Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Review – Switch

The Crash Bandicoot series of games has been a staple in the platforming genre for quite some time. The character of Crash is almost as recognizable as other iconic characters from other franchises and brings simple and approachable gameplay to the Switch. Crash started his career as a PlayStation exclusive way back in the day and was that platform’s iconic character, much like Sonic was for Genesis and Mario was for Nintendo.

Now, though, the crazy character has been let loose onto the different platforms with a brand new coat of paint and you get all three of his games bundled together into one big package, which makes for a fun, all-encompassing experience. The cool thing about the trilogy package is that you can play any of the three games in whatever order you choose, so you can feel free to bounce around from one to another as you go.

One of the things that will make or break a platformer style game is the feeling of responsiveness in the controls. Milliseconds of delay can make the difference between making and missing a jump. The Crash Bandicoot series could always be counted on to deliver on this in the past and the same is also true with the remastered trilogy. I was pleased to find that the game responded almost instantly to inputs and any failures in challenges could only be blamed on my own lack of ability and not on the game. Now that I write that out, maybe that’s not such a great thing after all.

I think one of the things that didn’t quite sit perfectly with me with the Bandicoot games from the start, and still remained now was the overall simplicity of the game design. While there is variance from level to level in the objective and perspective that the game gives you, the simplicity of breaking crates and collecting a series of fruits and other objects before you get to the end checkpoint for the level still starts to feel a bit repetitive.

Still, even if the objective is simple and a bit repetitive, the character of Crash himself is flavorful and charismatic enough to make the game fun and exciting to play through. It just feels good to finish the next series of challenges and get to the end.

There probably aren’t many people who are unfamiliar with the Crash Bandicoot series, but there are probably a fair amount who were never able to play the game originally, because of the exclusivity of the series to the PlayStation platform. Now, with game being available on more platforms, those who have been curious about the game and its titular character are finally able to explore what all the fuss is about.

For anyone wishing to play the games again in a nice, convenient package with a fresh polish to bring it up to today’s standards and add even more shine to the sparkling smile of Crash’s charming face will love to jump on the chance to pick up a copy of the Nintendo Switch edition of the game.

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