Yupitergrad jumps into PlayStation VR today!


Yupitergrad jumps into PlayStation VR today! Become the first Slav superhero in space and make your babushka proud!  Feel like a space plumber and swing through 50 levels full of crazy platforming stunts, special puzzles, riddles, and wacky humor. Yupitergrad for PSVR is out now in the PlayStation Store for 14.99 EUR / 14.99 USD.

Yupitergrad is a stylized and unique looking single-player, Dieselpunk in space VR game, that will hook you for hours. Very well received by users and reviewers, the game is landing on PSVR today, so get ready for a swinging adventure like no other. Just imagine how cool it is to be a Slav plumber in space!

Yupitergrad on PSVR comes with some additional tweaks and a completely fresh and awesome Time Attack mode! This means more fun with the game – we have prepared 20 levels crafted with utmost care, that were designed by the best specialists in Motherland, each of whom got their share of tea and shashlik for their hard work. And there’s global leaderboards too. Show everyone how Slav you are!

So, dear Comrades owning PlayStation VR – you can get the game now as a digital version or wait for a physical edition from Perp Games that is coming on March 12th. Or get both versions if you like, why not!