Game Chronicles changes direction for 2021


After four years of live streaming we are shifting our focus to pre-recorded video content starting this week.  While our GC AfterDark channel saw moderate success it became clear that trying to sync the time when I could stream a game and viewers could watch that stream was nearly impossible.  90% of our video views were from the archived streams, so it became increasingly irrelevant to try and connect with viewers in real-time…especially when that time was often after midnight for many viewers.

I’ll still be doing the occasional live stream show, probably on Saturday’s, but moving forward most all of our weekly video content will be recorded and edited offline and then uploaded to YouTube.  This will allow me to play/record much more content, as I will no longer be limited to certain nights and times to create that content.  It will also allow me to create higher quality videos since I can record much higher bitrate than I can stream.

The YouTube channel and Twitter feed have already been re-branded.  Since we are no longer following a broadcast schedule make sure to Subscribe and click the Notify bell on our YouTube channel so you get alerts to new content and follow on Twitter @GCLiveTV for real-time channel updates and livestream alerts.

Look for more exciting changes coming soon as we approach our 25th anniversary this November, and thanks to all our viewers/readers for keeping all of us busy for a quarter-century.

Mark Smith, EiC