Crytek Releases First Gameplay Footage From ‘Hunt: Showdown’

Gameplay footage from Crytek’s PvP monster hunter, Hunt: Showdown, debuted to overwhelmingly positive feedback last week at E3. Today, Crytek is making that footage available to the public via the Hunt Youtube channel, so gamers can take a look at the latest IP from the creators of Crysis.

In the HD video, Hunt creative director Magnus Larbrant and level design director Chris Auty hunt down a monstrous spider in a dark Louisiana swamp. With four other teams of two after the same bounty, and many more monsters lurking in the shadows, they must use a combination of stealth maneuvering and violent confrontation to reach their goal and get out with the bounty—and their lives. 

Though matches can last anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes, this gameplay footage consolidates one round into a tense eight-minute experience, capturing the atmosphere, drama and arc of the gameplay players will experience when Hunt: Showdown launches for PC.

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