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I have been a gamer ever since I can remember. My very first system was NES and Double Dragons was what set off this chain of events taken place today. My love for video games and writing has given me the ability to procure a path that I am very passionate about. You can put any videogame genre in front of me and I will conquer and complete it.

Vaporum Review – Xbox One

As I entered the giant, everything within view was dark and bleak. Two hydro pumps constantly moving up and down while water dripped from the ceiling and the far off sounds of water dripping with dark depths of water on each side of the one-way bridge into the mouth of the unknown. The scene reminded me of the Ninja Turtles movie when they were in the sewer. As you walk up you will see two valves, turn to each and hold down “RT” to pull up your cursor then proceed to press A to activate. Turning forward, the only way to go now, you can only see light illuminating from above as it creates shadows from the grate that seals you in. Passing through the dank entrance you find yourself in the halls barely lit by small bulbs every ten feet. The walls were definitely built by a master craftsman. Smoothly carved architecture that should be out in the world for all to see, but yet it is hidden in this dungeon of dark.

A lever to the right once pulled reveals a door that slides up, opening up another part of this mystery. Still bleak and dark, but this hall has gears grinding. After making it past the eerie sounds and bone chilling path, you finally make it to a wooden door with the first sign of real light; well, light bright enough to show what’s in front of you. As you push the door forward you find yourself submerged in complete darkness, as you give another shove you will see that there is yet another room to be seen. Dust particles float ever so gently in front of you, the only indication that the scene has changed. Take a right and you will see a bronze door with no key holes or valves close by. This is going to take some searching. Navigate around the room to find the what seals the steampunk door sealed. Once found enter the door and you will see a plate with the words “WORKING RJG” a better description pops up telling you to wear an EXO RIG past this door or it may result in death. Time to find this Exo the sign speaks of.

Hold LT and press the Menu button to save before you continue. You would not want to lose all of the progress made so far.

Sealed chambers lined up on both sides of this mechanical room with tools strewn around the room. One light pops out, a green lever, hit it and you will here a click. As you turn around you will see that all the chambers have opened. Time to take a look. Some containers have red lights above them; others are lit with green. You can choose from various Exo Rigs. Each has a definitive strength over the others in a certain area. The choice is irreversible, choose wisely.

Heavy Rig
  • Gain permanent toughness bonus. You have a chance to reflect an incoming attack to the attacker, taking no damage yourself. This chance is doubled when below a threshold of integrity.
  • +30% Toughness
  • 25% Reflect Chance
  • 40% Integrity Threshold
Combat Rig
  • Gain Permanent combat bonus. Also deal bonus damage with every 3rd successful weapon attack
  • +30% Combat
  • +50% Bonus Damage on Every 3rd Successful Attack
Assault Rig
  • Gain permanent bonuses to resistance, fumium intake,
  • And repair power. Additionally, deal more total damage based on missing integrity
  • +10% Resistance
  • +5% Fumium Intake
  • +25% Repair Power
  • +0.75% Total Damage per % of Missing Integrity
Thauma Rig
  • Gain permanent tech Bonus. Also gain energy regen when below a threshold of energy
  • +30% Tech
  • 35% Energy Threshold
  • +75% Energy Regen

I chose the combat rig. As I put it on, I could tell that it felt familiar. I wonder if the door lets me through now.

Now equipped with a hub and a flash light, I feel as if I can handle a lot more and am ready for anything that is thrown at me. I head toward the first door that required an Exo Rig. Nothing appeared to happen. I can only assume that if I had chosen another Rig I could have gone through. On to the second door I go. It was already open as I approached it. This must indicate that I chose the correct Rig for this particular door. Upon approaching, a green light lit up and the gears on the door spun and allowed me access. Even though all is still damp and dark, I can now see better thanks to the Rig’s light equipped.

I stepped into what seemed like a locker room, except this room has been abandoned and probably hasn’t had any type of life walking around in it for years. I open a locker and I find a couple of items.  This is where you can store your Items, and also equip them into your hands, armor slots, and gadget slots. Press down to access your inventory. Press A to pick up an item, or X to automatically move it to and from your inventory. You can take all the items from a container by pressing LS. To deal damage to an enemy or a destructible object. (LB for main-hand, RB for off-hand). You can have up to two weapon sets and switch between them by pressing RS. When swinging your weapon, you’ll have to wait a few seconds for it to cool down so you can swing again. I hit all breakable objects in my way. I usually find useful items like ammunition, gear, guns etc.Your Rig provides you with a map that automatically updates as you explore the site. Press the View button to display it if you get lost. The integrity bar, which is red, protects you from lethal hazards and enemy attacks. If it drops to zero, you will die. You can restore your integrity by using Repair Kits. That is done by pressing the LEFT.

Finding pressure plates will and dropping items on them to hold them down to open a door requires you finding something heavy enough to do so; for instance, a brick. Select the item in you inventory with A, hold RT and use anyone of the directional pad keys to drop or throw it, then press a to confirm.

Gadgets apart from your weapons, you will also find various thaumaturgical gadgets you can use in combat or to outsmart enemies or buff yourself up to temporarily become stronger. By pressing either LT A, LT B, LT X, or LT Y to activate a gadget in the given slot. Gadgets are powerful but drain your energy (yellow bar). Energy slowly replenishes on its own, but you will need to increase the maximum amount and the regen rat if you wish to use gadgets more often.Fumium will be gained after destroying enemies, and after acquiring enough of it you will level up, increasing overall power. You will also gain circuit points which you can use to unlock or improve circuits. Circuits significantly improve your power in the given area. At higher ranks, you will unlock modules which further increase your power in various ways. You will come across Fumium Capacitators which grant you Fumium permanently when you consume them.

There are a lot of hidden items in this game. Hold down the RT and move your cursor against walls or objects that look out of place. Eventually you will come across full gear, various weapons that include rifles, mace, swords, pistols and a whole bunch of other things. I would say that these puzzles I’ve come across are the hardest. It’s very important to keep health on you at all times. I ran into instances where I saved my game and had no life, and had to do some pretty slick things to beat the enemy in front of me which I thought might be impossible, but I somehow managed. Saving your game is KEY! I got really far and then died and realized that I started ten minutes back. I was super aggravated. You’ll find out more tricks further on in the game to help you get through certain parts. It all comes down to instinct and knowledge of gaming.   

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Review – Xbox One

Isometric view with cubicles that police offers are working in, the chief waltzing back and forth, SOMEONE HAS TO STOP THIS MADNESS IN MY TOWN! The chief thinks of the perfect guy. He rings his cell phone and you are presented with a topnotch badass with the Walter White look; the beard and bald head with a pink undershirt with blue overalls…ok, looks like he’s all about business. He talks for a quick second then he throws his cell phone, whips out a gun and just starts blasting Walking Vegetables. Once Breaking Bad makes it to the police station, he and the chief come to an agreement that you would be saving the world in The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition.

The police station is where you acquire skills and talk to the chief. This is your base and you will come back to improve your skills. Let us head out the door and see what waits outside. I am sure with all the news buzzing around we are going to find us some ole walking vegetables. This is where the fun begins…and ends   The Walking Vegetables features a standard twin-stick control. To move, use your left stick, to aim, the right stick. It’s very fast paced and non-stop hordes of vegetables come at you quick. Moving nonstop is your key to survival, whilst on the other hand you will be aiming and shooting. This is a technique that can be learned, how fast, depends on the player. You will have a bat to smash things to find bullets, key, etc. They really come in handy, especially when you acquire better weapons. Think of this world as a regular isometric game where you’re walking through segments of the whole level. Each segment is either a nice place in town, or the slums, and it is really cool and unique how they fit a couple people that differ from each other in all areas just like a real town. You are roaming the streets, “you are a badass”.

You only get four hearts. Lose them and you’ll soon fall, bit find new guns and you’ll get to the next segment. Your pistol has unlimited ammo and it is nice but has no real power behind it. A lot of times you can acquire a new gun when you find a key while beating everything around you, and sooner or later you’ll find a key. When you find that key, you’ll see buildings that have locks on them.  Use your keys to enter these buildings and if you kill every veggie inside you’ll usually procure a new weapon. You will see a wood box that looks like a chest, smack it and see what is inside, most that likely a gun. This is why you need to at least smash 90% of what can be demolished.

We must mention Bob. He appears after you die so many times. When I cleared a house, I saw him pop up out of nowhere. Wondering what the heck it was, I went and checked it out. He basically says that he is here to offer you a gun from your previous death/life. So, he proceeds to tell you to spin the wheel. Whatever guns you had in your previous game will be available. Spin and see which one you’ll get. 

Areas are places that you can either walk into directly after defeating all of the veggies or by having a key. Keys are pretty easy to find. Just smash things. The buildings that require keys have better rewards at the end, and they are the only places that I have found Bob. These areas will have a lot of enemies and they are abundant. After killing all foes, you’ll receive a chest or box to break open. If you’re low on health, a med pack may appear, but they don’t just drop out of the sky. Ammo and guns are mostly all you really need and those are what you will usually get.

In addition to firing your selected weapon the right stick will throw whatever it is that you may have in your inventory at the time, such as a grenade, Molotov or coffee… These are your throwables.  The arsenal of weapons is impressive and these can be found at the Shop n Shizle; your convenient gun and ammo store. You are going to be able to find all kinds of weapons. Money does play a big part so while you’re out there try and clear the areas then hit the Shizle. Like I mentioned before, the variety of guns that are available is what makes this game so much fun. So far, I have run into such guns as, Chilligun, Alienshotty, Shotgun, AK-47, Alien auto rifle, Rifle and Heavy. The abundance of guns truly makes this addicting. I can barely put the controller down. You also have chests that vary in price and reward; the more money, the better the item. There is an old man that sits in a corner and talks about buying your guns. You must first help him fix something and in order to do that you have to find these purple crystals. Keys are here too…can’t have enough of those.

I did not even know I had a map until hours into the game. The details within the map would have helped tremendously if I were to have just messed with the controls early on. The map, when brought up with LB will give you the layout of the whole town, the places you haven’t been, the places you have, where all of the locked houses are and where the Shop n Shizle is. I’m actually pretty blown away by how detailed this game is. I have never played anything by Merge Games, but I am a fan for life.

After massacring pretty much the whole town of veggies a little alien will pop up and tell you not to run, but do. He shoots these blue bubbles out of his little alien weapon and he is fast. Keep running and shooting until you take him down. Upon defeating this alien an underground door will rise from the ground. On the front of the door it’ll say “BOSS”. Good hint that you are about to fight an insane vegetable with somewhat of a brilliant leadership. The Boss is hard! The main boss is coming at you while his little minions run at you ravenously, and the amount of ammo needed to kill this dude is unbelievable.

You can find Bonus Dimensions. What happed when I saw it appear, I had a fully automated rifle and killed all of the vegetables with in seconds. Not sure if that is how I opened it or if it just appeared on its own because it was meant to. I mean you have a lot going on in this game and I really enjoy it, but wow is this game hard. You literally have to stay alive long enough to clear all areas and beat the boss. Mind you, med packs are really scarce, and the whole dodging and gunning skills are a must. If you stay in one place, they will pummel you.

These vegetables are pretty cool. You have carrots, lemons, celery and broccoli. The big pumpkins are pretty hard to kill due to their size, all though, if you have the right weapon, it’ll be a lot easier. The celery will pop below and above ground so when you shoot at him you have a good shot at missing. The whole design is charming and visually, The Walking Vegetables reminds me of the 90’s hit TV show, Saved by the Bell; very vibrant, a lot of purples and greens with wild pink everywhere. I love how indie games are bringing back the euphoric feeling of being a child. A lot of the 8-bits hit me in the feels.  I had hours of fun on this game, and I really couldn’t put the controller down; I absolutely loved it!   

Catastronauts Review – Xbox One

Are you ready to party in space?  Catastronatus hopes so with their new couch co-op party game.  You are known as a Space Cadet who has just completed training, which consisted of fighting fires, fixing the broken ship to keep it going and finally repairing the control system.  During your graduation award ceremony your Sargent started to hand out your medals just before a heavy armored ship and a fleet, beamed your Sargent up to their headquarters. A mean and nasty looking alien let loose his minions on Earth and has threatened your safety with war. Your duty as a Cadet is to repel the alien hordes and take back what was so meaninglessly taken.

This is a couch co-op game that really wants you to play with at least two players. You don’t really have a say-so in this area either. If you launch the game with the one character you’ll soon find out when you spawn in the game a second character appears, yours and another character that you can control by switching back and forth by pressing LB. Having that knowledge, you will also need to know how to pick up items and also how to fix various things on the ship.  The A button is how you pick up either a fire extinguisher or tool boxes, X is how you complete the action while near or hovering over the dangerous area.

While all this is happening you also have to shoot the enemy ship that is firing back at yours. From the enemy fire you will obtain damage that will put cracks on the floor of your space craft, fires all over the deck and even the chance of losing your only weapons, your guns. As a Cadet, you must learn how to do all of this in a timely manner; mastering speed is critical. You may have three fires going at once, two cracks on your floor and your gun, the only source of offense, slowly taking damage. The choice of which problem to take care of first is totally up to you, but if you do not do an excellent job with fixing everything, you’ll soon find yourself with the words, GAME OVER on your screen.

I solo played a lot of these levels by myself and let me tell you, this may look like a child’s game, but it is far from that. Two characters to control, three guns and multiple damaged areas will take its toll fast. Speed and efficiency are your friend as well as having a few other friends join in to take control of other characters.  As you go further in your adventure new damages will appear and they will be harder to fix, and new techniques are required in order for you to be able to use the tools at your disposal.

So, this level that I just completed was a mess! I had two separate sides of the ship and I could not run back and forth like I could with previous levels. If my character on the right side wanted to use the tool to fix things up, I had to take the toolbox to a transporter, press X and it would teleport to him. The same goes with the fire extinguisher, though with the extinguisher there was only one. That meant I had to run and put out a fire while the other side shot and fixed things, so when the left side caught fire I had to quickly run to the teleporter, put the item on and press send. All that takes time and you then pick it up with the other character while I put the fire out on that side. Alongside all of that my guns kept getting destroyed. To say the least, that was very difficult. 

Catastronauts doesn’t have much of a story, so you will not encounter a lot of cutscenes.  You’re mostly just playing levels after level of increasingly difficult damage control situations. I would not recommend soloing this all by yourself.  It can be done but sooner or later you will need help.  The game was clearly intended as a party game for up to four Cadets playing locally or online and I can recommend this for a family night or playing with friends online or at home.  Inertia Game Studios has created a game that will generate hours of fun for family and friends.  This is frantic couch co-op at its finest.

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Hero Defense Review – Xbox One

In order to destroy the world’s most powerful vampire, your team of slayers must impale, slash, tear and burn through legions of undead hell-bent on world domination in Hero Defense; now available for the Xbox One. Take charge of five unique heroes that battle their way through various arenas to defeat Count Necrosis in a perfect blend of RTS, RPG and Tower Defense games to strategically maneuver their upgradeable heroes to destroy hordes of sinister creeps.

Each character will have a select category at which they are best useful. Jack is a vampire slayer and has a cross bow that shoots armor piercing bolts that can be shot at a rate of two or more bolts at enemies killing them quicker. Barrows has Holy power which would contain Purify. Purify cleanses the evil from skeletons for which Barrows is a grave digger, so he uses his knowledge to his advantage like every other character.  Sam Hain does area damage, especially to zombies. Fire is her expertise and is a very effective character when in a bind. By throwing Pumpkins that explode with fire, she keeps the undead at bay for Jack’s arrows only stick in them and Barrows Holy Water has little to no effect on them.

Jane Doe is an up close and personal hacker, slasher. She jumps off the terrain onto the path of the monsters and just goes in and starts swinging her sword. When she attacks she has the chance to knock the enemy backwards preventing them from progressing forward. This comes in handy when you have hordes of monsters. She is the best in my opinion. Wylde, a half blood, throws hatchets like boomerangs, which is great against defeating werewolves.

Gameplay is a mix of preparing your heroes then tactically positioning them to positions on the map which gives you more time to kill incoming enemies. The monsters will move in a direct line. You will see the line and then can determine where to place your character. You will find Shrines that can double the damage either for all characters or certain characters. Strategy is a big factor in this game.

Special abilities like “Angry Mob” can take effect by killing enough enemies to power it up. By using the ability an Angry Mob will run down all enemies in the line of fire. Very useful and kills them instantly. You will have a set amount of damage you can take at the gate at the end of the enemy line before you die.   Barricades have 5 points damage they can withstand, so after five monsters have hit it the level of your defense goes down, and so do you. Keep all away from your defense barricade for your town and you’ll be safe. This is where strategy comes in. Placing heroes in the wrong place and wrong time will kill them off and they won’t make it.

Orbs will drop so you may charge your hero for better damage abilities. Barrows drops Frost Bombs which slows fast enemies down so that you can kill them all in time. Money, the kills, all of it adds to you hero leveling up. Get perfects kill waves etc. to gain more XP.

The town has been destroyed and needs your immediate attention. After winning a couple of rounds you will have the ability to mend the town back to normal. The Academy, The Forge, all of it counts and really matters.  You upgrade your character tree skill at The Academy; the more skills that are upgraded the more damage you will inflict and the better chances you have at surviving enemy waves. The Forge is where you can upgrade you weapons and put runes into the weapon slots. Charge costs can lower for faster shooting or making weapons stronger with buffs.

Townspeople are important to your future victory. Make sure your Town Hall is kept in good condition. Town Hall is where you keep records of your Heroes, enemies and the buildings within the city limits. Keeping track of records never hurt anyone. As previously mention, Gems are used to create Shrines within the game. Some are for Heroes, some orbs and others special. They all matter and can be used in a lot of ways. Better start trading in gold for gems.

Nidhogg 2 Review – Xbox One

As I was playing a round of Nidhogg 2 I was thinking about what I am going to write and how was I going to approach this review. The first thing I would like to state is that this game is amazing. I absolutely love it! It has been a while since I was able to laugh and be ready to throw my controller through my TV all in 30 mins. The second would be that this game is hard. As you play through the levels you will start to see that the A.I. will start reading your moves and counter your attacks. It was really frustrating trying to get past the com in one spot for about ten minutes, and as a little bit of time passed I had an achievement pop up that said “Donkey Space” – the info on that achievement stated that I had played a match for 20 minutes! This was about the 7th or 8th level.  

After I won I just went ahead and jumped off. It was way too much to have to keep playing. I was getting overwhelmed and frustrated. Though I had to take a break, I kept thinking about the game. Absolutely beautiful. I will have great pleasure to pick up the controller and check out the online mode. 

You can create and customize your characters with various colors, clothes and hair styles to choose from. This game is so fun. I played for about two hours in one go and enjoyed how when you get killed, whichever color you chose for your character; that is the color of your blood when you die.  I love making characters my own. I believe that character customization is a must for me, even in this platformer that most might not even look twice at and has great features that are found in modern games. 

You have six different stages that are split between the two opposing sides. The goal is to push past your opponent to his side of the stages, and once you do make it all the way past your nemesis you will make it to the “Final Screen”.  Pass that and you will come to the end of the road. The reward is that you win, but also get eaten by the Nidhogg! The first time I won and was eaten I was blown away because I thought that I had made a mistake. I have never played the first Nidhogg, so I had no clue that being eaten by the Nidhogg was actually the main goal. I had such a great time and experience. I laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. 

When it comes to skills and learning how to control your character there is a lot to learn. For instance, when you have a weapon you can throw it or run at your opponent in a slide motion to hit him with a low attack. It usually works, but when they start to catch on they will jump in the air, completely evading your attack. After throwing your weapon you may find yourself unarmed. Do not fret because you can roll onto another weapon laying on the ground and pick it up.  

Nidhogg 2 is all about strategy. Though it may be a platformer and have no 3D visuals this game is hard. It puts your skills to the test, and you will pick up little tricks and techniques along the way. Be sure to use the different weapons given to you in different ways. Not all weapons work the same. You have long swords, daggers, bows etc.; all great weapons if used correctly. Use slides, jumps and sometimes when it gets hard, just jump over your opponent and run for the next screen if they don’t kill you first, and always remember you can throw weapons. 

Platformers are coming back, and you will find some that you hate, those you enjoy and many in-between.  Occasionally, you will find that indie game that brings you back to your childhood, and it will keep a special place in your vault of memories that bring you joy and sometimes anger.  Nidhogg 2 will be one of those games for me.  

We have so many options to choose from when it comes to indie games thanks to digital store technology and the ever-growing community of small studios and those companies will be the game changer for games that we can purchase online. I love that we can just pick up our controllers and go through hundreds of games that we have never heard of and those we have. This is where community comes into play, not to mention the future. 

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The Long Reach Review – Xbox One

We have all experienced on occasion times when we need to better ourselves or truly look deep into what or who we are. Thus, is the day, or shall we say night for Calvin when he finds a note left by Shelly,  his girlfriend telling him that he needs to get his life together or else he will lose the girl. I can attest to this, although I did not go out looking for jellies to sooth my pain, but it is all the same in the end. It seems Calvin is very conflicted as he walks down the street to Simons Corner store where he walks in and is greeted by the store clerk, Simon. Our little journey begins here on a cold night with not much going on in the streets, but from all the horror stories and movies I’ve seen, I know there is something creeping around the corner as this sad chapter of Calvin’s life unfolds. What not a better time to step into the story and wreak havoc.

With interactions being a factor in this game you have multiple choice Q&A dialogs.  For example:

Simon: Merry Christmas Cal!

Calvin: Merry Christmas Simon.

Simon: What can I do for you?

This is where multiple choice comes in and where humor can link perfectly with a horror story/game.

Calvin: Kidnap Shelly, please?

Calvin: Adult groceries for an adult man.

It is great that the producers can play with this story and can give a mature and humorous curveball from time to time. You will of course get a smart remark from the NPCs depending on which question or answer you choose. To say the least, this game is not for children. I really get engaged with the stories in video games, so I will either be in love with the plot laid out before me or I will dislike it.  With so many games coming out these days, especially indie-style adventures, it takes something unique and playful for a story to really stand out and stick with me.

Back to Calvin and the corner store. Calvin is looking for jellies and after your encounter with Simon you can move on to the back of the store to the jelly stand, but not before noticing some strange guy just standing in the store looking at the ice cream. Calvin strolls by and makes his way to the long-awaited jellies, but just before reaching the stand Mrs. Cuddlin approaches Calvin. Mrs. Cuddlin is Shelly’s grandmother and is checking up on them and their relationship status. Though Calvin does not get into the juicy info about how their relationship is going down the drain, he tries to vigorously dodge all her questions and make it to his destination.

After the agonizing conversation, he procures the jellies in hand. On the way back, Simon is holding the mysterious guys mouth open due to what looks like a seizure. Long story short, Calvin acquires the back-room key and goes for the phone while the ice cream guy seems like he is about to bite off Simon’s hand. He gets the police on the phone and explains what is going on, the call ends, and we make our way back to the front after hearing what seems like a murder scene. WTF! Exclaims Calvin as he sees blood everywhere in the store; the walls, floor, even all over the jellies! Seeing Simon dead on the floor the ice cream man runs up behind him, knocks him on the floor and commences to stab Calvin.

By now we are sure to have noticed that Calvin was a short-lived character in The Long Reach and we begin our main character’s story off in some type of computer lab. Stewart starts his way back to where the experiment is to take place along with the journey through The Long Reach.

A little further into the game we find out that what has gone wrong is a malfunction with a project Shelly was working on. Within the last four hours people have gone crazy and are acting weird. While Shelly is explaining what went wrong, we start to understand why people were acting so damn crazy. Not all science is good or for that matter even needs to be meddled with. People are starting to hallucinate and have nightmares, losing touch with reality and themselves as they start to go insane.

I will admit that I struggled with the first scene. Somewhere I missed having to cut the rubber dog bone with broken glass to insert it into the elevator’s broken button, so I could progress. I kept a sharp eye out for hidden items and little interactions along the way. It’s not very hard being this is a 2D game and everything is placed in front of you, or so it would seem. The Long Reach is a challenging game and I love the fact that you must take an item, transform or makeshift it into something a little different before it can be used.

Things will make more sense the further you get into the adventure when it comes to what you can use, craft and what can’t be used. When everything starts to come together it is satisfying to say the least where progression is concerned. Trying to find everything for one little objective can be frustrating at times and will require some breaks in between playing; this I know firsthand. Better to come back refreshed and clear headed then to continue frustrated.

The graphics in The Long Reach are pixelated in that retro style that is increasingly popular.  There not so much to brag about but at the same time it is not bad. I get a nostalgia when playing games that are expressed in older graphic designs. It’s a breath of fresh air when I play games that aren’t the usual run of the mill products, and it’s good to get away from the multiplayer with a quality single-player adventure and just have fun with what your playing instead of grinding for gear all day or trying to keep up with the top players on a leaderboard. Just have fun!

Sound quality is great. The music and sound effects really brings this plot of horror and things gone bad to life. When walking into a dark room you might hear voices that seem to be driving everyone else crazy. Screams and yelling in the background with the blood and broken glass, very good indeed.

Personally, I really enjoyed The Long Reach. It gave me a challenge and made me think about what I had to do next. I’d recommend getting this game if you just want to have fun, enjoy a classic adventure, or just want to earn some achievements. And while this may not be what every gamer is looking for we often find treasures where we do not look.

The Count Lucanor Review – Xbox One

Today is Han’s 10th Birthday. After his father left for the war, all Hans can think about is going on adventures and exploring this vast land he lives in. With no money, his mother was unable to procure a present. This, more than anything upsets Hans, he doesn’t understand how every other child in his village throws parties, receives gifts and presented sweets when it is their birthday. After telling his mom that he does not want to live with her anymore, let alone be a child, Hans sets off on his journey to become the world’s greatest explorer. Knowing this is what he wants there is very little his mother can tell him to stay. A cane, cheese and 3 gold coins are what you mother can provide for the journey. Before heading off, the first mission will be finding his trusty canine Spittle’s dog bone.

As we make our way the opposite direction of home we find that this is going to be an adventure, and with hidden items and secrets to find, we are well on the way to becoming explorers!  This takes me back to when I first started playing games. With a little more of an ability to maneuver your character than earlier-gen games, you also get the feel for how far gaming has come up to this point. The sounds of the birds, the trees and grass will make you feel happy and comfortable. Music and the design of games can affect the way you feel about them, which is applied here in The Count Lucanor.

I am not really into pixelated games, but I can tell you that I have very much enjoyed this game. If my daughter were a little older and had more of an understanding about the controls etc. I would put her on this. It is a very magical place to insert yourself after a hard day’s work, when you get home, kick off your shoes, and unwind with this uncompetitive and stress-free game. As the new gen games started taking over everything has become online multiplayer and very aggressive in the sense of competition. I love online multiplayer, but I also must break away from those games from time to time so I do not get caught up in a world that I start having clutch feelings towards. It can become very dark when playing multiplayer games all the time. The Count Lucanor is a great example of what games used to be like and how enticing that they can also be without competition.

For me this game has made a home as one of the games that just come together enough for it to make a good impression on my list of video games. I’d say give this game a go. If you were playing early gen games and haven’t experienced a pixelated game that has kept your interest, The Count Lucanor will possibly be the game that will.

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