Check out Limerick: Cadence Mansion at Momocon 2023

Indie developer Jenito Studios is today at Momocon 2023 showcasing their upcoming action-horror adventure game Limerick: Cadence Mansion to the public with a playable demo and a chance to win a free copy of the game. Limerick: Cadence Mansion is meticulously handcrafted using Unreal Engine 5 by solo developer Daniel Hall who will be in attendance; the game is due to be released later this year on PC via Steam. Solve puzzles, outwit evil creatures and explore the arcane halls of Cadence Mansion as you dive deeper into a story of manipulation and dark science.

In Limerick: Cadence Mansion, explore an abandoned mansion inhabited by monsters, both beast and man, and discover its secrets in your attempts to escape. Solve puzzles to progress through increasingly haunting environments, fend off or hide from evil creatures and tear through the fabric of reality in cinematic boss fights. Scavenge for resources throughout the forgotten mansion and use Panic closets to escape from harm.

A new ballad sounds across Nightsonnet Isle.
Awaken, Proofreader, and solve the ancient writ.

The seas will swallow light with darkness. The boulders will shatter and shake.
The Poets will be silenced and the Resplendent will rise.

Will you take the quill and right the wrongs of Splendor?
Can you unlock the mysteries of its games and riddles?
What will you learn of the Anachronism, of the Dissonance and Cacophony, of the Dark Refrain and Prism?

And when you face the darkness, will you be ready?

Author: Mark Smith
I've been an avid gamer since I stumbled upon ZORK running in my local Radio Shack in 1980. Ten years later I was working for Sierra Online. Since then I've owned nearly every game system and most of the games to go with them. Not sure if 40+ years of gaming qualifies me to write reviews, but I do it anyway.

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