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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Release Date Announced For November 17

Today, during the Ubisoft Forward digital conference, Ubisoft announced that the next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla, will release worldwide November 17, 2020, on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store on Windows PC, as well as on UPLAY+, the Ubisoft subscription service* and Stadia.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will also release on Xbox Series X and PlayStation®5 upon the launch of the consoles. Players who purchase Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on Xbox One or PlayStation®4 will be able to upgrade their game to the next-gen version (Xbox Series X or PlayStation®5) at no additional cost.**

Brand-new gameplay shown at the digital conference illustrates new features that players can enjoy, including dual-wielding, raiding, assaults and open world activities. Raids will be more action-packed and brutal than anything Assassin’s Creed has seen before, with players able to take advantage of a new visceral combat system that lets players bash, dismember and decapitate foes. Eivor will be able to dual-wield axes, swords and even shields against the greatest variety of enemy types ever seen in an Assassin’s Creed. Additionally, the return of the Hidden Blade allows Eivor to assassinate targets with deadly precision.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an ambitious action role-playing game that places player choice and exploration at the center of the experience. Throughout the world, players will encounter gameplay challenges, unique and surprising characters with unforgettable stories and a variety of breathtaking landscapes to set foot on. Players will have the ability to customize their character’s hair, tattoos, war paint, weapons and gear, in addition to the option of switching between male or female Eivor at any time. Political alliances, combat decisions and dialogue choices can influence the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, so players must choose wisely to protect their clan’s home and future.

The official Assassin’s Creed Valhalla soundtrack and books are also now available for pre-order, including a novel, comic and art book:

  • On July 17, a seven-song EP taken from the official soundtrack featuring original compositions from Jesper Kyd and Sarah Schachner as well as an original song by Einar Selvik, will be available to listen to on Spotify and purchase on iTunes. Spotify pre-save and iTunes pre-order are available now and the full soundtrack will be released at a later date.
  • The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Geirmund’s Saga novel, written by Matthew J. Kirby, will tell an original story set in the world of the game. Players will discover the epic tale of Geirmund Hellskin, a man determined to prove his worth as a Viking and a warrior who joins the ranks of King Guthrum’s army to participate in the invasion of England. The book cover will be revealed on renowned Korean artist Jung Gi Kim’s Instagram account in late July.
  • Dark Horse Comics will release Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Song of Glory, a comic series written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Martin Tunica and colored by Michael Atiyeh. In this prequel to the game, fearless Vikings Eivor and Sigurd embark on separate adventures to show their mettle and seek glory. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Song of Glory #1 (of three) will be in comic shops on October 21, 2020.
  • Finally, The Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and The Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Deluxe Edition will invite readers on a visual journey through the world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – a world defined by the harsh beauty of Viking life, rich with fascinating characters and breathtaking landscapes. This book offers an enticing collection of art and commentary that is sure to attract returning fans and newcomers alike.

With development led by Ubisoft Montreal, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla follows the epic saga of Eivor, a fierce Viking raider raised on tales of battle and glory. Offering a captivating Viking experience, the game brings players to a beautiful and mysterious open world set against the brutal backdrop of England’s Dark Ages. Players can take advantage of new features, including raids, growing their settlements and building their power in a quest to earn a place among the gods in Valhalla. The Gold, Ultimate and Collector’s Editions**** of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla as well as Ubicollectibles products are available for pre-order. Fans who pre-order Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will receive The Way of the Berserker bonus mission at launch, in which players will join a legendary Norse Berserker on his quest for revenge.

For more information about Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, please visit

For more information about the release of the seven-EP taken from the official soundtrack of the game, please visit:


Independent developer PLAYMIND is proud to announce that its award-winning survival horror journey The Inner Friend is now available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Owners of Microsoft and Sony’s consoles can now play the critically acclaimed psychological adventure on their home consoles. This version of the game also comes with an alternate ending which will be added to the Steam version in a future update.

PLAYMIND’s The Inner Friend is an intense, mind-bending odyssey into the depths of one’s soul to restore the fragmented psyche of their inner child. Their companion on this trip, The Shadow, will lead the player into memories of past trauma to resolve the internal struggle that has led to this shattered dreamscape.

The Inner Friend draws on inspiration from the professional works of Carl Jung and the visual language of Stanley Kubrick. The environments are twisted versions of real past traumas and their resolution is mechanically tied to the origin of these fears. These complex emotional themes of coping and catharsis are conveyed to the player through surreal landscapes and environments that distort familiar spaces to convey dread, fear, and pain.

The Inner Friend originally launched on PC in 2018 and has won a series of awards at conventions and independent gaming festivals including Best in Play at GDC Play 2019, Best Experimental Game at TGS 2018, and Best in Show at the Montreal Indie Games Festival 2017.

“We’re very happy to reach this incredible milestone. We could not have done this without the support of our community. To the Xbox and Sony gamers joining us: welcome! The team is especially looking forward to seeing both our new and old fans’ reaction to the alternate ending.”

Key Features

  • IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING : Immerse yourself in a visually-driven narrative with a minimalist interface
  • AN EERIE ADVENTURE : Journey through a surreal world inspired by childhood nightmares and psychology
  • DIVERSE GAMEPLAY MECHANICS : Overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and defeat nightmarish foes
  • RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD : Earn the Shadow’s trust to unlock new challenges and pieces of the story
  • COLLECT ALL ARTIFACTS : Rebuild the Shadow’s safe haven to save him from his darkest fears

The Inner Friend is currently available on Steam,  Xbox one, and PS4 for $14.99.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Special Ops Trailer

Special Ops, one of Call of Duty’s most-beloved game modes, is available on all platforms when Modern Warfare launches on October 25. Reimagined as a collection of expansive, interconnected Operations against a new and encroaching threat, players will assemble into strike-teams of four to execute multi-phased objectives, which together will advance the overarching story of Modern Warfare.

Head to the Activision Games Blog for more information on Modern Warfare Special Ops Mode:

Star Wars™ Pinball is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch!

Players who are strong in the Force can now choose a side in Star Wars™ Pinball, a collection of 19 Star Wars™-themed tables on Nintendo Switch! Starting today, smugglers and droids alike can purchase the physical edition of Star Wars Pinball from leading retailers, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon, for a suggested retail price of $29.99. Star Wars Pinball is also available digitally from the Nintendo eShop. For more information, visit

The Nintendo Switch collection offers new and exciting gameplay modes exclusive to the system – take up arms in a community-wide Galactic Struggle, contributing points to the light or dark side as you play through all our tables; level through 50 Career Ranks in a new Career Mode; and unlock special Force Power bonuses to maximize your true potential in the Nintendo Switch collection.

Star Wars Pinball takes full advantage of the unique Nintendo Switch hardware features such as HD Rumble and vertical screen orientation. Play the game at home or on the go – the Nintendo Switch provides the ultimate pinball experience wherever you are!

Star Wars™ Pinball Tables

The entire 19 table pinball collection celebrating a Galaxy Far, Far Away:

  • Movie Adaptations: Star Wars™: A New Hope™, Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back™, Star Wars™: Return of the Jedi™, Star Wars™: The Force Awakens™, Star Wars™: The Last Jedi™, Rogue One: A Star Wars™ Story; Solo: A Star Wars™ Story
  • TV Adaptations: Star Wars: The Clone Wars™ and Star Wars Rebels™
  • Characters: Han Solo, Darth Vader, Lando Calrissian in the Calrissian Chronicles table, Boba Fett, Droids
  • Locations: Ahch-To Island, Mimban (Battle of Mimban)
  • Themes: Jedi versus Sith (Masters of the Force), X-wings vs. TIE fighters (Starfighter Assault), being the bad guy (Might of the First Order) 

For more information on Star Wars Pinball and the rest of Zen’s library of digital titles, please visit or

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan Drops Anchor on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam Today

Leading interactive entertainment developer and publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. today announced that The Dark Pictures® Anthology: Man of Medan® is now officially available in the Americas for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, and PCs via STEAM®.

Developed by Supermassive Games, the critically-acclaimed studio behind the cult-classic thriller Until Dawn®, The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games driven by three common threads: an unprecedented amount of branching gameplay that yields near-limitless replayability; five controllable characters (per game) who can all live and die based on the players’ choices; and The Curator, an omnipresent narrator-like figure who seems to know just a little bit too much about Supermassive’s horrifying new universe.

“Horror is fueled by the uncertainty of the unknown, and each fraught decision in Man of Medan feeds into that underlying tension, driving players further and further into their own personal nightmares,” said Pete Samuels, CEO for Supermassive Games and executive producer for The Dark Pictures Anthology. “We’re excited to watch players submerge into the murky waters of their own unique horror experiences, and dive into the deepest depths of their worst fears—either alone, or while anxiously clutching the hands of their closest friends.”

The anthology’s maiden voyage, Man of Medan, is led by a talented cast of actors, including stars Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, Quantum Break) and Pip Torrens (The Crown, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), whose in-game likenesses are rendered in shockingly vivid detail. This chilling tale offers a frightening number of potential outcomes, daring players to carefully navigate the stormy seas ahead either alone or with friends via the game’s two multiplayer options:

“With The Dark Pictures Anthology, we’re not only looking to shake up players with terrifying tales—we’re determined to shake up the entire horror space with an innovative new take on the cinematic, narrative-driven gaming experience.” said Jennifer Tsang, Brand Manager at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. “Each title in the Anthology will stand on its own as a self-contained adventure while still remaining true to the core tenets of the series, offering players the unique opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of independent stories.”

Shared Story Mode

  • Two-player online co-op wherein players explore the world, perform actions and make choices that affect both the outcome of the story, and fate of their respective characters
  • Experience the narrative through unique perspectives—sometimes together, sometimes alone—in totally separate scenes that reveal new information, locations, and scares than the single-player mode

Movie Night Mode

  • Up to five players can team up offline by sharing one controller, each taking charge of the movement, decisions and choices of one unique character
  • Players can decide to either save themselves, or try to keep their friends’ characters alive
  • Each player’s actions will be judged, with in-game achievements & rewards distributed at the end of the playthrough

After launch, players will also be offered access to the Curator’s Cut add-on, which features brand new decisions to make and outcomes to experience from the perspective of different playable characters.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is available for purchase now in the Americas with an ESRB rating of “M” for Mature and MSRP of $29.99. For more information on The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan and other titles from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. please visit,, or join the conversation at

Welcome to the Warm Embrace of The Church in the Darkness, out now!

Hear me, seekers of peace and love.

We are gathered together at Freedom Town under the loving gaze of Rebecca and Isaac Walker as the Collective Justice Mission.

We seek all who want to help us grow the mission and spread the word. Come, join your new family and never want again.

Join us in peace.

Join us in love.

Join us in The Church in the Darkness!

Fellow Traveller and Paranoid Productions are thrilled to announce their game of infiltrating cults, The Church in the Darkness, is now available for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch! Your nephew has run away to South America and joined the Collective Justice Mission. It is up to you to infiltrate their compound, learn the truth and save him before he is lost to the cult forever!

“With The Church in the Darkness, we wanted to make a game you could replay both for gameplay but also for story, so we use procedural generation to change up the story every time you play. The game’s cult leaders may have good intentions or may be all the way apocalyptic, it’s up to you to figure it out. This leads to multiple endings depending on the players gameplay choices and narrative choices.” – Richard Rouse III, Paranoid Productions Creative Director.

Players are challenged to step into the shoes of ex-cop Vic as they infiltrate the South American compound of Freedom Town in a search of their nephew. Run by Rebecca and Isaac Walker, it’s up to the player to unearth their motivations, their plans, with the cult experience changing with every playthrough. Is the commune simply idealists looking to live in a socialist utopia, or is there something more sinister at hand?

It’s up to the player to sneak into the compound undetected, uncover the truth by finding and chatting with cult members, search cabins to unearth literature about the group, and finally locate Alex, the nephew.

The Church in the Darkness highlights the mystery surrounding cults, and how they are not always what they seem. There are multiple endings for each scenario and what ending you get will be influenced by the player’s stealthy or aggressive gameplay.

At launch, people investigating the cult will receive a 20% discount for one week to help find the truth behind the Collective Justice Mission. The discount is available for both the Standard and True Believer Special Editions; the former gets you a copy of The Church in the Darkness, while True Believers will receive the game, the Official Soundtrack and a set of special behind-the-scenes videos about the making of the game. The Standard Edition retails for $19.95 USD and the True Believer Special Edition retails for $29.95 USD. The True Believer Special Edition is only available for PC and can be purchased via Steam, Humble, GOG, and Itch.

Mutant Year Zero’s First Expansion, Seed of Evil, Is Out on PC, PS4, XBox One, and Switch!

Publisher Funcom and developer The Bearded Ladies are thrilled to announce that the expansion for the award-winning game Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden has been released on PC, PlayStation 4 (retail, digital to follow soon), Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This marks the first time Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is available on Nintendo Switch. 

The turn-based tactical adventure game received critical acclaim for its gameplay, artwork and captivating characters, when it was released in December 2018. Set in post-apocalyptic Sweden, the player controls a group of mutants searching through the ruins of civilization for salvation or simply something to eat. Using a mixture of stealth and combat strategy, while evolving your characters through a series of interesting mutations, is paramount to overcoming the evil that is threatening to eradicate what is left of decent society.

The expansion, Seed of Evil, picks up where the original story left off, and introduces a new threat for the players to overcome, as powerful and ominous roots have emerged and seem to be taking control over peoples’ minds. Fortunately, our team of friendly mutants will be reinforced by the introduction of a new playable character. Big Khan is a badass, fire breathing moose, skilled at landing critical hits. He comes with several unique mutations and offers new and interesting interactions with Dux, Bormin and the other familiar faces.

“Mutant Year Zero is a gem,” says Funcom Chief Product Officer Lawrence Poe. “It has been a privilege to work with our friends at The Bearded Ladies on this project. They have poured all their passion, creativity and humor into this game, and the result is truly special.”

Haraldur Thormundsson, CEO and self-proclaimed Circus Director at The Bearded Ladies, echoes Poe’s sentiment. “The feedback we got from players after we released the original game was overwhelming, which makes us all the more pleased to offer up Seed of Evil, the continuation of the Mutant year Zero story. We have worked very hard on this and I feel confident that everyone who enjoyed the original game, will enjoy the expansion as well.”

Seed of Evil is available on Steam for $ 14.99 (pricing may differ across territories). A Digital Deluxe Edition, consisting of both the original game and the expansion, is available for $ 44.99.

The Deluxe Edition and the expansion are also available for digital purchase on Xbox One, with PlayStation 4 digital purchase to follow very soon.

The Deluxe Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch, making this the first release of Mutant Year Zero on that platform (the base game and the expansion cannot be purchased separately on this platform). A launch day patch was put out for the Switch version within hours after launch, resulting in significantly improved graphics and performance.

In addition to the digital release, Mutant Year Zero is now also available in retail for the first time for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. This version is the Deluxe Edition of the game which contains both the base game and the expansion.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Coming to Nintendo Switch July 29th

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power is a 3D platforming game of action, puzzles and adventure.  The three heroes try to return their extraordinary gifts to the Artifact called Trine, and so they meddle with powers beyond their understanding: Trine shatters, and a heartless ancient sorcerer escapes. With only a broken artifact to guide them, the heroes must try and repair the damage they’ve caused… or the damage that might yet be done.

Key Features:

  • Experience a fairytale world of breathtaking sceneries and face a myriad of physics-based puzzles, wonderful contraptions, dangerous foes and enchanting creatures.
  • Three playable characters, Pontius the Knight, Zoya the Thief and Amadeus the Wizard, each with their own skills and unique abilities
  • Explore 7 story-driven Chapters and 11 puzzle-solving, skill-focused Lost Pages
  • Online and local co-op multiplayer for up to three players

Quick Facts:

  • Price: $19.99 / 19.99€ / £17.99
  • 900p/30fps docked, 720p/30fps handheld mode
  • 1-3 players, local co-op, online co-op and local wireless co-op supported

Download the Free Playable Demo for ONINAKI Today

SQUARE ENIX® today announced that a playable demo for ONINAKI™, the latest action-RPG developed by the talented Tokyo RPG Factory team, is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM®, ahead of its launch on August 22, 2019.

In ONINAKI, players will follow the story of Kagachi, a young watcher whose duty is to usher Lost Souls into the next world. After meeting a mysterious girl named Linne, his fate becomes entwined with blood and death. The newly released ONINAKI demo features extensive gameplay options and a deep “Story Mode” that lets players experience the opening of the game’s epic tale of life, death and reincarnation, including an option to allow players’ progress to be carried over to the main game upon release. A “Battle Mode” is also included, where players can enjoy thrilling combat using an upgraded character possessed by four Daemons that perform exciting and varied alternate job roles, with unique combat weapons and abilities.

Fans excited for the upcoming release of ONINAKI can also now pre-order the game digitally for the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation®4 system, and STEAM. Pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch system will give players the Ouka-Setsugetsu sword weapon, while players on the PlayStation®4 system will receive the Emrys spear weapon and an exclusive dynamic theme. Finally, players on STEAM will get the Titan axe weapon and an exclusive wallpaper. As an added bonus, all pre-orders of the game have a 10% discount until launch.

ONINAKI will be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and STEAM on August 22. The title is rated T (Teen) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). For more information, visit: