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Tennis World Tour 2 Review – PlayStation 4

Well sports fans, I just couldn’t help myself.  If you are a tennis fan and visit this website, you more than likely read my review on AO Tennis 2.  If you remember I wasn’t very fond of that game and stated I wouldn’t play another tennis game for 10 years.  Maury Povich determined that was a lie.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I have a problem and I just can’t help but reach out to grab the most recent tennis game hoping and praying that this will be The One!  Is Tennis World Tour 2 the much-desired Madden of the tennis world? Let’s find out……

Big Ant Studios quickly came out with a follow up tennis game this year with Tennis World Tour 2.  You would think that Big Ant Studio would take some time to read some reviews and try to please the tennis fans out there, especially with a game coming out this quickly.  Sadly, this game feels rushed and unfinished if they truly wanted to do an upgrade from the earlier released AO Tennis 2.  When you open the game, you will quickly see a ton of similarities with what you can do and notice that there isn’t a lot of extras outside of career and exhibition mode.

I did learn from previous experiences and quickly jumped into the training section of this game to learn how the controls would be after my disastrous start last time.  Sadly, it is the exact same setup and little change from how the training tutorial is run.  You will learn some of the changes with button patterns but with little repetition.  You go in and just have to complete the three shots that they are trying to teach you and you’re done.  Quickly you realize that the same stick you swing with is the one you use to aim with as well.  This leads to a lot of control and swing timing issues in the training.  It gets even trickier in gameplay where you are on the move and have to try and hit the shot you want. Again, there is no icon on where your shot is aimed which leads to some more frustrations while playing.  The last and worst thing that was noticed during the training sessions was that the tennis ball sometimes is too bright and at times, depending on the court, is hard to track against the surface..

After finishing the tutorials and understanding the controls and timing, somewhat, I ventured into the rest of the game starting with exhibition mode.  I loved the lineups they had; a lot of the top big names out there sprinkled in with some of the fan favorite up and coming players.  Quickly though you realize that the player graphics are severely lacking.  The graphics look like PS3 graphics at best. Justified or not, tennis games are being asked to match the graphics of every other game out there, and if a tennis game is really going to sell and bring in more gamers they must put a lot of time and energy into making it look and feel like a next gen game.  I was happy with the updates they did on the court graphics.  I played on grass and clay courts right away to test out what they would look like.  While it still left me wanting more, I did like how the ball marks and player movement did affect the court look.  I didn’t feel like the surface type changed the style of play on how the ball bounced, but seeing the markings was a nice upgrade.  This game has some cool courts to play on throughout career mode.  I played on a court that looked like a basketball court, and while the tennis player in me said that was dumb, the gamer in me thought it was a pretty cool idea.

I ventured into career mode and wanted to create a player that looked like me.  I didn’t think the player creation could get worse after AO Tennis 2, but I quickly was proven wrong.  The options were worse, and you get even less to pick from.  Why can’t they take a photo of you and render you?  With all the technology out there, why is creating a player to look like you so hard?  They were able to do facial cap ten years ago with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and Rainbow Six and it worked great.  In career mode you will find a grind that is much like a true career would be on tour.  The difference is you get skill cards to help you throughout the match.  By hitting a directional button, you will activate one to help you win a point.  Think of them as a power up.  Why they added this, I’m not sure.  Half the time you don’t know if you activated it or not since the card doesn’t light up or have an animation to show it is activated and early on until you upgrade them you don’t even notice the “power up”.  The career mode really forces you to focus on a healthy balance of meeting coaches, training, playing, upgrading your skills through cards and gear, and resting like you would in real life.

Upgrading your player is boring and not rewarding at all.  I would love to have a training session help take what you are struggling on in matches and drill it into your game to help you as a player.  For example, you are struggling with taking more than two steps to really hit a great forehand.  The training has a drill that has you work on moving to the middle, then quickly move three steps to your forehand side to hit a down the line or inside out forehand.  At the very least have some basic real-life training drills to help you get better other than the boring “complete three of these shots” and move on that we get.  I think about what makes Madden so loved and people coming back to continue to buy the newest version (even though not much has changed) and you find it is the ways they challenge the players to get better so when they go online they truly are better and can compete.

For a mirroring game to come out from the same studio in the same year this is a huge letdown.  There were some nice changes that were improvements, but overall it was a carbon copy of the previously released game with way less features and a total lack of effort..  The entire time I playing Tennis World Tour 2 all I could think of was how this wasn’t any different than the last game I played.  I was constantly comparing this to AO Tennis 2.and thinking this is the same or even worse.  This game just feels incomplete and rushed to release.  It’s like a comic book movie getting released just so the studio can keep the rights to that property, and they don’t care about the actual product.

Wii tennis, here I come!

AO Tennis 2 Review – PlayStation 4

Tennis is a favorite sport in my family. My mom introduced us to the sport when my brothers and I were young. My youngest brother played at the division 1 level and we still meet up Saturday mornings to hit on a regular basis. It is my favorite sport to play and the second favorite sport I like to watch on TV behind football. I have been looking for that same love and passion to come through a tennis video game and have been craving a great tennis game for a long time. The last tennis game I attempted to fill this want was in 2009. While it had a lot of positives, I still wanted more from a tennis game and gave up on there being any good ones going forward and stopped playing them. Well in 2020 I was told about AO Tennis 2. With it being one of the last times that my favorite player to watch, Roger Federer, could be in the game I jumped at the opportunity to grab a copy. Since I had given up on tennis games that I didn’t even know this was a sequel and had to ask once I saw the title.

I was so excited to play AO Tennis 2 on my next gen system. Seeing it was a sequel, I had high hopes that they worked out all the issues from the first game and this was going to be THE game that finally reached my expectations for a tennis game, like Tiger Woods Golf did for the golfing crowd. After starting the game, the open screen already started with the letdown. With any game you want to immediately jump into a quick play session just to play and see how the game plays. I was shocked at how bad the character graphics were for a PS4 game. You see better character designs in PS3 games. The only character that looked somewhat close to next gen was Nick Kyrgios. I quickly gathered myself and said the game is created by a studio that I have never heard of and they could have focused on other areas that can make this game great. I continued with high hopes and then another big hit, WHERE IS ROGER, NOVAK, THIEM, TSITSIPAS, ZVEREV, KEYS, or THE WILLIAMS SISTERS?! Again, after calming down and realizing that getting those players could have been too expensive for the studio and left them out (this isn’t true because you can go and do a quick download and have access to some of them but not all). I picked my second favorite player in Nadal and decided to face off against the top rated American, John Isner.

I wanted to test the graphics of this game, so I picked a night time game on clay. I wanted to see how the surface reacted to the players and gameplay. Again, I was let down. I didn’t see any ball marks or foot marks on the court during the play. There was little to no texture at all on the surface, in fact none of the surfaces (or courts) had great texture. With the load times between each screen you would think that you would see every little detail that it would be overwhelming to your eyes.The court was just your basic reddish orange with lines on it. I was just about ready to give up on this game and then I heard it.

The point where the game started to hook me was the sound of the ball hitting the racquet (the loud pop of a flat forehand and the smooth grazing noise of a slice backhand), the Nadal grunt, the sound of the ball makes when it hits the court, and then the crowd reacting to the point. I felt like I was at an actual tennis event with how quiet the crowds were during the play and how the crowd reacted after the point was over. The only thing I think they could have made better were the times when the crowd could have oooohed and ahhhhed and then got quiet again. An example would be in long rally points with shots that look like they will be winners just before it is somehow returned and the point continues to play out. You would hear cheering and shouts of YEAH only to hear shhhhhhh and then it gets quiet again.

After seeing some positives, I was starting to focus in and then the game lost me. My player just forgot how to swing and contact the ball. The player at times was getting pulled in a different direction for a split second than where I was trying to move the player. Then there were times when I was in position to make a return and then my player would just watch the ball go right by him without even attempting to swing or lunge at the ball to make a play. There were 3 serves in a row from the ad side of the court where Isner served up the T (middle line on the service box) and Nadal just watched it. I finally had to move in the middle of the service return area and tap the button for a half-hearted return but at least it was in play. I have never been so frustrated playing a game that quickly ever. There were times where the landing spot indicator was a foot inside the baseline, and I would have a green marker (good timing and ground stroke) and it would fly out of bounds. What made it worse is I am seeing Isner hit shots without looking at the ball and it hits the lines for a winner. I managed to get through the two sets for the win without breaking a controller or waking up my family while they slept from my frustration screams.

After the quick play I wanted to get into the career mode to see if AO Tennis 2 is worth saving or even playing. I went in and started to create my player. This is where the game really starts to excel. You have multiple breakdowns in each category of the player from head to toe. You can get extremely detailed or just stick with the basics. The only upgrade that could have made this better is to use a camera to take a photo of your face and then generate a player. This same creator simulator translates to arenas as well. You have a budget to consider, but you can build a venue that can be extremely detailed with up to 7 courts (trophy for a 7 court one!!). They can have multiple tiers, you can add a roof, change the colors of the seats and railings, and control every detail even on what the umpires and players sit on. The best part is you get to play any of the courts you created in the gameplay as well.

After creating a player, I jumped right into my career. AO Tennis 2 is very good at making you earn your way to the top just like a player in real life must do. You start out with very little money and skills. You have to play challenger and future matches to earn skill and money to continue to grow. At times it is too realistic. You must manage your schedule so you don’t get burned out. You can’t just play tournament after tournament because your player will be too tired during the matches and alter how he/she moves and plays. You can pick between playing a tournament, practice, or rest for that week. The practice sessions are a little frustrating because they are easy to complete and only work on 1 part of your game so getting better really drags on. If you are a true player and like that grind it’s a great thing to have but for the average player who wants to work on things and still have fun against the big name players and be number one in the world taking home Grand Slam Titles, it gets boring.

The last cool thing about AO Tennis 2 is you can create and download scenarios to play. There are so many ones to download. I played in a Hewitt VS Federer one that I downloaded from the popular scenarios folder. I picked Hewitt and I started the match down 5-7, 2-6, and was down 3-5 in the 3rd set. I had to make a crazy comeback to win. It was a lot of fun and had some extra pressure since if I played a bad game right off the bat, I lost the match. The only problem is that you must work to find how to load them. It is not a smooth flow through like a quick play.

Once again, I am still left wanting for a tennis game that lives up to my expectations for a next gen console game. While AO Tennis 2 has some amazing highs, the lows are just too low to really enjoy this game the entire time you are playing it. When you see other sports games like Madden and FIFA keeping up with the times it just has you scratching your head on why can’t they get a big name (Roger, Nadal, or Novak) to be the face of the game to get some backing to put some money into the game and make it a staple in all sports gamers collections? Depending on what you are looking for in your tennis game this $40 price tag will be worth every penny with the player creations, stadium creation, and the career grind, or the game will be the most frustrating $40 you have ever spent due to the awkward player movement, inadequate graphics for a next gen system, and frustrating gameplay. Here’s to another ten years before I try another tennis game to try and match my passion for the sport. It’s time to dig out my Nintendo Wii to play a little Wii Tennis and work out my frustrations and sorrows.

LEGO The Incredibles Review – PlayStation 4

Oh no. Disney Pixar? You married Disney Pixar? And got biz-zay! It’s an entire game of LEGO Disney! Looks like I hit the jackpot!

LEGO The Incredibles picks up exactly where the first movie left off (and the second movie begins), taking on the Underminer! This is a fantastic way to open the game by saving Municiberg. It is a smooth action-packed beginning to a game that we have waited 14 years for. From there you get to experience aspects from both movies. I strongly suggest that if you haven’t seen Incredibles 2 you will want to wait on playing this game (major spoilers) until you have seen the movie.

After playing so many LEGO games I am always looking to see how the next one will separate itself from previous games. LEGO Incredibles definitely has moments where it stumbles, but it does have some areas that shine. The biggest areas I had issues with this game are the level order, length of the game, media cut scenes, boss battles, and voice acting.

While I stated that the opening level of the game is fantastic and it was a truly awesome way to open the game, you continue to play the next five levels all based from the sequel movie. Once you defeat the Super Villain you travel back and play the next six levels from the first movie. Tt and WB do tie it together the best they can with it being a flashback, but it just doesn’t feel right. The levels don’t feel even either. Some levels are very long with multiple puzzles while others seem to be shorter and more straightforward. Overall, this game seems to be on the shorter side when compared to other LEGO games. Most LEGO games have 15 levels while Incredibles has 12. I consider myself to be an above average gamer and I was able to platinum the game in 24 hours of gameplay.

Once you reach the open world a district will show up with crime waves, and if you happen to walk into that district limits it doesn’t matter what you might be doing you go into a cutscene that you can’t fast forward through. You also can’t fast forward through the cutscene after you complete all aspects in the district (crime waves and boss battles). There were plenty of times I was doing races in the street, air, or water that took me into the district with crime waves and the cutscene came up and took me out of the race forcing me to start the race over again.

The boss battles in both the story mode and open world mode seem very similar and repetitive. Run around while you dodge objects that drop, fight off evil henchman, and do that until the boss gets tired and dizzy then attack them. Complete these actions three times and you defeat the villain. After doing this for all the districts in Municiberg you start to get bored of the same thing from your LEGO franchise. One cool feature in this game is after you defeat the bosses they are sent to prison and you can view them behind bars.

The voice acting is hit or miss depending on the character you are playing with or whoever is in the cutscenes. I am struggling with the stand-ins. I loved the first movie so much (didn’t see the second before playing and the movie was ruined) and hearing other voices in the iconic roles just didn’t stand up. The southern accent with Helen Parr (Elastigirl) really bothered me every time she spoke. Frozone and the rest of the Parrs were close to the original voices but you could still tell in moments that they were not. Most of the lines were exactly from the movie so I am wondering why they couldn’t just use those voices and then continue to use the same actors. It is a small detail, but to a lot of the diehard fans it would have enjoyed this aspect a lot more.

Despite all those issues LEGO The Incredibles does shine in many areas. One is by adding districts to the city of Municiberg that you go through and clean up the crime waves. You get to team up with the police and do crime fighting like you’ve always pictured you would if you had super powers. This game does an amazing job of transitioning from story mode to open world. The added features in the districts are amazing. I love that you can go through the new Parr home and explore Edna’s home and lab where she creates all her “Super” things.

Family builds are another addition that bring more of a team feel to this game over previous games. Family builds involve two or more team members to put together something that will help you out in an environment or build something that unlocks other Pixar Characters for access to red bricks. A nice twist to the family builds is that depending on what character you involve in the build it effects how fast they build or lose the buildup. For instance, Dash is super-fast at building but his build deletes faster. Jack Jack takes longer to build up but holds his build longer. There are times you have up to four people in a build at one time, so you must figure out how to get all four characters to hold their builds at the same time.

The levels are amazing from start to finish. I know I stated that some feel longer than others but they all look amazing and are just fun to play and replay. This game uses the three tiered levels very well (bottom of the screen, middle of the screen, and above what you see on the screen) and finds ways in every level to have you interact with each section. The way the levels are designed to work with the characters is beautiful. One awesome example is that you use Elastigirl to turn into a piece of a track to allow Dash to run along the building to collect building blocks to move through that part of the level. The colors stand out (so much red) and really show a lot of detail you don’t always see in LEGO games.

From start to finish LEGO The Incredibles does deliver more on its pros than it detracts on cons. Fans of The Incredibles or LEGO games in general will enjoy the gameplay throughout your experience. The characters are enjoyable to play and you will want to try and play with as many as you can instead of just using a handful to complete all tasks. The $60 price tag is very high for this game, especially when the PC version is $20 less. Due to the short length of the game, and if you haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet, I would recommend waiting for a sale or price drop to $30. That time will allow you to see the movie and really feel you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Deluxe Edition Review – PlayStation 4

Every gamer has been in a situation where they just can’t get a game off their mind. They are at work staring at the clock watching it move painfully slow. Possibly having a conversation with someone not remembering what you said or talk about because you were day dreaming about the trailer you just saw earlier that day. Maybe you are that gamer who annoys everyone because you somehow turn every conversation back to the game you are about to play when you get home. Its ok to admit you have done one of these because you are not alone. I will admit to the world that all three of these things happened to me while I knew my game of Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite was downloading at home.

I grew up on Mortal Kombat. Even though I get my butt handed to me by my friends and versus opponents online regularly, I still love playing the story modes and always look forward to the next version. Due to this love, I can proudly admit that this isn’t my first crossover game. Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe was one of my favorite fighting games for the longest time. How can you not love having your two favorite characters of Superman and Sub-Zero kick the crap out of each other?! I loved that game so much I didn’t get another fighting game until Injustice came out. Due to my love of Mortal Kombat I never really knew of Street Fighter or any of the other Marvel VS Capcom games.   When I first saw the trailer while watching television I was shocked that Marvel VS Capcom was a series and this was the 8th game in the franchise. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being as popular as ever I had to see how this game could compare to my childhood favorite series both visually and with its game play.

I can hear it now; Marvel VS Capcom won’t compare visually since it is supposed to be more cartoon style than the more realistic graphics of MK and Injustice! I understand that and it was one of the reasons I really wanted to play Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. I wanted that change of pace. Something not so dramatic but still had a storyline that I can get lost in. I couldn’t wait to get home from work to play this game. But the moment I saw the opening scene and saw the Rob Liefeld 90s Captain America body style I instantly started picking apart the graphics on everything. I missed half of the dialogue due to being in shock at how unproportioned and boxy a lot of the characters were. I couldn’t help but notice how rushed a lot of them looked. I found myself talking to myself in my game room saying there is no way the designers think this is acceptable with other fighting games looking so beautiful in 4k. What made it worse was that there are some characters that look gorgeous! Newcomer Captain Marvel, Gamora, Nova, Spider-Man, Dante, and Strider Hiryu look amazing and really make the other characters stand out even more.

When I finally stopped picking apart the characters I forced myself to move on to the other parts of the game. I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful colors in the background arenas that really popped. MODOK’s Lab and the Avenger Tower were two of my favorite places to fight in. While missing a lot of texture compared to MK and Injustice the arenas still caught my attention and I found myself just getting lost looking at every inch before a fight would start and sometimes forget which character I was supposed to be fighting as. The arenas and cutscenes really help make up for some of the horrible character designs.

Part of the reason I mentioned MODOK’s Lab as one of my favorite arenas to play in was not just due to the colors but also because of how well the two series (Marvel and Capcom) blended together. Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite does a really good job overall of making sure that they just don’t put two characters together to fight, but make sense on why the characters are teamed together and how it fits with the storyline. There are still question marks with some of the characters picked for the game, I am looking at you Arthur. A lot of the characters are recycled from previous games, you don’t get any X-Men, and with Thanos and the Infinity Stones being an integral part of the storyline why aren’t all the Guardians of the Galaxy in the game to play during Story Mode?

Being the 8th game in the series you would hope that it would evolve and grow to help gain new fans. While veterans of the series might strongly disagree with me on this point a lot of first time players will not. This game has not grown or evolved to keep up with other fighting games. While playing it just felt like a remastered version of a Super Nintendo game for me to play on the PS4. Injustice gives you a great tutorial of how to string together combos, recover from getting hit, use your environments, and makes you go through each move or combo before trying the next. With Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite you are just put in an arena with unlimited life to have at it against an opponent. You go to the moves list and Injustice tells you to hit Square + Square + Left Directional button to complete a combo while Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite gives you a directional button and then a picture with a color. Veterans know what this means but first-time users must look up with the pictures mean who really wants to do that?

There is a great upgrade in the gameplay regarding the 2 VS 2 format.   The tagging system is quick and can be used as a great weapon. When you are playing against opponents that you are outmatched against you can use the tagging system to your advantage. If you don’t use it as an attack, believe me, the AI will! There were many times that I needed my stronger player to rest and regain health. I would use my lesser character to attack my opponent and get them off balance and then tag in my stronger character and use a big combo to really do maximum damage. Watch out though with all great things there is always a catch! Don’t get caught doing this too much because if both characters are on the board, even if you are tagging in your partner, all characters can take damage. I ended a fight by defeating both characters at the same time.

The Infinity Stones are a great addition to the game as well. Each one can be used to help you in different ways in your battles against Thanos, Jedah Dohma, Ultron Sigma, and Utlron Omega. If you possess multiple stones at one time you can even alternate which stone you want to use when your meter bar is high enough. My favorite was the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone helped steal an opponent energy into your own life bar or in Duo Team Attack Mode you can revive defected characters with 20% Health. That really came in handy on the Final Boss fight. Each Stone has at least 2 powers that help certain players and characters better.

With these great upgrades comes a downside. As I stated earlier in the review, I am not the greatest at fighting games, and I was able to fly through the story mode. I finished the entire story mode in under four hours.   I only had to replay three fights. Once verse Nemesis, once verse Thanos, and once verse the final boss. I never had to lower the difficultly level but the second round did seem like the AI let up a little. I know these games are built to play VS mode and online but when you pay $60 for a game you want a good size campaign to go with it. That is one of the best things about Injustice. You get pulled into a world of Gods and you get to play it for 6 to 8 hours depending on how good you are. With this short a campaign mode you feel ripped off and wanting more.

With all the options on the market right now, games must really stand out to earn your money and time. Overall, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite just doesn’t measure up for the average player. You have above average voice acting in a storyline with Ultron and Sigma teaming up to release the Sigma Virus to eliminate all life in both universes. Sadly, of the four hours it takes to complete this story mode half of that time is cutscenes.

I can find common ground in that you don’t buy this game for the story mode. You buy the game for Player VS Player, Arcade Mode, and Mission Mode. With Arcade Mode, you get to pick characters and if you keep winning you move on to the next battle until you meet the final boss. Here you are looking at six fights and this quickly gets repetitive and a little boring. Mission Mode allows players to do various tutorial missions and doing advanced character specific challenges. I found myself playing this mode the most and you can almost justify buying the game for this mode itself.

I had such high hopes for Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite and ultimately was underwhelmed. With the Injustice series and all the improvements in the Mortal Kombat series, Marvel VS Capcom has got to start to evolve and grow. It seems Capcom is holding onto the past and the history of the franchise. While it will keep the veteran players happy it will not inspire new gamers to jump ship and prefer this series over Mortal Kombat or Injustice; especially when you sell a $20 game for $60.

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PDP Media Remote for PlayStation 4

Before all of our DVD and Blu-ray players had all the apps for watching our favorite TV shows and movies we were treated to those apps on our PS3. Like most of you, my PS3 was more than just a game console; it was my everything with games, TV shows, and movies. My PS3 was the most treasured item I owned in college since it allowed me to escape from life in so many ways and just let me relax. The only problem I had was that darn PS3 controller when I was watching movies and Netflix. I always seemed to totally stop my movie or skip chapters on accident by forgetting which button did the fast forward vs chapter skip. The best accessory I ever bought was the PS3 media remote. It worked just like any other remote and allowed me to use one hand to control everything instead of tying up both hands. Everything was just easier with that remote and I used it all the time!

Now the PS3 is all but obsolete and we all have upgraded our TVs from HD to 4K, it was time for all of us to upgrade to the PS4. I quickly found out that my coveted PS3 media remote did not work for the PS4. If there was any doubt in my mind on how much I loved using the media remote it was quickly brought back to my attention once I had to go back to using the PS4 controllers again. This prompted me to search high and low for a new media remote and I quickly found the PlayStation 4 PDP Media Remote. Listed for $24.99 I quickly saw that I was saving $5 dollars compared to the $29.99 I paid for my PS3 remote. I thought what a great deal because I know I will use it all the time, my wife will be able to use it now without angrily throwing the PS4 controller at me telling me she can’t get to the exact spot she was before, and the PS4 media remote is smaller than the previous version! It seemed like a win-win and I couldn’t wait to get home and test it out.

I quickly unboxed the remote and was ready to sync it to my PS4. I was extremely happy with the new design and feel of the buttons; buttons that don’t stick out over the remote too much and all have a smooth soft feel of the DualShock 4. From there I noticed exactly how much smaller the remote was compared to the previous bulky version. The PS3 media remote was about a foot long while the PS4 PDP remote is a little longer than an iPhone 7 while being a third narrower than said phone. After being excited about the look and feel of the remote I was quickly irritated when I found no batteries in the box. Surely for the $24.99 price tag Sony could have given me 2 AAA knock off batteries that could have lasted a month or so. Sadly, that was not the case. Lucky for me though that was really my only issue and that quickly went away once I put my own batteries in and started to sync it to my console. The directions are quick, direct, easy to follow, and syncing took no more than a minute.

Once you have synced your controller just hit the PS button at the top to “wake-up” the remote and you are notified how much battery life you have in the top left corner of your screen just like any other controller. From there it was just like I remembered. You have the directional buttons and enter button to navigate through any screen on the PS4 or your app menus. You get roughly 30 feet of range with the Bluetooth signal to fit any room and if you happen to fall asleep while watching a movie the remote powers down to save your battery after roughly 30 minutes of non-usage.

This is one of the easiest controllers to use. There is also an upgraded feature that gives you all your normal buttons (Square, Circle, X, Triangle, L1, L2, R1, and R2) at your fingertips if you like using those commands but are still looking for a smaller easy to use remote. They have even included the share and options buttons at the top. While you can’t game without analog sticks, you can still edit and share a clip using this remote! This is a must own accessory if you use your PS4 for anything more than gaming.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Review – PlayStation 4

Ever get tired of playing the hero all the time? Admit it, we all do. Villains are always more fun to play. In Darksiders Warmastered Edition you finally get to unleash your inner villain, well, your inner anti-hero. In this remastered version of Darksiders, you get to play as the strongest and most feared Horseman: WAR! Experience the entire apocalyptic battle between the Angels and Demons at 60 frames per second in full 1080p

Like many of you I was lucky enough to play this game on the PS3 and enjoyed every button mashing second of it. With all the remastered games coming out for our latest next gen consoles we once again find ourselves debating on playing a game we have already completed. Are updated graphics, a higher frame rate, and a price tag of $19.99 enough? Undoubtedly YES.

You quickly get dropped into a battle for Earth between three factions; Angels, Demons, and Man. You have been summoned to end the war but only you have shown up for battle. Here you get to see your full powers on display. No angel, demon, or man can stand up to you. All shout in joy at your mere presence but then you start to fall in pain and feel your strength and power leaving you. Why? Why are your powers leaving you? Why haven’t the other Horsemen joined the battle? This is where you strike a bargain with the Charred Counsel to find out why you were the only one called to battle.

At this moment you find my only complaint with Darksiders. You quickly see and hear that the audio is off with the characters lip movement. It is a slight delay but enough to really bother anyone with OCD. Even with the audio delay you are able to convince the Charred Counsel that they are in a win/win situation by granting you your release. You show them that you either die due to being too weak to battle the demons or you find out who broke the rules in regards to the seven seals. When you find the one who broke their law you promise to bring them to justice to restore order and balance to the factions. At this is moment your epic journey starts.

Like many action-role-playing games, when you first start you have to slowly build up your skill level and combat powers. This is where the game is a little tough to play at times. You just have your speed attack and power attack at this time. You quickly find that you have been gone for a long time and no humans remain but you are able to battle demons and zombies to gain souls for power ups. There is a lot of evading and button mashing until you can earn enough souls. What gets you through this time is the beautiful levels that continue the details all the way up to the sky.

Even in a gray tone apocalyptic world you still see details and contrast that IMMERSE you in this world and make you want to explore this semi open environment. The smooth motion of your sword going through demons and zombies as you preform finishing moves brings out your younger self as you yell in delight as you split them in half and see the blood splats. All the details you were missing from the PS3 version are now on display and draw you in even more. You clearly get to read billboards, watch dust blow across the screen, and see more colors and details that increase the frightening realism details of the demons as well as your armor.

The game quickly turns from what could have been a beautiful but boring button mashing game into a game that’s not only beautiful but makes you think by solving puzzles to make your way to the Twilight Cathedral. You quickly find ways to string together combos to take down more opponents and gather more souls. From the Twilight Cathedral you then move on to the Ashlands where you continue to catch yourself not playing the game but just watching as the detail of the desert level at times get you to forget you are just playing a game as you move through the desert.

Not only are you lost in the visual brilliance of the game but the perfectly timed reward system keeps you immersed along with the acquiring of a new weapon. War is the horseman known for battling with a big sword. That isn’t the only weapon that he is able to wield. He is able to master multiple primary weapons and even gains access to a pretty awesome sidearm that even Strife would be envious of. The souls you gain reward you with currency to upgrade all your weapons and allow you to add new combos and increase your power. This system just feeds your need to play. Each passing moment you play this game draws you further into the game in different ways. Level designs, graphics, gameplay, story, character designs, and upgrades just keep pulling you in and making it hard to move on.

So, what will it be? Pick up the next game where you play the hero again or indulge in your inner villain? Play a game where you try to save people or take out your rage on angels and demons? Grab the game where you run, look for cover, and shoot or look a demon in the eyes without flinching. Then take it down with your sword all while clearing your name by finding out who set you up by breaking the oath and setting you up to take the fall while they find a way to gain enough power to take over all. Will you have the strength to battle through thousands of demons, then take on thousands of angels, and then find the traitor and face them head on? No matter if you have played this game on the PS3, as I did, test your skills and dive right back into it and find out!