on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One later this summer. For more information, visit

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