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Stray is Now Available on PlayStation and Steam

The cat adventure game Stray, published by Annapurna Interactive and developed by BlueTwelve Studio, launched today for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members will also be able to play the game starting today.

To celebrate the game’s release, fans can pre-order the limited-edition Stray Travel Cat backpack and harness collection, and RSVP to attend a virtual Travel Cat event on Thursday, July 21 for outdoor exploration training tips from expert co-hosts. To RSVP and for product details, please visit

Starting on Friday, July 22 until Sunday, July 24, Annapurna Interactive is hosting a free pop-up event at the New York City-based cat café Meow Parlour in collaboration with Boba Guys for a weekend of celebration, drinks and adoptable felines. In 20 minute slots, attendees can sip on bubble tea, play Stray on one of the console stations and enjoy the company of charming cat companions.

Players looking to get their paws on the ultra-deluxe Exclusive Edition of Stray (PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4), can pre-order exclusively at with shipping beginning in Q4 2022, while pre-orders for the retail edition (PlayStation 5) go live at retailers worldwide starting today and will ship on Sept. 20, 2022. Fans can also pre-order the Stray retail edition for PlayStation 5 starting at $39.99 USD which includes six full-color art cards along with a physical copy of the game. The retail edition will ship on Sept. 20, 2022.

To accompany the physical editions, BlueTwelve Studio, Annapurna Interactive, iam8bit and Skybound Games will be releasing a sleek and stylish vinyl soundtrack featuring the Stray soundtrack by composer Yann Van Der Cruyssen. The 2xLP on 180g audiophile black vinyl features futuristic packaging showcasing the atmospheric album art from Fernando Correa, completed with an elegant slipcase highlighted by foil embellishments. The purchase of the Stray vinyl soundtrack for $41.99 USD will also include a code to download a digital version of the album as well and will be shipping Q1 2023.

In Stray, players take the role of a stray cat who must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity amidst the detailed neon-lit alleys and the murky environments of its seedy underbelly. Along the way, the cat befriends a small flying drone, known only as B-12. With the help of this newfound companion, the duo must find a way out.

For all the latest updates on the game, follow Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio on Twitter.

Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom Launches Today on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Grab your flashlight and prepare for adventure in an ever-changing mansion full of mysterious creatures! Following an illuminating unveil at PAX East and a successful showcase at Steam Next Fest, Gearbox Publishing and Under the Stairs are excited to announce that Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom is now available worldwide on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $14.99.

“Eyes in the Dark started as a personal journey to create a game that pushed the boundaries of the roguelike genre – the end result has been a dream come true,” said Vladimir Bogdanić, Director at Under the Stairs. “The incredibly talented team here at Under the Stairs can’t wait for everyone to flip on their flashlights, load up their slingshots, and begin their adventure with Victoria through Bloom Manor.”

Players control Victoria Bloom, a young girl searching for her grandfather who’s lost somewhere in Bloom Manor, the family home that has been overrun by darkness. The rogue-light adventure game is the first commercially available title from Croatian studio Under the Stairs, brought to market through Gearbox Publishing.

“Our team here at Gearbox Publishing was ecstatic to collaborate with Under the Stairs and help them deliver their first full-length game to a global audience,” expressed Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing. “Eyes in the Dark is one of those delightful platformers that you don’t want to stop playing – everywhere you look, you see the studio’s creativity shine through. Congratulations to Under the Stairs for a wonderful achievement in game making.”

Key features of Eyes in the Dark include:

  • Illuminate and Take Aim: Victoria starts with only a flashlight and slingshot to light her way and keep her safe, but you’ll soon uncover powerful gadgets to help her find her grandad. Operate your flashlight and slingshot utilizing standard twin-stick shooter actions to help Victoria ward off creepy crawlies and traverse Bloom Manor’s shadowy halls.
  • An Ever-Changing Mansion: Don’t expect a house tour when you arrive, because the arrangement and contents of Bloom Manor change with every run. When entering new areas, players can choose between increasing their power or increasing the difficulty of the run, tailoring each playthrough with every decision.
  • A Powerful and Surprising Arsenal: As you make your way through Bloom Manor, be sure to grab and utilize all of items and upgrades to mix up the combat mechanics. Keep an eye out for the light-spreading Shotgun Bulb or Matches that set your enemies ablaze – items like these have unique effects that you can utilize by trying different combinations and setups.
  • Face the Darkness: Players will find that the Bloom family past casts a guiding light for Victoria’s future. By completing quests and fighting off monsters, players unlock secrets about the eccentric Bloom family that could come in handy as they delve deeper into the manor.

To celebrate the launch of Eyes in the Dark, Gearbox Entertainment teamed up with Mag Instrument, the manufacturer of the MAGLITE® flashlight, to produce a limited-edition flashlight using the game’s iconic art style. These flashlights (along with other uniquely branded items) will be sent to a few lucky fans – more information can be found on Twitter.

For more information on Eyes in the Dark and to be the first to know about future content updates, be sure to follow Eyes in the Dark and Under the Stairs on Facebook and Twitter.

Land the Job of Your Nightmares and Become a Mortuary Assistant Today!

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Looking for a fresh start somewhere DEAD QUIET? Then apply today for an apprenticeship at the River Fields Mortuary!

Not only will you be able to get hands on time with the freshest corpses this side of the country, but you’ll also learn practical skills like embalming, body tagging, and general cadaver upkeep. No urgent deadlines, bosses yelling in your ear, or unruly customers here (ignore all that nonsense about wandering corpses and disappearing employees — kids these days make up the darndest things)!

An apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary is one of those rare laid-back jobs that’s simply to DIE for! But don’t worry, you’ll definitely get your daily exorcize in too! We promise that you’ll love it here so much that you’ll NEVER WANT TO LEAVE! 

Applications to The Mortuary Assistant position at River Fields Mortuary open on August 2, 2022, so give us a ring!

Set to launch for Windows PC on August 2, 2022, The Mortuary Assistant puts you in the shoes of Rebecca Owens, a recent Mortuary Sciences grad who’s starting an apprenticeship at the spooky River Fields Mortuary. The Mortuary Assistant features demonic banishments, creepy puzzles, detailed mortician tasks, and multiple endings. Each playthrough is unique, featuring different demons, bodies, and scares custom tailored to your playthrough. As Rebecca, you will need to balance your mortuary tasks, brave the mortuary’s dark hallways, and pay close attention to your surroundings if you wish to walk away with your soul intact.

The scares in The Mortuary Assistant aren’t limited to the supernatural, as the game features authentic tasks practiced by real-life morticians. These include making incisions on the dead, pumping their remaining blood out, retrieving them from the cold storage, and conducting embalmings. The first-person perspective puts you right into the medical action, which only ramps up the tension as the bodies you’re working on start wandering.

Download the demo and add The Mortuary Assistant to your Steam wishlist today.

Action-Adventure Game The Tale of Bistun Out Now

Polish games publisher IMGN.PRO, in partnership with Black Cube Games, is thrilled to announce today that their gorgeous and captivating action-adventure game The Tale of Bistun is now available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Based on the legendary Persian romantic epic, “Khosrow and Shirin”, The Tale of Bistun is not only a title inspired by an iconic piece of Iranian literature, it was developed by an Iranian team, and features the voice talents of Shohreh Aghdashloo, an Emmy winning, Oscar-nominated Iranian-American actress with an impressive resume that includes roles across film, television, and video games.

On the craggy slopes of Mount Bistun, a stone carver awakens with no memory of who he is nor how he came to be there. He soon discovers that a blight is squeezing the life out of nature, tainting the local wildlife and turning it hostile. Encouraged by a strange, pleading whisper, the man journeys between the real world and the mysterious place of forgotten memories, known as the Revelations Realm, in search of answers. But a colossal ancient evil is watching, waiting, and it is not pleased that its plans are being disrupted. All the while, an omniscient narrator recounts the man’s every step and details his innermost thoughts. But who is he? And how does he know so much about the befuddled stone carver?

The Tale of Bistun follows an amnesiac stone-carver on his journey up the slopes of the intimidating Mount Bistun. He’ll have to battle legions of monstrous foes using fast-paced, melee combat and powerful magical abilities as he explores the real world and the mysterious place of forgotten memories, known as the Revelations Realm, in search of answers. All the while, a mysterious voice encourages him to keep going, recounting his every step and keeping close tabs on his quest through these beautiful but blight-infested lands.

Shohreh Aghdashloo (The House of Sand and Fog, The Expanse, Destiny 2, Mass Effect 2) lends her vocal talents to The Tale of Bistun to provide a captivating voiceover that introduces and bookends the protagonist’s heartfelt quest. Aghdashloo has had quite a storied career across multiple media, with starring roles in film, television, and video games. Aghdashloo adds another layer of cultural authenticity to a title made by and based on the Iranian people and their cultural history.

“Today is an incredibly exciting day for the whole team behind The Tale of Bistun,” said Amin Shahidi, Black Cube Games team lead, animator, and game designer. “Thanks to the support of IMGN.PRO, we’ve reached the finish line and can finally share this story with people around the world. We’re also incredibly honored to have such a talented cast — including Shohreh Aghdashloo and Marc Thompson — help us bring the world of The Tale of Bistun to life. We hope you all have a great time!”

 The Tale of Bistun Key Features:

  • A Re-telling of a Persian Legend: Based on an epic romantic poem from the 12th century, “Khosrow and Shirin” The Tale of Bistun is a tale of love, loss, and adventure through a land where magic and bravery collide
  • A Stunning Land of Myth and Magic: Ascend the deadly slopes of Mount Bistun and battle through a gorgeous world that brings the ancient lands of Mesopotamia to life
  • Hack, Slash, and Blast: Battle hordes of dangerous foes using fast-paced tactical melee combat and ferocious magical abilities
  • Carve Out Your Own Tale: King Darius, eat your heart out! Create your own Behistun Inscription and etch out beautiful engravings to tell the world your story.
  • Follow the Voice: Popular voice actor Marc Thompson (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars: Visions, Pokémon) lends his talents to the game as the omniscient, primary narrator. In this role, he guides players through their harrowing journey.

The Tale of Bistun is available now for Windows PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store, and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through ID@Xbox for 17.99 USD.


Developer eBrain Studio has announced that cyberpunk action roguelite LOOPMANCER is now available on PC via Steam. When private eye Xiang Zixu awakens in his bed on the morning of death, he sets out to investigate the connection between the disappearance of a famous journalist, his murder, and his limitless resurrection.

Kill, die, and enact revenge across seven randomly generated levels filled with bionic cyborgs, deformed mutants, and opera-mask-wearing gangsters controlled by the notorious Wei Long. Are you strong enough to become a LOOPMANCER?

“I advise you not to get involved in this,” says Wei Long, LOOPMANCER’s mob boss. “Or you’ll die a very tragic death!!”

As Xiang journeys through bustling streets and chilling ghost towns, he’ll unlock upgrades for his lethal arsenal of high-tech weaponry, cybernetic enhancements, and slow-motion finishers. Every death is an opportunity to revisit one of LOOPMANCER’s intricately designed levels – with traps, randomly generated layouts, and hidden secrets to keep you on your toes.

Defeat challenging bosses, investigate side paths, and make difficult decisions to determine one of seven unique endings. Discover how every choice affects Xiang Zixu and the residents of Dragon City. No one ever said becoming a LOOPMANCER would be easy.

LOOPMANCER includes RT and integrates NVIDIA DLSS for performance boosting. NVIDIA DLSS is an AI super resolution algorithm accelerated by Tensor Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs. It allows the game to render at 1080p, improving frame rates. It also uses AI and game engine data to deliver the image quality of a native 4K output.

LOOPMANCER is now available on Steam. Media interested in learning more about LOOPMANCER can contact David Lozada ( For more information, please visit the game’s Steam page.

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition Slashes its way onto PC via Steam!

KOEI TECMO America is proud to announce the worldwide release of WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition on PC via Steam®. The tactical action game is now available to purchase, offering fans the opportunity to jump back in to one of the action-packed franchise’s most beloved titles! To celebrate the surprise launch, KOEI TECMO America released a new trailer, showcasing the game’s trademark 1 vs. 1,000 fantasy battles featuring some of the franchise’s most beloved warriors.

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition picks up the WARRIORS’ narrative after Orochi’s death, as the warriors of the Three Kingdoms era of China and the Sengoku period of Japan begin to build back their lives after a hellish fight for survival. Their peace doesn’t last long, though, as the monstrous Hydra appears and massacres all of the Warriors except for three. These remaining heroes are sent back in time by the moon princess Kaguya and are tasked with saving their allies from their dreaded fate.

WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition includes all of the content featured in the original WARRIORS OROCHI 3 (2012) launch as well as most of the previously released downloadable content, highlighted by over 500 DLC items ranging from weapons and costumes to scenarios. New optimizations for the PC version are also included, such as mouse and keyboard support and a wide range of graphical settings to allow players to fine tune their experience.

In addition to the heroes from the DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS universes, WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition boasts 145 unique heroes, including Kyūbi and Tamamo (created by Akihiro Yamada), as well as Kasumi from DEAD OR ALIVE 5, Sterkenburg Cranach from the Atelier Arland series, and Sophitia from the SOULCALIBUR™ series! The game also comes packed with the scenarios featured in WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate, including a sequel that takes place after the main storyline, a prequel that uncovers the secret of Orochi’s birth, and a selection of “What If” stories and battles that unfold from different perspectives, allowing players to further delve into the rich world of WARRIORS OROCHI 3.

For more information on WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate Definitive Edition, visit the official site, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter @koeitecmoUS.

Kill it With Fire: Daedalic Entertainment’s Hidden Deep gets a *hot* new content update!

This summer it’s not just getting hot above ground but also below the depths of the sea: Coghweel Software’s sci-fi horror game Hidden Deep today receives a major content update titled ‘Kill it With Fire’. You can now burn a variety of disgusting new enemies to a crisp with the new flamethrower, meet the very first NPCs in the game, test your survival skills in three new levels and much more. To celebrate the new update, Hidden Deep is available with a 60% discount on Steam this weekend.

Hidden Deep is a sci-fi horror game inspired by classic horror movies from the 80s and 90s where you explore a suboceanic research and mining facility alone or with friends. Three new levels are available now, so players can face even more challenges than before.

The ‘Kill it With Fire’ update adds three new enemies to the game that will make exploring the facility even more perilous than ever. Beware the zombie-like transmorphs, run away from the scuttlebugs and make sure not to step into their nests! Or simply roast them with the new flamethrower…And if you prefer bullets, you can also exterminate monsters with shotguns, small-caliber pistols, or even a submachine gun. If things are getting a little too close for comfort, you can always fall back on a crowbar. What’s good enough for Mr. Freeman is good enough for our rescue team.

The new update also introduces NPCs for the very first time. At the moment, they are friendly and even offer assistance but there’s no guarantee they will stay harmless and helpful forever…

Hidden Deep is currently in Early Access on Steam. Check out the TikTok channel for videos showing off all the body-horror, action and humor the game has to offer, or join the active Discord community.

Sonority Review – PC

Puzzle games come and go; some are memorable, and others easily forgotten while others are so unique, they manage to rise above the genre and stake their claim to greatness.  Sonority is just such a game with a stunning visual design, interesting gameplay mechanics, and enough variety to keep you engaged for the 6-8 hour runtime; although your time may vary based on a player’s puzzle-solving skills, musical ability, and the ability to actually understand the rules of this world.

Sonority does offer a story and as is common with these types of games, you don’t really need one, but I appreciate the effort.  You’ll play as Esther who sets off to help a friend with only her pan flute.  Along the way you’ll meet singing stone heads and a chatty raccoon who will serve as your taskmaster once you reach the hub area and setup a makeshift base. You’ll need to traverse all sorts of environmental puzzle situations using the power of music to affect the world around you.

The game claims you don’t need a musical background to play, which is true, but having some sort of a musical base will certainly make the experience more enjoyable.  You’ll get to play several instruments throughout the adventure; some puzzles actually require complex mixtures of notes from different instruments.  I’ll try to explain the gameplay, but this image likely does a better job.

The world is constructed of moving blocks, which form towers, ledges, floors, and even bridges.  All of these objects are linked to these statues that act as note receptacles.  It’s up to you to figure out how all the moveable blocks need to be arranged so you can exit the scene, and it’s all done through music.

First, you need to be playing the correct instrument; you’ll be told when you aren’t, and then you must figure out the proper notes to insert into each statue, so when played in their linear sequence, the world will shift around you to create your exit pathway.  While solving these puzzles doesn’t require you to know the difference between a C and a G note you do need to understand the “intervals” between notes.  Thankfully, the note chart for each instrument is displayed at the bottom for easy reference, so if you need to raise a block two “spaces” or rotate some steps 90-degrees you need to play the proper notes to make it happen.  Notes that are lower than the previous will lower items or rotate them counterclockwise while ascending notes will raise environmental objects or spin them clockwise in 45-degree steps.  Yeah…it’s mind-boggling and brilliant at the same time, and once the concept clicks you are going to love it.

The gameplay in Sonority is constantly evolving throughout the game, as new musical notes and even new instruments are added to your arsenal.  Likewise, the puzzle situations also grow increasingly more challenging with more notes in a steam or even multiple note streams that must be triggered at certain times so the two paths work together.  While these musical interludes are the core of Sonority, there is still plenty of exploration and discovery including gold collectibles scattered about.  You’ll even encounter certain musical composition areas where notes are already programmed and a song is already playing, but there are multiple empty sockets and empty statues just waiting for a note to be assigned and placed into the note stream, allowing you to compose short snippets of original music for playback within the game world.

There are a few downsides to Sonority.  The contact awareness for Esther and the note statues is hit and miss, which means you’ll need to rub all over these statues until they light up in recognition.   While you can choose to play the game using real musical notes, numbers, or symbols, the real trick is learning the controller inputs for those notes, which are in fact changing with each new instrument.  So just about the time you memorize the button layout for the pan flute you get a new instrument and all the notes are remapped.  This could all be easily fixed with having your controller buttons displayed under the notes rather than just 1-8.  It’s not game-breaking, but it does turn a lot of the later puzzles into these trial and error attempts where you try to remember what button does which note.

Puzzles get really challenging later on when you need to work around certain rules or conditions.  Some note streams may already have statues with static notes in place, so you will need to arrange your composition to work around those existing notes.  There are also paired note statues, so putting a B note into one statue replicates across all matching statues.  Considering how simple the premise is, I was amazed at the level of challenge this concept added to the experience.  The game is dismissively easy for the first hour when you only have a few notes, but later on when you have all eight notes and all available instruments things get crazy-complicated with trial-and-error solutions that can take several minutes to figure out, and the satisfaction for solving these puzzles has never been more deserved.

Along with the gorgeous graphics is a fantastic audio presentation that is mostly soothing background tunes, although you will have chances to harmonize with the environment, playing along with chanting stone heads or opening chests with musical combination locks.  You can even hear your most recent puzzle solution riffs getting embedded into the background score.  It’s all pretty awesome…magical even!  Best of all, the game is not terribly demanding, so it should be playable on just about any PC that still turns on.  My RTX3080 was easily able to present this at full 4K with all sliders maxed out.

Sonority is the sleeper hit of the summer and at only $20 more than worth the ticket price.  Arguably, the gameplay is a bit linear but the way they designed around a central hub means you can explore as you see fit, within the confines of your current notes and instruments.  If you get stuck you probably shouldn’t be there.  There are also plenty of guides and walkthroughs out there if you do get hung up on a particular musical puzzle.  It’s rather ironic that a puzzle that could take 10-15 minutes to figure out can be solved/spoiled with a single screenshot showing the proper notes, but that doesn’t always take into account any special timing for triggering the note streams or even going back and changing some notes for different desired effects.

If you love soothing adventures, mind-bending puzzles, and have any appreciation of music, or at least the basic rules of notes and their placement on the scale, then you are going to love Sonority.  Solving puzzles, interacting with the wonderful environments, and finding all those collectibles could be the highlight experience of the summer.  Check it out now!