FuturLab’s new PS Vita game Surge Deluxe is coming to the PS Store on February 4th.

Surge Deluxe is the native PS Vita version of the PlayStation Mobile game Surge.  Critical updates have been made in response to feedback from players of Surge. The gaming forum NeoGAF provided much of the feedback as the community embraced Surge and demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for the mechanics way beyond anything we could have anticipated.  Check out the Vita trailer.

Updates include:

  • 100% Colour blind friendly – Each coloured block now has a unique shape that allows colour blind players to compete on a level playing field.
  • High end game play is more rewarding – The scoring system has been redesigned to better reward advanced players and allow them to show off their quick thinking and combo skills on the leader boards.
  • New blocks:- New types of bonus blocks have been introduced that allow players to strategically clear the board and create massive combo-chains, but only if they’re quick enough!
  • New modes:- Puzzle mode features 15 puzzles that tests the players understanding of the game, and lets them compete against their friends and the rest of the world for the fastest clearance times.
  • New Soundtrack!- As with all FuturLab games, the sound track is key to creating the right atmosphere.  With this in mind, we’ve brought Joris de Man (the award winning composer who made his name on the Killzone series) on board for Surge Deluxe, and he’s created a little slice of bleepy, bouncy, FuturLectro heaven that perfectly complements the electrifying game play.

FuturLab’s new PS Vita game Surge Deluxe is coming to the PS Store on February 4th.


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