GC Live Plays Destiny BETA

Welcome to the Destiny Beta.  We are going to be playing a LOT of this game over the next week or so and we plan to live stream and record all of our adventures and append them to this Destiny Beta Playlist.  New episodes will be added daily (or every other day) so keep checking back or better yet, bookmark the playlist link on our YouTube channel.

If you want to watch us play LIVE we broadcast nightly starting at 10pm EST.  We are also giving away Destiny Beta codes in our live chat window during these show…codes like this one for the PS4:


first come first serve on this and all codes so pay attention and type fast.

So click the image to watch our show archives and join us for our live shows every night at 10pm EST to see the game played LIVE and win free stuff!

Click to watch the entire Destiny BETA live stream series.

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