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Have you been looking for a fresh new way to express yourself?  Then you might want to head over to and check out some of the coolest t-Shirts on the planet.    Founded in 2007, Design By Humans is much more than your typical t-shirt outlet or online store.   It is a community of both artists and lovers of art where thoughts and ideas can be visually expressed, only instead of having your art on canvas and hung in some trendy gallery, your vision can now be placed on a quality t-shirt and the world becomes your gallery.

You can choose from thousands of designs by respected artists from around the world who are all part of the DBH Collective, and in most cases these artists will have their own store, so when you find a particular designer you like it’s easy to keep up on their future projects.   And if for some impossible reason you can’t find anything you like on the DBH store you can always design your own t-shirt, and if it becomes popular enough you may be invited to join the DBH Collective yourself.

I’ve been a member of the gaming press for over 14 years now and have accumulated hundreds of t-shirts in that time, but those are usually just game logos or character art, etc.  When I was asked to pick and choose a few shirts from the DBH catalog for this article I was blown away by the sheer vastness of the offerings available.  I immediately searched for “game” related shirts and found that there weren’t that many, which just forced me to think outside the box when making my selections shown below.

My first choice was the Limited Edition – Gateway, which gave off a distinct Twilight Zone vibe as well as the only t-shirt that was remotely gaming related, both as a Portal reference and a Half-Life visual nod to the mysterious Man in Black.  Serenity Browncoats is probably my favorite of the bunch, as I am a huge Firefly fan, and if I ever do go to a convention I can represent in style with this awesome t-shirt of the captain riding his ship like a bucking bronco; a great mix of Wild West and eastern culture combined.  Eastern Sunset was the only impulse selection of the four.  I love sailboats and I love sunsets and this has both.  Ironically, when I’m wearing it, I don’t get to enjoy the imagery but everyone else does, and so far this shirt has received the most comments.   Cthulhu Rises popped off the webpage with its bold black and gold depiction of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s darkest creations that just so happens to be a pop-culture favorite of one of my senior staff writers.

I was impressed with both the quality of the t-shirts (100% cotton) as well as the prices, which range from $9-24, not to mention the ease of finding exactly what you want thanks to the brilliantly design website that lets you sort and filter by popular categories, price, color, size, and styles.  Whether you are looking to create your own t-shirts or express yourself through any of the visionary artists currently contributing to the DBH Collective, you really need to check out Design By Humans, join their community, and stay on top of the coolest tends in fashion art.   DBH is much more than an online store.  It is an art gallery that will unlock your imagination and blow your mind.

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