ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition Review

Don’t judge the hardware by the software it chooses to affiliate itself with.  While Battlefield 4 continues to be a broken mess that somehow seems to get worse with each supposed patch, the good news is that relationship that game shares with the new ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition is purely visual and for marketing purposes only.

The ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition represents ASTRO Gaming’s first officially licensed Microsoft gaming headset and features a new custom color scheme as well as graphics inspired by Battlefield 4; audio profiles developed by DICE to deliver the game’s award-winning audio exactly as the studio intended; and, a set of exclusive, in-game ASTRO Gaming Dog Tags for Xbox 360 players.  But don’t worry; this isn’t totally exclusive to the Xbox 360.  These A50’s will also work with the PlayStation 3 and PC and with some extra effort you can get them to work with next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition is ASTRO Gaming’s most technologically advanced product to date and innovates with a number of features, including: cutting-edge KleerNet™ 5.8GHz wireless technology dramatically increasing clarity and operating range; Dolby® Digital 5.1 surround sound for increased spatial accuracy and definition; embedded ASTRO MixAmp™ 5.8 the audio engine that seamlessly blends voice and game sounds; a long-lasting lithium-ion battery system rechargeable via USB; a uni-directional mic with flip-up mute; and, a discrete wireless transmitter that fits snugly within a stylish stand for easy recharging and display.


Over the course of three weeks I threw everything at these headphones from games to movies, to random sessions of Pandora and the A50’s converted it to pure magic for my ears.  The variable EQ settings allowed me to tailor each experience to perfection, and the comfortable cup design was almost as good a noise-cancelation.  The moment I slipped these on I was oblivious to the outside world, and no one around me was bother by my gaming or movie audio.  The microphone is highly sensitive in that you don’t need to shout to be heard, so speaking in late-night subdued tones is not an issue.  Xbox 360 gamers will still need to connect the A50’s to their controller using the included cable if you want to chat.

Setup is easy.  You only need connect your PC or console to the wireless transmitter that is powered by a USB cable.  There is a cool display stand that can be used while your charge the A50’s and all of the controls like volume, mix balance, EQ, and 7.1 toggle are easily accessible on the mixamp and headphones.  I loved the new design with the charcoal black and orange highlights on the earpieces and wiring.

ASTRO products have always been the definitive choice for personalized audio and my personal favorite going back as far as the ASTRO A30’s.  Almost every press event I attend is using some type of ASTRO product and once you put on a pair and feel and hear the difference you can never go back to anything else.   Despite it’s association with a broken game, the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition is still the best looking, best sounding, and most comfortable pair of headphones my head has ever had the privilege of hosting.


Based on ASTRO Gaming’s award-winning A50 wireless gaming headset, the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™ Edition features include:

  • ASTRO Audio Experience – Engineered specifically for gaming, ASTRO Audio delivers audiophile-grade sound in a richly detailed positional audio experience with three custom audio modes, including one developed by DICE to deliver the game’s audio exactly as the developer intended.
  • Officially Licensed Xbox 360 Headset – Designed specifically for the Xbox 360, the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition will provide hours of game playing excitement with superior fit and comfort as well as premium audio tuning for Xbox 360.
  • Multiplatform Home Entertainment Headset – While built for extended hours of Battlefield 4 playing, the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition also excels at home theater movie watching and music listening and works just as seamlessly with PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and more.
  • Built-in ASTRO MixAmp™5.8 – The ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition puts the audio authority at your fingertips, with integrated wireless MixAmp™5.8 technology with embedded controls for Master Volume and Game-to-Voice balancing making all critical audio options available for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • KleerNet™5.8GHz Wireless Technology – Operating at a higher frequency than most wireless devices, the ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition provides clarity and range with less interference using the best 5.8 chipset available today. Point to Multipoint – pair multiple ASTRO A50 headsets with a single transmitter. Totally uncompressed, lossless, and lag free.
  • Dolby® 5.1 Surround Sound – Hear the details you’re missing with pinpoint spatial accuracy and crystal clear definition.
  • Embedded Battery & Display Stand – Lithium-ion battery system rechargeable via USB. Show-off and charge your ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition on the included display stand.
  • Custom Color and Finish – The ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition features a unique color and graphic treatment inspired by Battlefield 4.
  • Exclusive In-Game Item – Xbox 360 players will receive an exclusive in-game item – a set of ASTRO Gaming Dog Tags.

The ASTRO Gaming A50 Battlefield 4™Edition is now available at select retailers nationwide and directly through the studio’s website for $299.99. Additional ASTRO Gaming products can be found at select Best Buy, Gamestop and Microsoft Stores nationwide and online. For more information about ASTRO Gaming or the studio’s customizable speaker tags, please visit .

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