Cyberpunk RPG DEX out on Switch

QubicGames and Dreadlocks Ltd is happy to announce that DEX, the stylish, 2D open -world Cyberpunk RPG is now out on the Nintendo Switch across the globe. A brand new story trailer was released to mark the occasion.

Welcome to Dystopia

DEX is a cyberpunk infused, 2D side scrolling action-RPG with a metroidvania twist. Play as Dex, a mysterious blue-haired girl on a mission to take down the powerful and enigmatic organization that rules the city of Harbour Prime.

The game comes with fully voiced characters, branching storylines and quests, multiple endings and a wide spectrum of upgrades and skills to custom fit four distinct playstyles – silent assassin, gunfighter, diplomat or hacker. Blur the line between being human and “cyborg” by installing augmentations that grant you superhuman abilities and open up new paths in Harbour Prime like classic Metroidvania titles.

Owner Discount till August 6th, 2020

Players who own any QubicGames title can get 25% of DEX if they buy it before August 6th.

Get Akane for Free till August 30th, 2020

QubicGames have also made sure that anyone who purchases DEX before August 30th will receive a free electronic copy of Akane on Nintendo Switch. This retro cyber-samurai arcade arena slasher is based on one-hit-one-kill gameplay and fuses Hotline Miami with a cyberpunk Kill Bill vibe.

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