World of Diving launches on the Oculus store with updated Rift support!


Dutch independent developer Vertigo Games has launched an update for the Rift-enabled underwater exploration game World of Diving, which lets early access players explore the deep ocean, equipped with their Rift or without, for the very first time.

Full VR support Dive into an immersive scuba experience on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This update brings World of Diving to the Oculus store for the first time. Players can now use their Oculus CV1 to explore the ocean depths. In addition, Vive support has also been added, allowing for both seated and room scale game play.

  • HTC Vive, Oculus CV1 support
  • Now available on Steam and Oculus Home
  • Motion tracker support (Vive)
  • Room scale (Vive) & Seated (Vive & Oculus)
  • New VR movement system
  • Updated VR compatible interface

Explore an Underwater World Teeming with Sea Life

World of Diving uses virtual reality to open an underwater universe to gamers everywhere. Played solo or with friends in multiplayer, gamers can explore reefs and wrecks in locations across the planet. Each location presents players with new challenges as they seek to establish themselves as a renowned underwater photographer, salvager, and explorer.

For more information on World of Diving, please visit and keep up with all the latest news on the official Facebook page